Google Doodle Celebrating Phở (Vietnam’s National Dish)

Today on 12 December 2021 Google Doodle, illustrated by Hanoi, The guest artist Lucia Pham, honors pho, Vietnam national dish Pho.

A true national dish of Vietnam’s, it is a sort of emblem of the country throughout the world! So you cannot miss to taste it during your stay in Hanoi.

This soup is served in a large bowl including the pho rice noodles , meat (beef or chicken), aromatic herbs (basil, chives, cilantro), bean sprouts and lemon .

All this harmonizes in a broth made from beef bone . This broth will create a rich , unforgettable and unique flavor , typical of Vietnamese cuisine.

What is the origin of this pho soup ? Its name comes from the French dish “ pot au feu ” and beef was brought to Vietnam during the colonial period. Its exact geographical origin would be the province of Nam Dinh in the Red River Delta.

Vietnam National Dish Pho

Pho bo soup is a cultural heritage site for Vietnam Therefore, they dislike the theory that the French colonists had a hand in this form of food.

Often, in the early morning on the streets of Hanoi, You can see the lines of people who want to have breakfast in the street cafes.

google doodle celebrating pho dish
Pho dish

But instead of a cup of strong coffee, the Vietnamese take a large bowl of hot pho – beef broth, which is poured over rice noodles, thinly sliced meat and herbs. Such food is believed to give energy throughout the day.

What is special about pho noodles?

It is cut from steamed pancakes. The cook who bakes them must be virtuoso. After all, he needs to cope with 3 steamers at once. Each is covered with a thin silk cloth, the dough is poured onto its surface, and after a couple of minutes the finished pancake is removed.

In Vietnam, skilled chefs and noodles cut with both hands. And right there, scalding it with boiling water, put it on plates.

How to cook pho broth correctly?

Use fresh beef bones. Staying ones will change the taste of the broth. So deception is impossible here. This is probably why the soup is so popular.

Pho bo Soup Recipe:

Cooking time: 8 hours
For how many persons: 2

Broth ingredients :

5 liters of water
Beef bones  - 1.25 kg
Fresh ginger  - 15 g
Onions  - 1 pc.
Cinnamon - 1 stick
Anise - 6 g
Dried squid  - 2 g
Cardamom - 6 g
Sugar - 8 g
Mam sauce  - 125 ml

For soup:

Beef broth  - 640 ml
Raw beef  - 80 g
Boiled beef  - 20 g
Fresh rice noodles  - 160 g
Peppercorns  - 4 mg
Chopped greens (green onions, cilantro, peppermint) - 30 g
Small red onion  - 1/2 pc.
Lime - 1/2 pc.

Pho Cooking method:

1.Chop the beef bones and bake in the oven for 20 minutes. Rinse and cover with cold water and bring to a boil. Simmer for eight hours, periodically skimming off the fat and foam. At end of cooking, you have to add the onion and ginger and baked in the oven for 20-30 minutes, cut in half. 

Before adding to broth, with the back of a knife beat off the ginger. you have to Add nyok mam sauce and all the spices in a linen bag (to make it easy to remove). Bring the broth to a boil again. Remove the bones and the bag from the pan.

2.Scald the fresh rice noodles in a colander with boiling water and place in a bowl.

3.Add raw and boiled beef cut into thin slices, finely chopped green onions, cilantro, mint there.

4.Pour boiling broth over everything. Add lime juice, red sweet onions and freshly ground black pepper.

Today Google doodle celebrating Phở

google doodle celebrating pho
Google doodle celebrating pho

Today on 12 December 2021 Google Doodle, illustrated by Hanoi, The Vietnam-based guest artist Lucia Pham, honors pho, Vietnam national dish Pho. that is served as an aromatic soup brimming with savory broth, soft rice noodles, fresh herbs and thinly sliced meat.

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