What Does a Bee Do? Honey Bees Secret Facts


What Does a Bee Do?

Honey Bees Facts-When the Bees are weak,the worms easily defeat the bees.The size of the entrance stone to enter the weakened group needs to be narrowed.

The Honey button board needs to be kept clean and tidy on a regular basis.Be careful not to let the worms stay in the place of the pair of bottom boards. 

Mature birds are collected and destroyed by snares.For this, place a cup of water,a cup,a half-cup of vinegar and a banana slice near the neck of the two-liter plastic bottle and let them rot.”She was released this morning; she’s talked to her father and she’s fine(Honey Bees Facts).

After 5 to 6 days, the larvae of the beetle will be Honeycomb in the honeycomb, and the silk tunnels will be the seals of the Seth covered with the silk gate. Carefully inspecting the rooms and tunnels, the worms in them are eaten. 

They are destroyed by the use of pesticides. In addition, in areas where the bees are at risk, the number of bees is reduced by placing five grams of paradyneurobesin in a bottle with a cotton swab and placing it near the Honeycomb.

Worms of the species defeat bees in the honey bar.  They strike Bees in groups that do not have queen bees and that are weakened.

These broken insects reduce the color of the Honey and cause the honey to stink.  Honeycomb rooms are consume.

Management:The Bee team should be weak No. Place the Honeycomb on a rock or coarse soil covered with honey Baku or wounded honey takes refuge in twelve beetles. 

Cultivate the soil upside down near the honeycomb so that the cells that have taken shelter under the soil are out. Excessive exposure to sunlight and pollutants can lead to cell demise.

Who are bees enemies?

Spiders: spiders eats bees.They trap nets and eat bees.

Honey Bees Facts | Secrets

 Birds:About 35 species of birds blow bees. These are the crops: At the time of the land There are no crops, they eat bees. Some He climbs the river and builds nests in the foothills. Some of them are about to give up, and some of them are very large. 

The Bees eat them while the bees live in the sky. From the honeycomb to the chariot to chase the birds or to the tin They are driven away. 

The place where the bees are kept is surrounded by red ribbons It’s good to keep. Telephone and The electricity is from the wire and the electric current Keep honey boxes away.

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