Garena Free Fire (Booyah) Online Game Tips and Tricks

Garene Free Fire Game Tips and Tricks

Free fire is a great option for those who prefer a simple game with a great fun offer. The game is a global sensation, more established in South American countries, specially in Brazil.

Here, the game is present in almost every smartphone because it is a relatively lightweight battle royal that is compatible with any handset.

The free fire competition is also very exciting and interesting to watch Currently, the competitive landscape of this game is the most followed in our region

And if you’ve never tried this game, know that you’re missing out on a great opportunity to have an interesting activity with your friends without leaving your home.

Now, if by any chance you have some secrecy in your game, then this article will interest you as we bring you new and improved tips for better games.

Garena Free Fire: How to play free fire and win Multiple Times?

 free fire game

How to play free fire? These tips will help you win games and become the best player. Garena Free Fire is a battle royale type game, which means the last one standing wins. 

If you want to be the only survivor among the 50 participants in each battle, then don’t miss the tips that we are going to give you below. We don’t guarantee you win every time, but it should make your life a bit easier.

Quality of your Connection

To have a chance, you must have a good internet connection. This is a fundamental point of any battle royale game, the technical part of the connection should not interfere with the games. 

At home, make sure you are receiving the WiFi signal properly and, if necessary, move closer to the router or find solutions to boost the signal. If you’re on the street, check your signal coverage and data availability on your plan.

Familiarize with the controls

In a battle royale your speed is everything. The first thing to do is therefore to master the controls down to the millimeter. you can set your control settings to move fast and do the action instant.

Whether you are playing with touch controls or with an external device, you should be familiar with controlling characters and shots. You can only do this by playing a lot and dying a lot.

Do not be afraid of falling in battle, learn to move around the stage and especially to equip yourself with weapons and items.

Focus On your Weapons

The first thing when you land is to run and grab weapons, no bags, no armor, no med kits. This is the only weapon you have to choose from, bags, armor, or med kits can be picked up later, but you need to focus on survival for the first few minutes first. 

If you have landed in a busy place like peaks or windmills, you must first choose a weapon to save yourself.

Picking up weapons should be your priority, so you can opt for armor, bags, or medical kits. Don’t be greedy, collect all the different types of ammo, check your bag every now and then for unnecessary items like ammo from different weapons that you don’t own – more than one weapon accessory, more than one scope , more than 10 medical kits.

Get started alone and quickly

Try to jump quickly from the plane to be one of the first to hit the ground and have all of the game’s resources intact at your fingertips. To fall as quickly as possible, do not open the parachute. 

If you decide to wait, wait until the end, don’t jump mid-flight or you risk getting close to the vast majority of players. Don’t fall in the middle of nowhere either – you would be unprotected and only find a few resources. 

Try to fall near a building or infrastructure, but without attracting attention. Don’t jump in the center of town, you will run into players waiting to take you down.

Choose the right Combination Of Weapons

One of the deciding factors in winning any Garena freestyle battle is using the right weapon. If you don’t use the current weapon at current range, you will surely lose the battle or be killed.

Always remember that when fighting one on one at close range, SMGs and shotguns are the best weapons. When fighting at medium and long range you have to rely on assault rifles, do not use medium or long range SMG as it will not cause any damage to the enemy.

The sniper rifle is used at long range and also when the enemy is static. Don’t use sniper rifle when the enemy is moving or running while jumping. You will never get hit with the sniper rifle. Instead, use assault rifles when the enemy runs away or jumps.

Team and ammunition

The first thing you need to do in a game, and quickly, is find weapons. Your goal should be to find good quality guns that you feel comfortable with. 

You can equip yourself with a long barrel weapon and a handgun, but we recommend the former, especially the bursts (pay close attention to the bullet counter). Handguns will do you no good other than getting you out of a bad situation. 

It is also very important that you get a larger backpack to store more items, as well as a helmet and bulletproof vest to increase your chances against a shot and to avoid snipers.

Never Loot In The Open

Every Free Fire player should be careful not to loot in an open field. It can be easy to guard you for enemies when you are busy looting crates. So, to avoid an easy target, keep moving the anal stick continuously while looting.


Sooner or later you will have to participate in a shootout. When this happens, there are some fundamentals that you need to follow. The first is to seek shelter, to avoid facing anyone in the open air without the possibility of protecting yourself from your surroundings. 

Make sure you have the best available weaponry, the best protection, and the maximum health bar if you can have an emergency kit. If you can’t hide behind anything.

Because you’ve literally found yourself in the wilderness, and you also have no ability to retaliate, the best thing you can do is sprint in the opposite direction. but by following random and even erratic trajectories.

Avoid open spaces

Try to reduce the time you spend in free space Finding yourself in a place where there is no possible refuge makes it an easy target for you.

Always try to stay indoors and change shelters as much as possible: If you always stay in one place, it will be easier to identify. Follow all these tips and increase your chances of winning the game at Garena Free Fire for Android.

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