Best High Resolution Images [HQ] Free Download

There are many platforms to download such high resolution images, but today I will tell you about 3 sites from where you will get high resolution images free. Before that let us know what are high resolution images?

What are high resolution images?

If we talk about high resolution images, then a high degree of detail is implied. Any professional photographer knows very well that resolution, that is, the number of dots per 25.4 mm (which is equal to 1 inch), is abbreviated as “DPI”.

high resolution images
High Resolution Images

If the image resolution is 300 DPI, then we can confidently say that these photos are of good quality. Based on experience, photographers are claim that the resolution is allowed for printing images should be at least 150 DPI.

What is DPI?

DPI is an abbreviation is Dots per inch. It indicates the resolution of the photo.

When it comes to parameters such as matrix or image size, one can’t do without the word “pixel” or “point“. For professionals in the field of photography, the number of these very points determines the size of the image, which is called absolute. day after day the Photographers are used to operating with such concepts.

But for many people who prefer to enjoy printed photography, the value of a centimeter is very important. This size is considered relative.

To relate described values, one resorts to such a parameter as “resolution”, which measured by number of dots per inch. This value indicates how many dots vertically and horizontally can fit on one inch. When it specifying only one value, The resolution is implied in both vertical and horizontal dimensions.

One inch is about 2 cm 54 mm. This means that DPI resolution shows how many dots can fit in a 2.54: 2.54 area.

The relevant of the resolution in centimeters (or in any other units of measurement) is relevant to mention in the cases, where it is referred to the relative size. Sometimes the professional photographers have to deal with the customers who specify file sizes in pixels in their orders (for example, 3000: 4000) and then add DPI refinements.

Free high resolution images Download

If you are an editor, blogger and you want to download free high resolution images for any reason or for personal work, then here you have many platforms. But some of them are free and some paid. Let’s know about those best free high resolution images download sites.

Best Sites for high resolution images free

high resolution images

You might find a lot of pictures similar to Pixels in But the database is slightly cleaner, it depends on your research. This is a good solution if you cannot find what you are looking for on Pixels. Everything is under CC0 license as well.

Do whatever you want, Free high-resolution images. 10 new photos every 10 days.

high resolution images

Usually The one I use every day. You can find a huge amount of HD photos in, that are completely copyright free. Everything is under CC0 license.

high resolution images

Shutterstock is a Huge database, besides finding photos you can find vector files (if you don’t know what a vector file is, you won’t need it). Shutterstock also allows you to find videos, icons.

Shutterstock is a global provider of stock photography, stock footage, stock music, and editing tools. find more images on Shutterstock.

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