How Fast Does Hair Grow? 7 Tips For Hair Growth Faster

How fast does hair grow?

How fast does hair grow? Now-days,along with the growth of people, hair loss or no hair growth has become a common thing. if this thing happen to them then first of all,they search for a good product to increase their hair growth quickly.

Here i will tell you how to grow hair and what is the right way for it.i will tell you in 2 ways.


That will help you in growing your hair a lot.

How much does hair grow in a month?

Often too much, we think, If the rate of hair growth per month varies from one individual to another, experts agree that we gain on average 1cm every in a month.

7 Exercises to make hair grow faster

How to make hair grow faster? Exercise helps promote hair growth,sounds great right ?

Yes,there are several exercises that promote a healthy hair growth cycle with absolute zero side effects.including the facial and scalp muscle exercises.

How Fast Does Hair Grow

These exercises not only help your body ,also have a positive effect on your hair because they increase blood flow to your scalp and promote hair growth.

we will discuss top 7 exercises for hair growth ,which can actually delay or prevent the onset of baldness both in men and women.

Let start the exercises one by one.

We will also discuss which combination of exercises will work best for you and which exercises will work best for you and which exercises or combinations you can choose including the facial and scalp muscle fast does hair grow ?

1: Inversion Exercises

how fast does hair grow

Lie down on the edge of the bed with your head hanging down.stay in this position for 4 to 5 minutes.perform this at-least twice a day.

Gravity plays a role in this exercises and increase blood flow into the scalp and hair follicles.

2: Headstand Position Exercises

This is the famous yoga pose called sirsasan.the lead-stand yoga pose.
this pose needs a little practice to learn.

you can also use the support of a wall to perform this exercise once daily.but initially you should start to stay in this pose for 1 minute and then gradually increase the duration.

how fast does hair grow

This is the most power full exercise that increase blood flow to the scalp and even washes out harmful toxins and hormones like DHT which are responsible for male or female pattern baldness.

Avoid the inversion method if you have underlying conditions like blood pressure heart disease,spinal injury,vertigo and hernia or you are pregnant.

3: Neck Exercises

Stand straight with your hands relaxed on the sides,now slowly bend your head forward and bring it back.extending it has much possible.

how fast does hair grow

Bend your head sideways,stretching on each side for at least 10 second.

Stretching your neck muscles release the tension and stress in the neck and scalp muscle.

Following this neck exercise for twice a day at least 5 to 10 minutes can improve blood circulation which in turn boosts your hair growth.


4: Head Massage

Head or scalp massage is an ancient practice that involves performing rhythmic movement on acupressure points to relieve a number of issues like stress,headaches,greying of hair and baldness.

This way the process promotes hair regrowth by improving the blood circulation in the scalp and opening the pores on your scalp to provide the essential nutrients to the hair follicles.

how fast does hair grow

you can use any oil like warm coconut oil to massage.

Apply the warm oil in the scalp with your fingertips.massage your scalp with your fingers in a circular motion and distribute the oil all over the scalp.

Gradually increase the intensity of the massage to improve blood flow in the scalp for acupressure type massage.use your fingertips pointing upwards and then massage your scalp with slow and circular movement.

5: Breathing Exercise

Any form of deep breathing exercise including the famous “ kapal bharti ” yoga technique will help supply oxygen to rejuvenate damaged hair and promotes new hair growth.

sit on a flat surface with your back straight.

breathing 1

Take a deep breath and pull your stomach inwards as much as possible.

when you are taking deep breath then ex-hate.

You can ex-hate with one nostril at a time but this is optional.

Keep the exhalation brief and the inhalation longer.

Perform this breathing exercise 15 to 20 times at least twice a day.

6: Jogging

jogging exercise

Cardio exercise like jogging not only keeps your body fit but also allows you to sweat out the harmful toxins from your body.this opens the pores on the scalp and helps in-log hair follicles.promoting a healthy hair growth.

Try jogging for at least half an hour every day to get healthy hair and stay fit.

how fast does hair grow

7: Facial Exercises For Hair Growth

Facial exercises to promote hair regrowth and prevent baldness.these are very important exercises that can actually reverse hair loss in early stage.

Hair Growth Products


Dermaroller is effective way to regrow your is a needle-less device inside which there are many small can happen in different can role it on top of your skin.

This basically creates an injury point on your skin which is healing in response.

Just like an injury,it automatically recovers at there a new tissue is formed and new blood vessels are formed due to which healing occurs.

how fast does hair grow

So here we are artificially creating an injury,in response to which the skin will automatically start healing.

It is control injury,we can do depth injury according to our own.we can also decide how many distance injuries to do.

The dermaroller has different different needless sizes like-3 mm,5mm, and 1 mm you can select according to your own.

How to make your hair grow super fast?


Biotin is one such supplement which is very popular today for nail and hair a lot of serum,shampoo and tablets are available which contain biotin and it is taken for hair and nail growth.

Is Biotin really effective for hair growth ?

Biotin is actually a vitamin that belongs to the B complex group.this is also called B7 and vitamin IT.biotin plays an important role in the growth of our hair,skin and nails.because it also contains protein, specially keratin.

Role of biotin in hair growth

The requirement of normal biotin is 30 micro gram per day.which is normal only by taking our balance diet.deficiency of biotin is very common.

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