Google Doodle Celebrates (Nowruz) The Persian New Year

Persian-speaking and Turkic-speaking peoples will celebrate Nowruz– the beginning of the new year and spring. Nowruz, which in Persian means “new day” is a holiday of the spring equinox and the meeting of the new year among the Persian and Turkic peoples. It has been celebrated since ancient times, in some countries it is a public holiday.

Traditions of Nowruz holiday

Nowruz is the first day of the Iranian calendar, which coincides with the day of the spring equinox. According to tradition, the season of growth and prosperity begins at this time.

Nowruz is considered the largest of all the holidays of worshiping the Sun and fire. Prepared for it in advance. And they celebrated for a week, or even two – it all depended on how well the people are.

Each country and republic has its own traditions of the Nowruz holiday. For example, in Azerbaijan it is customary to put a lot of sweets on the table – traditional Turkic baklava and shekerbura. In Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, it is very important to congratulate each other with the greeting words “Happy Nowruz!”. Every village and city has its own traditions, the elders always remain their keepers.

Ancient Greek chronicler Strabo described the celebration of Nowruz

In the most ancient and to this day, the inhabitants of Mesopotamia gather on this day in the Temple of Fire – this is the most revered holiday, when merchants close their shops, artisans stop working. Everyone is having fun, treating each other with those drinks and foods that the fire has touched.

From ancient times to the onset of Nowruz, it was customary for Eastern peoples to clean their houses and pay off debts.

One of the traditional rituals during Nowruz is the preparation of haft sin, a kind of set of dishes for the festive table.

According to an old tradition of Nowruz, each participant in the holiday must fulfill 3 conditions: plant flowers and at least three tree seedlings; set yourself up for good deeds and joy, make peace with those with whom you were in a quarrel; and to strive to live in a new way, honestly and with dignity.

It is believed that Nowruz is the oldest agricultural holiday, its origin is associated with the emergence of the agricultural calendar.

History of the holiday

For the first time the word “Nowruz” appears in Persian sources of the second century AD. But in the oral tradition, the holiday of the beginning of the year is known long before these times. Some historians claim that the inhabitants of the Persian Empire first began to celebrate Nowruz during the Achaemenid dynasty, in the 4th-5th century BC.

Other scientists have found the roots of the holiday in the 7th-8th centuries BC. It is now almost impossible to establish the exact date of the holiday’s appearance, but one thing is known for sure – in the Middle East this day has been important from time immemorial.

Like other holidays of ancient Iran, Nowruz is mentioned in the main book of Zoroastrianism – “Avesta”. According to the scripture, on this day all the inhabitants of the earth were to celebrate the next anniversary of the appearance of life on our planet.

The New Year holiday is also connected with the mythology of the Persians. It is believed that on March 21, according to the solar calendar, the funeral of the hero Siyavush took place. This legend is also mentioned in the Zoroastrian Avesta.

In the first centuries of its existence, the holiday was dedicated not only to the onset of the new year, but also to fire. It is worth remembering that it was this element that was worshiped by representatives of Zoroastrianism, the dominant religion of Iran before the arrival of Islam in these parts.

What date is Nowruz celebrated in 2022?

Most Turkic and Persian holidays are celebrated according to the lunar calendar, this is due to the traditions of Islam. However, the New Year’s holiday was celebrated even before the advent of the Muslim religion, and therefore this day is counted according to the solar calendar. Nowruz falls on March 21 every year, and 2022 will be no exception.

Google Doodle Celebrates (Nowruz) The Persian New Year

google doodle celebrating persian new year nowruz
Google doodle celebrating persian New year – Nowruz

Google Doodle Celebrates Nowruz: The first day of spring and official start to Persian New Year.The New Year holiday is also connected with the mythology of the Persians. It is believed that on March 21, according to the solar calendar, the funeral of the hero Siyavush took place. This legend is also mentioned in the Zoroastrian Avesta.

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