The Future Of Flight: The Plane Will Fly on Hydrogen

The Plane Will Fly on Hydrogen

Future Flight Hydrogen : Airbus, a leading European pressure manufacturer, has decided to reduce air pollution in the sky.

The company is planning to launch a hydrogen-powered aircraft with a joint venture between the French, Spanish and German governments over the next five years.future of flight

LEDEN : A team of Airbus engineer Levelin is continuing their research to reduceair pollution as environmental pollution has become a major concern.  

European countries are planning to reduce carbon emissions by 2050.  Millions of euros have been approved for this.  Airbus is working hard on how to use the fuel for fuel on the plane.  

The company claims that the development of the Hydrogen-Powered aircraft will be completed within the next year.  Hydrogen has also been chosen as fuel due to its extremely combustible and low cost.

First, Airbus engineers studied the use of batteries to conserve electricity in aircraft. 

However, larger vehicles, such as Aircraft, need more battery.  Due to the high weight of the batteries intended for this was difficult to carry them on a plane and fly high, which could not be accomplished in the direction of their target.  Later; tests on combustible greenhouse gases continued.  

When other fuels burn carbon dioxide is release but Hydrogen gas is release.Hydrogen is especially used in oil refining and chemical production.

While it is widely available in Nature, Hydrogen can be produced by generating electricity t through water.
In addition renewable fuels; such as wind; sunlight, etc. can be use to produce non-carbon dioxide.This will reduce the cost of storage.  With all of this in mind, Levelin’s team continues to study three designs.
Hydrogen will be store and use in a liquid state; because it take less space than a gas.The main problem now is which part of the aircraft will be stored hydrogen.Designers are planning to extend the back or tail of the aircraft.  
The company said it would be able to store hydrogen banks in aircraft-free zones if all goes according to plan, with passenger planes flying by 2035.


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