Pizza Day: Google Doodle Celebrating Pizza Day

History of pizza

Pizza featured in today’s Doodle: Google Doodle Celebrating Pizza Day.

Where the history of pizza begins?

1570 It is in Naples , Italy, that the term “pizza” takes on its current meaning. It could etymologically come from bizzo , piece of bread in High German, or pitta , fouace in vulgar Greek.

19th century In Naples, pizza is bought in the street by the common people. It is either white ( pizza bianca ) or red, with tomato ( pizza rossa ), and is garnished with garlic, pepper, oregano, mozzarella or anchovies . 

google doodle celebrating pizza day
Pizza Day

It costs 1 penny. Badly cooked, overly fermented dough, embellished with bad fat, it is hardly digestible and not very nutritious, according to the hygienists of the time.

1889 King Umberto I accompanied by Queen Marguerite of Savoy went to Naples to accelerate the integration of the city into Italy, officially unified since 1870.

It was on this occasion that pizza maker Raffaele Esposito created the margherita (tomato, mozzarella, basil), in the colors of the Italian flag. If it seems that the recipe already existed before 1810, then it becomes the symbol of southern Italy.

1960 With the growing influence of the American way of life, pizza in the North becomes a consumer product inherent in Saturday night outings.

2017 The art of the Neapolitan pizza maker is inscribed in the intangible heritage of humanity.

Google Doodle Celebrating Pizza Day

Today’s Interactive Google Doodle is celebrating the most popular food in the world “pizza“! On this day in 2007, Neapolitan “Pizzaiuolo” was inscribed on the UNESCO’s list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

This pizza puzzle game brings together some of the most beloved pizza topping b features from all around the world and challenges you to slice based on ordered pizza types.

But keep a close eye on the number of toppings and slides requested – the more accurate the order, the more stars you can earn!

google doodle celebrating pizza day
Google doodle celebrates pizza day

Although flatbread with topping has been eaten in ancient civilizations from Egypt to Rome for centuries, the city of Naples in southwestern Italian is known today as the birthplace of pizza (dough layered with tomatoes and cheese) in the late 1700s.

It is here that the story of pizza begins: one that has been cooked for centuries with global migration, economic development, and technological change.

Today, an estimated five billion pizzas (350 pieces per second in the United States alone) are consumed internationally. How do you cut it, pizza is here to stay!

Today Google Doodle featured Pizza in order of appearance

google doodle celebrating pizza
Google doodle celebrating pizza
google doodle celebrating pizza
Google doodle celebrating pizza
google doodle celebrating pizza
Google doodle celebrating pizza

Google Doodle Pizza Puzzle Game

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