What are Hip Dips: How to Get Rid of Hip Dips?

The hip dips is simply the hollow that forms in the hips. This hollow is caused by the shape of the pelvis and can give the body a violin shape. The higher and wider your pelvis is, the more the dimples will be visible.

One more complex for many women, who dream of spraying it, for a nice rounded and continuous silhouette!

Why do some people have more visible hip dips than others?

What will determine the presence of your hip dips will be the distance between your pelvis and your femur. So, the more distance there is between your pelvis and your femur, the more pronounced the hip dips will be. And vice versa. It’s totally genetic!

Finally, there are some people who will find it easier to gain fat at this level. This will fill in the dip and the hip dips will be less pronounced.

Is it Possible to Get Rid of Hip Dips?

Hip dips are quite complicated to eradicate since they are directly associated with the structure of the bones. But, there are still many exercises to do regularly that will help you eliminate hip dips or lessen them.

Are Hip Dips Exercises Effective?

If you’ve taken a look on social networks like Instagram, YouTube or Pinterest, you’ve probably seen a multitude of videos of muscle building sessions to fight against hip dips. Unfortunately, many of these videos do not work at all. Why ?

Like the videos for taking butts without taking thighs , most of these videos do not work because they are composed only of lateral isolation / hip abduction exercises that will specifically target the gluteus medius such as clamshell, sidekicks, monster walk.

The problem is that the more the gluteus medius will be worked, the more muscle mass will be created on the top of the buttocks, the more the bulge above. Which, ultimately, will accentuate the hip dip effect.

So, if your goal is to fill the hollow / hip dips, it is better to avoid this kind of targeted sessions which will have, at best, zero effect, if not a counter effect.

How to get rid of hip dips?

Side hip openers to get rid of hip dips!

Put your hands on your shoulders and knees in line with your hips and go up and down. Lift one leg up and bend the knee to form a right angle. Then slowly lower your legs until you touch the ground, then lift them again.

Repeat fifteen times by pulling your leg Ten times high before descending, then repeat on the other side.

Get rid of hip dips with the kickback lunge

Stand with your hands joined in front of your chest and Take a deep breath. Then lift your right knee up to your chest. As you lower your right leg, your palms face each other and your arms outstretched near your ears.

Next, bring your right knee into a lunge, then lift it towards your chest, bringing your hand back to its starting position. Repeat the movement twelve times for each leg.

Standing silde leg lifts

Exercise to be performed standing up, starting with your legs together. Then lift your right foot off the floor, inhale and slowly lift your right leg to the side then slowly lower as you exhale and pass that leg in front of the left leg.

To maintain your balance, you can help yourself with a wall, a chair. Repeat the movement twelve times for each leg.

Squats to get rid of hip dips

The famous squats ! Standing, feet apart a little wider than the hips, exhale while lowering yourself with the buttocks well back and the knees which do not exceed the point of the feet. Inhale and come up by voluntarily contracting the buttocks! Repeat the operation twelve times.

Standing side-to-side squats

Start by doing a normal squat, then once at the bottom move your right foot to the right. Then, bring your left foot to the left. Then bring your right foot to the left and the left to the right before going back up and starting again ten times.

Get rid of hip dips with side lunges

Spread your feet more than hip width apart. Bend your right leg to the side, your left leg should stay straight! Come back with feet together and repeat with the other leg. Make 12 lunges on each side.

Side cursty lunges

Start with your feet together, then lift your right leg and bring it behind your left leg. Lower your right knee into a curtsey lunge, then bring your right foot in front of your left foot. Repeat the exercise on the other side, making sure to do 15 lunges on each side.

Get rid of hip dips with leg kickbacks

Get on all fours, then straighten your right leg. Then slowly raise your leg as high as it will go, then lower it to the floor without your foot touching it. Do fifteen repetitions, for the last, keep your leg lifted so that it is parallel to the floor. Repeat on the other side.

Get rid of hip dips go for lying down side led raises

Lie on your right side, making sure you form a nice straight line. Then bend your right elbow and use your hand to support your head or to hold your arm down. Slowly lift your left leg into the air, then lower it without touching your right leg. 

Do a total of twenty repetitions, keeping your leg up for 10 seconds, then repeat on the other side.

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