Happy Christmas 2021: Christmas Eve Wishes, Images and History

Christmas is coming on December 25, Christmas is celebrated all over the world, every year, on the night of December 24th to 25th, and on December 25th all day.

It doesn’t matter whether you see Christmas as a festive time or as a holy day of worship, Christmas is actually a blend of different cultures from around the world that have accumulated over hundreds of years.

The decorated evergreen trees, the colorful gifts placed at their bases, the Christmas cards and their sincere wishes, the very old Santa Claus and his reindeer, the Yule logs, the chestnuts roasting on open fires, the mistletoe and the bestowed kisses.

The sounds of bells and carols are all many aspects of Christmas that we have come to see as intrinsically inseparable and at the heart of December 25, all created by different peoples.

Happy Christmas Day 2021

merry Christmas

Christmas is coming on December 25, Christmas is celebrated all over the world, every year, on the night of December 24th to 25th, and on December 25th all day. The celebration of December 25 is an opportunity to meet around a good meal, a beautiful tree and nice gifts. But where does the ” Christmas ” word come from?

Christmas is not just a day in the year. It is a feeling, a moment of coming together that evolves at each stage of our life. For the child, the party is synonymous with toys.

For the teenager, it is more often, the one who rhymes with money. But let’s move on. The more we grow, the more the celebration becomes an opportunity to get together , to meet again and to remember beautiful things.

When did Christmas word first appear?

Everyone has ready to made the Christmas party on 25 December and to open the gifts on a 24 rather than a 25, to enjoy turkey rather than foie gras, beer rather than champagne.

Christmas is a special date in the calendar and an equally special word in the dictionary. From the Latin natalis ” of birth “, the word ” Christmas ” is the elision of the locution natalis dies “day of birth”.

The formula is first used in ecclesiastical Latin to designate the Nativity of Christ, indicates The Treasure of the French Language. In the 12th century, for example, we speak of “ al Naël Deu ” to characterize the “feast of the nativity of Jesus Christ ”.

It was not until the 14th century to see the word ” Christmas ” flourish. And even! Its spelling will not immediately be white as snow and will evolve according to the regions before taking the form we know it today.

In the 14th century, the word ” Christmas ” can be used to speak of the nativity but also to characterize a ” cry from the people to greet a happy event “.

In the 15th century, the word accepted the meaning of ” spiritual canticle made in honor of the Nativity of Our Lord “. We say for example that we ” sing Christmas”.

How people celebrate Christmas in old time?

The Christian holiday of the Nativity of Christ, in the perception of the Slavs, was combined with the ancient holiday of the revival of the sun, which also fell on the end of December – beginning of January: the time when daylight hours begin to increase.

According to the old style, Christmas was celebrated on December 25. The days from December 25 to January 1 were called Holy Evenings.

The festive cycle began on December 24, on Christmas Eve. There are two versions of the origin of this name: one each – “Christmas Eve” comes from the word “sochen”, the name of a bread cake; on the other – from “sochiv”, rice or barley broth with honey.

Christmas Eve was the last day of the Nativity Fast and was considered especially strict: one could not eat “until the first star.” The family spent the whole day preparing for the holiday in labors and prayers, and only at dusk would sit down for a fast meal.

The main dishes were Christmas bread (juicy), sochivo and rice porridge – kutia. Be sure to serve nuts, honey, dried fruits, drinks from berries.

The tradition of inviting the souls of ancestors to the Christmas meal has been preserved since pagan times. The family either put cutlery on the table according to the number of the dead, or set aside a little of each dish for the deceased in a separate bowl, which was left overnight.

On the same evening, they went around the houses of relatives with refreshments, which symbolized the unity of the whole clan at a common meal. Then they went to the night service at the church. People believed that exactly at midnight on Christmas Day the sky opens and the Lord hears every request.

Christmas Celebration on Christmas Day 2021

merry Christmas

People’s are celebrate Christmas in many ways, It is often associated with rituals from the Christian winter festivals Many people decorate their homes, visit family or friends, and exchange gifts

On the day or week before Christmas, many people decorate their homes and gardens with lights, Christmas trees, and other items.

It is common to host a special dinner, often with turkey and many other festival food, and gifts for family or friends and exchange with them. Children, in particular, often receive many gifts from Santa Claus, and their parents and other relatives and friends.

This has led to Christmas Day becoming an increasingly commercialized holiday, with many families spending a large portion of their income on gifts and food.

Many schools, churches and communities hold special events on Sundays. it can be decorated with shopping malls or neighbors, Christmas trees and a Nativity display, concert or performance.

Christmas has a theme in many plays and songs Some groups arrange food, shelter or donation projects for people without a home or with very little money.

A symbolic day

According to believers, what better date to symbolically celebrate the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ, who came to earth, is the same as the possibility of to save men and give them the possibility of knowing eternal life through his resurrection, than that which corresponds to the rebirth of sun and nature ?

By this date, December 25th, which coincided with the Pagan Roman festival of the rebirth of the sun, would have been fixed in the fourth century to celebrate the Nativity in the year 354, by Pope Liberus.

Presumably for the clever purpose of competing with the pagan festivals that took place this time of year.

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