How Does LinkedIn Make Money: 8 Ways to Make Money from LinkedIn

How does linkedin make money & How to make money with linkedin?

At present, with the accelerated evolution of a new generation of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, digital technologies represented by 5G, big data, Internet of Things, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain, etc. are booming, pushing the digital economy to a higher level. .

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the B2b giant . It is the reference social network, because it is composed of millions of active members and it can allow you to generate leads, millions of visitors to your site, professional partnerships.

In short, everything you can dream of to boost your business.

So you wonder how this social network got there and how LinkedIn is making money?

The basic information and features of LinkedIn are as follows.
  • One of the SNS born in the United States , boasting more than 600 million registered users worldwide
  • The number of users in Japan exceeds 2 million and is expected to increase in the future
  • SNS specializing in business scenes
  • There is a recruitment function for companies
  • Also functions as a learning tool for users

Here, we will first introduce the above features of LinkedIn, along with basic information as an SNS.

I think there are many people who say that.

So, this time, I would like to summarize LinkedIn in an easy-to-understand manner, not only from hiring from companies but also from the perspective of users.

If you haven’t registered with LinkedIn yet, or if you have registered but left it unused, learn about the usage and benefits of LinkedIn in this article and actively use it. Please take a look.

The history of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional social network created in heart of Silicon Valley by Reid Hoffman and Allen Blue in 2002.

And yes, it’s been 19 years already, and the network continues to innovate and gain notoriety.

Hoffman obtained several degrees from Stanford University and Oxford but very quickly he turned to the Tech industry to the detriment of the university (he was even one of the founders of PayPal 😲).

He is recruiting former colleges to start the project of creating LinkedIn, Allen Blue will be the first.

How does LinkedIn make money?

According to LinkedIn’s quarterly SEC filings, the professional networking site makes money through its talent solutions, marketing solutions, and premium memberships, selling ads, recruiting services, and memberships.

In 2014, 61% of third quarter revenue, totaling $ 345 million, came from recruiting services sold to professional recruiters and employers.

Marketing accounted for 19% of total revenue, or $ 109 million, thanks to a combination of advertisements sold to online marketers and the sale of “sponsored updates” to a target audience of members of the market. LinkedIn feed.

The remaining 20% ​​of revenue, or $ 114 million, was generated through premium subscriptions. While it’s free to join with a basic membership, LinkedIn makes money by selling premium memberships to job seekers, professional recruiters, businesses, and sales professionals.

Premium subscriptions allow members to dramatically increase their search results, send messages to LinkedIn’s messaging system rather than just receive them, contact members outside of their networks, and information about people with consulted their profiles.

As the basic subscription is free, LinkedIn generates a good part of its income from a minority of its users: only 15,

In the third quarter of 2014, US revenue made up 60% of LinkedIn’s total revenue, while revenue from international markets made up the remaining 40%.

LinkedIn is available in 23 languages ​​and has over 332 million users in over 200 countries in 2014, with 75% new memberships outside the United States.

How to earn money from linkedin? 8 ways to make money

how to make money from linkdin
How to make money with linkedin?

1. Through affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a way to make money online.

Here, you first need to obtain an affiliate link, and then upgrade the affiliate link to your group; if someone buys anything from your affiliate link, then you will get a direct or indirect commission.

Almost all companies selling goods on the Internet are using membership plans.

Therefore, here we will discuss in depth how to use LinkedIn to promote membership products online.

First, create a good LinkedIn page, start to list member products with beautiful pictures, and share the landing page link. Remember, do not try to sell products directly from the website. 

Always list affiliate products to your website, and then upgrade the main product landing page link to LinkedIn.

Now, again follow the same steps I discussed above to get target customers.

2. Increase the traffic of your website or blog

LinkedIn is a social network. Therefore, there must be an opportunity to share the content of your website and blog.

Assuming you are a blogger and are looking for more traffic, then you must use LinkedIn to write comprehensive articles and share content. You can provide links to websites or blogs between content.

Now let’s look at the connection limit. LinkedIn has a 30k connection limit, which you can add to the list. When someone wants to connect with you, the connect button will be converted to follow. You can imagine that 30k is huge and enough to promote these things.

3. Share valuable information content

Linkedin, like Facebook, is a social networking site. You can share your thoughts, thoughts and insights in a professional manner on social networks.

You can write a detailed article on your LinkedIn profile and place a link to the main content landing page to help you get more traffic. Before writing an article, a comprehensive study of the niche market is required.

Remember that content is everything, it should be high-quality, with better info-graphics, images, videos, etc. This will help you attract more traffic to your website or blog. 

So that people can share with others. Always keep interacting with the audience.

4. Sell ​​your talents

Search for the job you dream of, but you need to have a clear appearance picture and a comprehensive LinkedIn profile

Fill in all LinkedIn profile fields with correct information to get all good reviews. Add a better title to the industry you work in, etc.

Use the “About” section wisely to provide detailed information about your personal and professional life. Don’t use any false statements. Attach your resume, achievements and awards to your LinkedIn profile.

Remember, the profile is a LinkedIn profile, so please update it as well and always enter the correct information.

5. For freelancers

If you want to work from home, LinkedIn can also help you get opportunities.

Let’s understand through an example, suppose you are an SEO expert and you want to make money, sign up for a LinkedIn account and start selling to other people who want SEO services. 

You can write articles and publish directly on Linkedin, publish in LinkedIn groups, etc.

6. Increase your mailing list

Want more sales? You must have a mailing list, and then convert potential customers into customers, but the problem is where can we make the mailing list?

Suppose if my website is not visited much, how can I build a mailing list? In fact, you can use certain techniques to increase your mailing list on Linkedin.

First create a LinkedIn group and send a custom template invitation to your connection to add it to the group, and then you can invite these people by offering free gifts, e-books, small gifts, etc. 

You can also provide them with a free first service to get their emails. After collecting emails, you get a list.

If you don’t want to create a LinkedIn group, then there is another option.

Send messages directly to your connection and offer them free offers directly. Then you can ask them directly for their email.

7. Become a celebrity

Like any other social networking site, LinkedIn can also become a celebrity.

If you have enough fans, then you can sell some business things to customers, and in return, you can get some rewards.

If the number of connections exceeds 50k, you can make a lot of money by promoting these things. Just send the message to the company owner and send them suggestions in a decent way.

There are many small SMBs actively looking for celebrities who can promote their products and services.

8. Bonus tips

Want to open a headhunting company? You can open your own consulting company through LinkedIn.

Yes, Linkedin is a professional community. You can easily find the best talent, and you can use a variety of options to find the talent that best meets your needs.

When looking for the best talent for our clients, we can apply many search options, and we can search for candidates from exact personal data. The best profile can be found in almost all industries. 

To search for talents, just enter the keywords of the personal information you are looking for, then click the Enter button, and then click the “Personnel” tab, all results will surface.

Then contact them and ask if they are looking for work?

Various filters can be applied to determine the company’s CEO, HR, directors, founders, etc.

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