10 Best Websites to Get Paid to Read Emails

Here are the 10 websites To get paid to read emails,you can earn $200 per easily if you do some efforts.know best paid email sites,benefits,functions of each service etc…

The symbol of good business on the web, paid e-mail reading is based on a highly integrated system: you receive money for each opening of an advertising e-mail., following your registration on a site specializing in Pay-To-Read (PTR).

During this registration, you will be asked to list your tastes and preferences, in order to receive advertisements corresponding to your areas of interest .

Membership compensation is possible because advertisers are keen to target their marketing campaigns to a targeted audience .

On this page, we will suggest some serious sites to you first , and then we will tell you a little more about this method.

Paid email sites:

SiteDescription for each site
SwagbucksThis platform also submits video viewing, survey responses, etc. to its members so that they earn more. 

Its sponsorship system allows the Internet user to benefit from 10% of the lifetime earnings of his godchildren
GBonusThe GBonus site is interesting if only for the possible gain per day, which can reach 10 Euros. 

In addition, the sponsorship system is on 3 levels.
ReflexMalinThis GPT site allows its members to earn on average 0.10 Euros per competition offers. 

Reuniting the sum of 5 Euros, the withdrawal is possible by Paypal, bank transfer, gift vouchers, …
LooNeaBelonging to the same company as Moolineo, their system is identical. 
the amount required to recover his reward is 15 Euros. 

The missions are diverse: paid emails, cashback or survey, …

Ba-ClickBa-Click suggests many ways to make money on the internet besides the classic paid email. 

With the minimum 5 Euros you have in your account, payment is made by Paypal, Skrill or gift vouchers
Gaddin.comThis site is the one that offers the most remuneration among its peers. 
Indeed, an email can generate up to 0.04 Euros. 

20 Euros is required to unlock his winnings and a referral is worth 1 additional Euro minimum.
MoolineoApart from the paid mail itself, Moolineo offers cashback, contests and various games to its members. 

By reaching the minimum 15 Euros, you can withdraw your winnings by check or Paypal

IGraal CashbackThe system consists of shopping in online stores via iGraal, part of which is refunded to your account. 

From 20 Euros, recover the amount on your bank account, Paypal or in gift vouchers
VEuroThe multi-remuneration site vEuro offers on-site registration, contests, .. to its members. 

The payment threshold is only 5 Euros, by Paypal or bank transfer within 48 hours after your request.

Factory crowdFoule-Factory is a participatory production that can pay for missions up to 10 Euros per hour. 

The tasks requested are attractive and simple. 

Except that the gain is capped at 3000 Euros per year.

How do you pick the best paid email sites?

If you’re looking for how to make money , you’ve probably already thought about the principle of paid email – and these tips on the practice are sure to make you want to give it a go.

Know that you can choose to get paid for each reading of an ad message: Don’t hesitate to compare them!

Not often, you get a sum every time you click on an email and every time you read the information in the message.

Fortunately, some requests allow you to make money easily by submitting a paid survey or cashback trade. Take the time to look at the advantages offered by each site, they are sometimes very attractive.

How about for the example, winning gifts on the internet? This is also possible with a paid e-mail system!

In fact, some websites are reluctant to send product testing offers to their registered members. You get richer every month and, at the same time, you try new products that you receive at home.

On another note, sometimes it is possible to receive the promotional codes. If they encourage consumption, they are often linked to beautiful reduction operations which it would be a shame to do without.

Finally, for some of your time, paid e-mails are the perfect opportunity to supplement your end-of-month benefits by taking advantage of your online e-mail advice: a stable and substantial income over the long term . Here is the bet taken up by the system of the rewarded e-mails!

What are the benefits of paid emails?

A paid e-mail earns a few cents per opening, or per click on the link, depending on the conditions of the site concerned. Several techniques allow you to increase the earnings made by reading rewarded e-mails, in particular sponsorship, which allows you to touch a percentage of the earnings of your referrals.

Payment is then made from a certain threshold, reached fairly quickly if paid e-mails are opened daily.

Making money has never been easier than with paid email for several reasons. First of all, the gains for each message read are modest, often in the order of a few cents, but regular.

Indeed, a dozen or so advertisements viewed every day in its box can accumulate a few euros per week, which represents significant sums over several months – or even an entire year.

Better yet, the possibility of registering on several different sites of rewarded e-mails multiplies the generated gains, for a few more seconds per day. This activity then constitutes a simple and effective way to accumulate substantial sums , without devoting much time to it.

Among all the emails received daily, opening and reading paid messages will never take more than a few minutes, knowing, in addition, that you have many chances of finding good deals!

Main functions of each service

Paying for emails is a concept that involves receiving emails from certain companies. The objective is to read them and perform the mission they contain. Paid emails can also contain multiple tasks.

simple reading 

This is the opening of emails after receipt. These emails usually have a redirect link that you will need to click. This is what will confirm its opening so that you can benefit from your pay. Thus, each click is paid . 

These emails often come from advertising sites. They are referred to in English by the term PTR (paid to read), which means paid to read.

Paid registrations

This service requires filling out on the basis of the information requested by the remunerating site. You just have to give a few seconds to the registration in order to benefit from the remuneration. 

In general, this involves registering for various competitions. With any luck you can win an interesting prize in a raffle.   


As its name suggests, this service requires sponsoring other people in order to collect earnings . Your job will therefore consist in finding referrals whether in your entourage or on social networks . It is only after that that you will be willing to be paid.

Quote requests

Most of the time, this concerns insurance companies. At this level, it is just a question of requesting a quote from the site. However, also be prepared for the many phone calls that come out.   

Are paid emails really profitable?

Paid emails are just considered an extra job . They cannot allow you to take full charge of yourself. On the other hand, they help to make ends meet . The simple reading is generally remunerated between 0.01 euro and 0.05 euro and you can recover your earnings from 15 euros. 

The sponsorship in turn generates between 1 and 2 euros per godchild.

The quote request service can earn up to 7 euros. Paid registrations allow you to earn 1 euro or more per registration. In case you are looking for a job or a get rich opportunity then paid emails will not be able to meet your expectation. 

It’s just a few extra euros at the end of each month. So you can’t think of it as a full-time job and expect to make a living from it.

In addition, to earn money with paid emails, you will have to be on popular sites to find serious emails. There are also many fraudulent sites that exist in this area. There are no fees to pay for this activity.

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