Secret Hair Care & Shampoo-7 sign of Healthy Hair

How To take care of hair ?

hair care | shampoo : Our hair gets spoiled due to not paying special attention to hair or due to problems are also seen in some people due to lack of nutrition.

Hair problems examples-

  • Hair loss
  • infection
  • itching
  • baldness
  • receding hairline
  • white hair problem
  • dandruff

These problems are commonly seen,if you are unable to take care of your hair or do not take proper nutrition or good diet,then you should not ignore it at all.

take both the right care or nutrition for your hair.

Lack of hair growth has also become a common thing among many people with these problems.i have already told about this problem that how you can grow your hair naturally.

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What are the signs of healthy hair ?

1.Dandruff causes hair fall problem and sometime your hair get dry.if you do not have dandruff in your scalp and your hair is not dry,then this is a sign of healthy hair.

2.If the hair is soft and silky then it is also a sign of a healthy hair.the hair gets softness due to adequate nutrition like protein and calcium.

3.If the hair is shiny then it is also a sign of healthy hair due to proper diet and the necessary nutrition ,the hair becomes shiny.

4.If your hair growth is from 1 to 1.5 CM every month ,then your hair is healthy.

5.Having flexibility in hair is also a sign of healthy hair;such hair does not break when it is twisted and gets straight again as soon as it leaves.

6.If these is moisture in the hair then it is a sign of healthy hair.there is good growth of hair due to moisture in the hair.

7.If your hair grows quickly even after it breaks,then your hair is healthy.

How to take care of hair naturally ?

You can also keep hair naturally

Secret Hair Care-7 sign of healthy hair & shampoo
Simple do regular exercise and along with exercise,it is very important for you to have a good diet and proper care of hair.

Whenever we go out somewhere or do not wash hair at the right time,itching starts happening inside the hair and there is increased infection when we starts fingering with nails.that is why it is important to wash the hair with a good shampoo.

Which shampoo is best for hair care ?


If your hair is brittle,dry or not growing due to lack of vitamins and minerals in your body,then no shampoo or oil can solve your problem.your problem can be solved by eating healthy diet,vitamins & minerals supplement.But if the problem of your hair is due to allergy or due to allergy by applying color or something else then by applying good shampoo and good oil can definitely be beneficial.

One thing you need to know before buying hair care shampoo is that,whenever someone goes to buy shampoo then buy transparent shampoo only.because transparent shampoo is less chemical.

That is why you must have seen; that all baby shampoo or very expensive and good quality shampoo are sold in the market,they always transparent.

Now i would like to take some of these transparent shampoo names as my examples :

Best shampoo for hair

Hair care & shampoo : Now days due to pollution we have shampoo again and again to keep our hair clean.that is why it is very important to choose a product that will keep our hair clean without doing any harm.

Himalaya baby shampoo

Biotiques bio green apple shampoo

Khadis amla & bhringraj shampoo

Ultra blend mystic olive shampoo


Hair oil for healthy hair

Nowadays,in the busy life we are not able to take care of our hair well;due to this,problems like hair loss, dandruff have to be faced.

In this way,it is also necessary to oiling the hair .so,lets talk about which oil & how can you make oil at home & apply it on your hair.

If you use this oil property then your hair condition will be very good.being long,healthy,thick , hair will become stronger and untimely hair will not become white.even if the hair is short,it is very important to be healthy.

How do you make homemade hair oil ?



So first of all take onion.take 2 dried onion,we can identify the dried onion by suppressing it.when there is no more pressure after pressing then it is dry onion.remains a bit dry.

  • Take 2 dried onion

why does onion help to cure our hair ?

Because there is a sulfur inside the onion.when we cut onion,we get tears in our eyes because of this sulfur and this sulfur regenerates the joints of our hair,making the hair do not allow hair to turn white.thin hair get thicker.

  • First of all cut the onion in any shape.
  • Then grind the onion and take care not to add a drop of water to it while grinding.
  • After grinding,add 2 to 3 table spoons of mustard oil to it.

while grinding anything,we only add a little water but we are not adding water here,so put 2 to 3 tablespoons of mustard oil.Now apply grinding to it again so that it mixes well.the color will start to change slightly after grinding.more paste will be formed.

Now add some garlic to it,this is very helpful for our hair.the garlic is antibacterial,it contains a compound called cleanses our hair joints.Now add a little curry leaves as well.these curry leaves helps a lot for growth of our keeps the hair moisturize.

Now grind it again and when all is mixed and paste is formed; then the process of making oil starts from here.



To make this we need to take a thick iron skillet but if if you do not have then you can also take aluminum skillet but there should be a little thick skillet.Thick because it slowly cooks and our paste does not burn,if it burn then our oil will become very black which should not be black.

  • After adding the paste in the pan,put mustard oil 200 gram and coconut oil in 100 gram quantity over it.

Now mix it well and you have to leave it over the gas for 2 to 3 minutes;so that our skillet gets slightly soon as skillet gets heated after 2 to 3 minutes;then reduce the flame of the gas.

Now whether it is 20 or 30 minutes,we have to cook it very slowly without burning it.If you do not apply conditioner after applying this oil ,it will be fine because this oil also acts as conditioner,keeps your hair soft.

After keeping 20 to 30 minutes,now turn off the gas and let it cool its look a little brown.after the oil cools down,take a thin cloth for filter.After that you have to mix a special thing,that is vitamin E.vitamin E capsules also come,you can add 2 to 4 capsules to this mix well and leave it to cool.

After cooling,massage this oil lightly on your hair .you can apply it at night or in the day time it does not matter.this was natural oil that you can make at home,which will help a lot in keeping your hair healthy,some oil also come in the market,you can also use some good oil among them.

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What is good hair care routine ?

Healthy food women health

The first tips which is very important to keep our hair healthy is a healthy diet that gives our hair joints stronger,which makes our hair thick and shiny and does not fall out.

Hair care shampoo : keep your hair clean regularly,wash your hair with shampoo while bathing,this clears the hidden dirt on scalp and hair and helps a lot in hair growth.Apply a good hair oil after wash your should always do this hair routine to keep hair healthy.

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