Hightown Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot & Trailer

There is no peace in this town, which means that the bosses will definitely give us another portion of the adventures of the main characters. Recently, data appeared when the 3rd season of the TV series “Hightown ” will be released and we are ready to talk about it.

Although the series has been renewed, they are not in a hurry to name the release date of the 3rd season of Hightown, but we assume that the premiere of new episodes should be expected at the beginning of 2023 !

The crimes go on

Hightown is a crime drama that was first released in 2020. The audience immediately appreciated the non-trivial plot of the tape, so over the past 2 years the project has formed an impressive army of fans. 

The main character of the tape, Jackie Quinones, is an employee of the Hightown Marine Fisheries Service. Her responsibilities include identifying poachers . 

When there is no work, she spends her time looking for a drink or something more serious. She did not find a permanent boyfriend, but she often meets partners for one night. And one such night abruptly changed her everyday life and the whole of Hightown .

After another party, not being quite adequate, she went to the beach of Hightown to breathe in some fresh air. To her own surprise, a little further from human eyes, she found the corpse of a girl. 

Sherri, an informant for the local police, turns out to be killed. And it seems that everything is simple – the heroin mafia is behind the murder . But the situation is complicated by the lack of evidence. 

The investigation comes to a standstill, and the titular heroine of Hightown , meanwhile, finds several important pieces of evidence that will help convict the culprit. Now the entire criminal world is under threat and “Hightown ” is becoming dangerous for an employee of the maritime service.

We recently learned that Hightown will be getting a season 3, with a release date in early 2023.Starz spokeswoman says she’s thrilled to finally announce the sequel– for Hightown prepared a lot of interesting things. Representatives of the channel, as well as the creators, have not yet named the exact release date, but the public was also pleased that the show received an extension.

Hightown season 3

The episodes of the second chapter of Hightown finished coming out at the end of 2021, after which the bosses took a break – apparently they analyzed the ratings . 

The audience tensed, and some admitted that they no longer counted on a sequel. Luckily, Hightown has received a sequel and you can find the release dates for the new episodes of Hightown season 3 in our schedule.

Cast members

The title role in Hightown was played by Monica Raimund – she starred in The Good Wife and Chicago P.D. Together with her, the main cast includes Riley Volkel, Shane Harper, Amor Nolasco and others. Whether they will return to their roles, the upcoming premiere will show.

And now it remains only to wait – Jackie Quinons will continue to fight crime in Hightown after the release date of season 3, because there are still many bandits in the city who need to be stopped .

Season 3 episode schedule

Series numberSeries namePremier dates
3×01early 2023 _
3×02early 2023
3×03early 2023


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