Ismail Marzuki: Google Doodle Celebrates Indonesian composer Ismail Marzuki

NameIsmail Marzuki
Known For Indonesian composer and musician
Profession> Singer
> Song writter
> Composer
Date of Birth11 May 1914
Birth PlaceKwitang, Jakarta, Indonesia
Death25 May 1958
Death placeKampung Bali, Jakarta, Indonesia

Ismail Marzuki was an Indonesian composer and musician, born in may 11, 1914. he wrote many popular patriotic songs in the 1940s and 1950s during the country’s independence.

Ismail Marzuki most famous works or compositions include Rayuan Pulau Kelapa (Solace on coconut Island) and Hello, Hello Bandung.

Ismail Marzuki wrote his first song, “O Sarinah“, in 1931, which was about a suffering people. He wrote 202 to 204 songs during his career. His most famous works include “Rayuan Pulau Kelapa” (1944, Solace on coconut Island), “Gugur Banga di Taman Bakti” (1945, Fallen Flower in Bakti Garden) and “Selendang Sutera” (1946, a Coal of Silk).

The last song is “Inika Bahagia” (Is This Happiness) was composed in 1957 by Ismail Marzuki.

A large number of Marzuki’s songs were re-recorded and released in a variety of genres.

Including pop music and keroncong, such as “Kr. Pasar Gambhir and Stamble anak Jampang” (Kroncong of Gambir Market and Stamble from Cowlicked Child).

Which was covered by Chrisye on the album Dekade with arrangements by erwin Gutawa.

Many of his songs, including “Gugur Bunga”, “Melati di Tapal Batas”, “Selendang Sutra”, “Pahalwan Muda”, “Rayuan Pulau Kelapa” and “Waktu Malam”, are considered compulsory and taught in schools.

On August 17, 1961, Marzuki received his first victory, the wijaya Kusuma Award. He was honored in 1968 by the opening of Taman Ismail Marzuki, a cultural center and park in Central Jakarta. In November 2004, he was named Indonesia’s National Hero.

Google doodle celebrates Indonesian composer Ismail Marzuki

Indonesian composer Ismail Marzuki
Indonesian composer Ismail Marzuki

Today in 10 November 2021, google doodle celebrates Indonesian composer Ismail Marzuki, whose patriotic songs established him as a national hero during the nation’s independence movement.

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