How to Get Rid of Age Spots or Dark Spots?

How to get rid of age spots or dark spots ? Spots that tend to appear with age. Many people are worried because just one stain gives the impression of being old.

You want to take measures against stains as soon as possible to keep your skin beautiful. The point is not to create new stains while caring for stains!

This time, we will introduce in detail the causes of stains or age spots, points of skin care, and countermeasures.

Main causes of stains

Most of the causes of stains are damage to melanocytes (cells that make melanin) by ultraviolet rays . Many people are not so conscious of it, but another major factor is the stimulus such as friction. 

There are also many cases of pigmentation caused by self-styled makeup, face washing, and incorrect massage using equipment. Let’s think that preventing these two major factors is directly linked to the prevention of stains.

What is a stain?

Spots are a general term for melanin pigments produced from melanocytes that are deposited on the skin. The part where the melanin pigment remains accumulated on the skin and makes it look darker than the background color is called a stain.

How can stains be created? What is the cause stains/age spots

how to get rid of age spots and dark spots

The stain is something that has been created before you know it. Let’s take a closer look at how stains can be created, their causes and mechanisms!

Ultraviolet rays

When exposed to a lot of ultraviolet rays, melanin pigment is excessively produced and stains tend to occur easily. If you often go out during the day, wear sunscreen, a parasol, and a hat to protect yourself from UV rays.

■ Disturbance of lifestyle

If your lifestyle is disturbed, such as lack of sleep, lack of nutrition, lack of exercise, drinking or smoking , turnover will be disturbed and melanin pigmentation will be delayed, increasing the risk of stains.

■ Stress

There are various causes of stress, such as work, housework, childcare, changes in the environment, and problems with relationships . Stress disrupts hormonal balance, disrupting turnover and increasing the risk of stains.

■ Wrong care and rubbing on the skin

For example , if you massage strongly while cleansing, or if you put hard with cotton, it will rub your skin and it will be easy to cause stains.

■ Stain mechanism

Normally, the melanin pigment that causes stains is naturally excreted by the skin renewal mechanism called skin turnover. 

However, if the turnover is disturbed by the effects of aging, irregular life and stress, smoking and drinking, melanin pigment will accumulate in the back of the skin and cause stains.

The easily disappearing stains are characterized by the natural excretion of melanin by turnover. On the other hand, for hard-to-remove stains , melanocytes that generate melanin pigment fall into the holes created in the base of the skin, making it difficult for the melanin pigment to be excreted.

How to get rid of age spots or dark spots ?

Once you have a stain, it will not disappear easily. Therefore, it is most important to prevent stains with regular care! If you make the following care habits, you will be less likely to have stains.

■ Apply sunscreen firmly

Sunscreen can be expected to have the effect of blocking the ultraviolet rays that cause stains and, as a result, suppressing the excessive production of melanin pigments. The point is to pay attention to the SPF and PA values ​​and select the sunscreen according to the scene! 

SPF shows the length of the effect of protecting the skin from UV-B, which damages the surface of the skin and causes stains. PA, on the other hand, is highly effective in protecting the skin from UV-A, which penetrates deep into the skin and causes wrinkles and lack of firmness.

By multiplying the SPF value by 20 minutes, you can calculate how long UV-B can prolong the time it takes for skin to become inflamed. For example, SPF30 takes 20 minutes x 30 = 600 minutes. However, sunscreen will be washed away by sweat, so it is important to reapply it frequently!

As for PA, the closer the number of + is to 4, the higher the UV-A prevention effect. For everyday use, SPF20-30, PA ++-+++, and for midsummer sports and leisure, SPF30-50, PA +++-++++ are recommended.

■ Do not neglect basic skin care

Lack of skin care leads to dry skin. When the skin dries, the barrier function against UV rays and friction decreases, and the risk of stains increases. 

Moisturized skin also creates a sense of transparency and changes the appearance. Make sure to moisturize with lotion, milky lotion, and cream.

It is also important to take care with a lotion or serum containing quasi-drug whitening active ingredients. Let’s prevent new stains.

■ Tone up your skin with the right lifestyle

Lifestyle adjustments normalize the skin turnover cycle and promote the excretion of melanin pigments. Good sleep, a nutritionally balanced diet, moderate exercise, refraining from smoking and drinking, and stress relief.

In particular, in order to get a good night’s sleep, it is important to avoid eating meals just before going to bed or browsing your smartphone. Daily accumulation leads to stain prevention.

■ Eating habits

The effects of daily diet on our skin are widely known. In recent years, it has become clear that the intestinal environment in particular has a great effect on the skin. Try to improve the intestinal environment and prevent stains in your diet. 

Specifically, refrain from ingesting “animal foods that easily generate active oxygen,” “large amounts of alcohol,” and “things that contain trans fatty acids.” Glycation also causes stains, so be careful not to consume too much sugar.

On the other hand, actively consume foods rich in β-carotene (vitamin A) and vitamin C, which are expected to suppress the production of melanin. Vitamin E and L-Cysteine ​​are also effective.

<Examples of ingredients>
・ Vitamin C
kiwi, strawberry, paprika
・ β-carotene (vitamin A)
pumpkin, spinach, tomato
・ Vitamin E
avocado, almond
・ L-cysteine
onion, broccoli, garlic, chicken egg

Good Sleep

Getting enough good sleep balances the hormones in your body and enhances the function of skin turnover, which in turn leads to the prevention of stains.

Stress can be a great enemy of such good quality sleep. If you get frustrated by work or childcare, try a stress-relieving method that suits you, such as listening to your favorite music or burning aromas, before going to bed.


If you live in fear of stains or age spots, you can’t do anything, but if you know how to prevent it, you can prevent it to some extent. Please spend your daily life while making good use of it.

how to get rid of age spots and dark spots
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