Happy Diwali / Deepavali 2022: Photos, Date, History, Origin, Essay

Happy Diwali | Deepavali 2022: The festival of Diwali is going to celebrate in October 24, 2022 with great pomp in northern India. In some states of India, a festival celebrated on the new moon of Kartik, in which Lakshmi is worshiped by lighting many lamps at night and often gambling is played. Also people called diwali as Deepavali, there is no difference in it.

During the annual session, investors usually add stocks to their portfolios, and the session is said to end with a positive note between purchases on the board. Of course, the volumes on the exchange are relatively low compared to the average volume.

Market participants across the country believe that trade is generally profitable during this time and therefore they save their bat during the session. The word moment means a specific time frame or period of time to do something important.

diwali | Deepavali

The trades carried out during the session are the same as the normal trades and there is no change in the performance of the exchange except for their regular time. In the Hindu calendar, the moment of commerce or Diwali is also celebrated as the new traditional year.

Diwali History & Origin

lord sri ram
Sri Ram

Diwali is the biggest festival in India and it is celebrated with great enthusiasm every year It is the biggest festival in 5 days Preparations for Diwali have begun across the country as soon as the dawn is over.

The Diwali festival is celebrated on the night of the new moon, when Lord sri Rama returned to Ayodhya after 14 years of exile, and the lamps were lit by the people of Ayodhya. The Diwali festival has been celebrated since that day.

Diwali Meaning

diwali | Deepavali
Diwali | Deepavali

Diwali means ‘lamp’ and ‘light’, so everyone celebrates Diwali with great peace and harmony. Pollution is also a problem because of the burning of fireworks and this is the biggest problem.

Many wild animals are also terrified by the sound of crackers, and the elderly in the home are also disturbed by the sound of crackers. And its noise generates pollution.

Diwali is a festival of happiness, do not harm any wild animals and nature for your entertainment and enjoyment. It is the duty of all of us to make people aware of how Diwali is celebrated.

Who is worshiped on Diwali?

lord ganesh and shree laxmi
Lord Ganesh and Shree Lakshmi

According to the Hindu calendar, Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi are worshiped after sunset on the auspicious occasion of Diwali. The puja is performed for Lakshmiji’s wealth and for a healthy life.

So Rangoli is also made at home on that day and Lakshmi Aarti is performed to worship Lakshmiji. Ganesha Aarti is performed to worship Lord Ganesha.

Diwali is a favorite festival for children and adults in the country Other types of festivals are also celebrated in India after and before Diwali.

Celebrate a Safe Diwali / Deepavali in 2022

diwali | Deepavali
Diwali | Deepavali

It is during this time that the festival of lights, Diwali, is celebrated, and in northern India it is celebrated with great enthusiasm. People use a lot of cracker to celebrate Diwali during this festival.

Such crackers contain a sufficient amount of combustible chemicals, such as potassium chloride powder, aluminum , magnesium , barium salt, copper, sodium, lithium, strontium, etc.

cracker also causes the highest levels of noise pollution, which has a devastating effect on children, the elderly and animals.

So this Diwali, keeping all these things in mind, let us all together make this Diwali a safe Diwali.

How to Celebrate a Safe Diwali in 2022?

Make this Diwali a safe Diwali and shun the deadly crackers. Crackers cause air pollution and noise pollution from potassium chloride powder, aluminum, magnesium, barium salt, copper, sodium, lithium, strontium.

This has effect on children, the elderly and animals. So you can use normal crackers which are there to stop this or you can use lights and diyas around your house or the led lights which come, and this Diwali Let’s make a safe Diwali.

diwali | Deepavali
Diwali | Deepavali

Diwali Essay for Students | Deepavali Essay for students (1 to 12th)

If you are a student of school and college and are looking for Deepavali / Diwali Essay then You can use this Diwali Essay to write in the essay writing competition and examination organized on Diwali.

The festival of Diwali is celebrated with great pomp in northern India. In some states of India, a festival celebrated on the new moon of Kartik, in which Lakshmi is worshiped by lighting many lamps at night and often gambling is played.

Diwali Festival Celebration

Diwali is a festival of light that illuminates everyone’s mind, with the advent of this festival a different light is generated in all the houses. Lakshmi is worshiped on the night of Diwali And he prays that he will always give us his grace

A variety of sweets and delicacies are prepared during Diwali, also prasad is served on Diwali.

On this occasion they celebrate the festival together, forgetting the discrimination between the rich and the poor Embracing each other is given a happy Diwali Guests are greeted with a variety of sweets and delicacies.

Diwali is a festival of gifts and gifts and the joy of giving a new life through this festival.

How Diwali is celebrated in India?

In India, Diwali is decorated with a variety of lights and lamps are lit at home. Rangoli is also made in houses of different colors

The festival is celebrated enthusiastically with sweets and fireworks sparklers, various sweets are made in the market during the Diwali festival and the markets are very crowded during the Diwali festival.

Everyone celebrates this festival with great enthusiasm On the auspicious occasion of Diwali, a large number of people buy from the market And on this day all people also wear new clothes, this festival is also considered a symbol of good victory over evil. The shops in the market are decorated with lights on Diwali.

Diwali celebration reasons

Note: By taking these points given below, you yourself should make a 2/3 sentence so that everyone’s essay is unique. And if you do not know what to write, then read this article from the beginning, you will know.

  • Diwali is a major festival of Hindus.
  • Diwali reflects the culture and traditions of India.
  • Diwali is also called the festival of lamps, the earthen lamp is lit.
  • After 14 years of exile, Diwali is celebrated to welcome and welcome Mr. Ram to Ayodhya.
  • The people of Ayodhya celebrated this day as Diwali with the joy of returning to Lord Sri Rama.
  • The Diwali festival falls in the month of Kartik every year.
  • Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha are worshiped on Diwali to bring prosperity to the home.
  • On Diwali, everyone decorates their homes with a variety of colorful lights.


There is a scientific reason behind celebrating the Diwali festival. Mosquitoes and insect mites increase in the rainy season. Increasing their number means danger to the health of the people. Mosquitoes, insects and insects come near the lamp and die due to exposure to heat.

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