Gangs of London Season 2 Confirmed Release Date, Trailer, Cast

It doesn’t matter what area you live in – you will still be pleased with the following information. There was information about when the second season of the television series “Gangs of London” about criminal clashes between British groups will be released.

And although the exact release date for Gang of London Season 2 has not yet been announced, we assume that the premiere of the new series should be expected in the spring of 2022 !

Blood, Brains & Power

London is a place not only for Sherlock Holmes investigations, but also for criminal gangs that regularly shed someone else’s blood. Once the crime boss Finn Wallace, who masterly ruled this difficult world, saturated with other people’s suffering, becomes a victim of bandits.

The son of the deceased quickly takes power into his own hands and, without thinking about the consequences, introduces a temporary ban on criminal activity in the city until the killer is found. 

But it turns out to be not so easy to manage the gangs of London – they immediately start underground games, ignoring the prohibitions of the new boss. Sean is angry, but does not intend to back down. 

He is ready to destroy the shaky world built by his father over the years, just to prove his superiority and find the one who killed his father. But the enemy is closer than he thought.

And as you already understood, the series “Gangs of London” was extended for 2 seasons, the release date of which should be expected in the second half of 2022. The bosses even published the first teaser for the upcoming chapter, clearly hinting – all the dark events ahead. 

The rivers of blood will continue to flow through the narrow London streets, and the main character, meanwhile, will continue to walk towards the goal , ignoring obstacles and forgetting about the cost of human life. Events will begin to develop a year after the denouement of the first part. 

There was also information about adjustments in the composition of the creators. So, Gareth Evans moved to the producer’s chair, and Corinne Hardy took his place.

The Cinemax network was also replaced – they were preparing the first season, but refused to work in the future. Sky Atlantic and AMC are now in charge of production. 

This is strange, because the release date of the first part, although it was not the most discussed, gave the tape good ratings, which are confidently above average. It looks like Cinemax could not stand the toughness that is happening on the screen –hope Sky Atlantic and AMC will be less impressionable.

Gang of London Season 2


The first part of the tape was released in the spring of 2020 and, perhaps, you have already forgotten who played the title roles in the show – it is important to know this, because soon all the characters will return to the screens. 

The key role was played by Joe Cole – he embodied the youngest son of a murdered crime boss . His deceased father was played by Colm Mini, and Michelle Fairley, Valin Kane and Brian Vernel were in the company.

Most of the performers will return in the second chapter and give us a new portion of adventure – this cannot be missed… Now the gangs of London will continue to wait for the release date of season 2 on the AMC channel, and with them we are far from crime, but still loyal fans of the tape.

Season 2 Episode Release Schedule

Batch numberSeries nameRelease date
2 × 01Spring 2022 the year
2 × 02spring 2022
2 × 03spring 2022
2 × 042022
2 × 052022
2 × 062022
2 × 072022
2 × 082022


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