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Nowadays, with the continuous improvement of public health awareness, many people are paying attention to their own health level and at the same time insuring themselves with a health insurance. So what does health insurance mean, and how much does it cost? or how much does health insurance cost ?

Health insurance is abbreviated as health insurance, which mainly includes medical insurance, sickness insurance, disability income loss insurancenursing care insurance, and medical accident insurance. It refers to the personal insurance in which the insurer pays the insurance money to the insured when the insured is sick. 

The coverage of health insurance usually includes medical expenses, loss of income, funeral expenses and living expenses of the survivors. This type of insurance is mostly co-sponsored with injury insurance, but also with life insurance

How much is health insurance

In order to prevent moral hazards, when applying for health insurance, the insurer usually stipulates a trial period, and the insurer shall be liable for compensation for losses caused by illnesses of the insured after this period.

National Health insurance premiums

 The annual insurance premium is the medical sub-insurance premium (basic tuition amount), the support fund portion insurance premium (the support fund tuition amount for the elderly over 75 years old) <Note 1> and the nursing care portion insurance premium (the nursing payment tuition amount) <Notes 2> The total price.

<Note 1> and the insurance premium of the support fund become part of the financial resources to support the medical system for the latter-stage elderly. It is not limited to National Health Insurance members, and it is calculated for all members of each medical insurance.

<Note 2> Nursing care insurance premiums are calculated for people from 40 to 64 years old (nursing care insurance No. 2 insured person). But one who is entering application exclusion facility may be exempted from report. See the link below for details.

So, how much does health insurance cost? 

Since health insurance involves the age, occupation, and physical health of the insured person, the specific insurance coverage will be different, so generalizations cannot be made. 

Normally, the premiums for health insurance purchased by minors and adults will be relatively different. Adults will pay a little bit higher, and children’s costs will be relatively cheaper. 

The price of health insurance provided by different insurance companies will vary, and is usually determined according to the amount of insurance. Under normal circumstances, the insured amount for serious illnesses for adults should be at least 300,000 yuan, while minors can be considered for up to 200,000 yuan

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For this type of health insurance, the monthly payment is at least a few hundred yuan, and five or six thousand dollars are needed in one year. 


how much is health insurance
How much is health insurance

Some people may think that the cost of health insurance is more expensive, but this is an insurance product that takes precautions for health. Once there are some accidents in health, its compensation effect cannot be ignored. Take critical illness as an example. The younger you buy, the lower the cost will be.

Therefore, if you have the conditions, it is recommended that you plan your health insurance plan as soon as possible. Nowadays, PICC can provide users with comprehensive health insurance consulting and purchase services, and can provide reasonable insurance plans for different families and individuals. You can log in to the official website for detailed inquiries.

The calculated insurance premium varies according to age or total income 

 Medical sub-insurancePart of the insurance premium for support paymentsNursing part insurance premium
 0~39 years oldX
40-64 years old
65-74 years old×(Separate payment)

Become 40 years old in the middle of the year

From the birth month of 40 years old (one month before the birthday on the 1st), the National Health Insurance premium includes the nursing care part insurance premium, and put it away. A notice of change of National Health Insurance premiums and payment notices corresponding to the monthly supplementary care premiums will be sent.

Become 65 years old in the middle of the year

 Because the nursing care insurance premium is calculated until the month before the month that becomes 65 years old in advance (two months before the first birthday), and it is divided into two during the period until March, there is no one that greeted the 65-year-old birthday Changes in the amount of insurance .

 Note: Regarding the nursing care insurance premium after the birth month of 65 years old (the month before the birthday on the 1st), please put separately the national health insurance premium. In addition, we send notice of nursing care premium from Nursing Care Insurance Section. See the link below for details.

Become 75 years old in the middle of the year

 Because the person welcoming the 75-year-old birthday leaves the National Health Insurance and participates in the “Medical System for the Elderly for the Elderly”, the National Health Insurance premium is paid the month before the 75-year-old birth month .

When everyone in the household becomes 75 years old

 The insurance premium calculated to the month before the birth month is divided into two during the month before the birth month. The last is the period until the month before the birth month of the 75-year-old, and if there are several corresponding households, divide the households into two (please use 6 a month 1 from May to July). The second payment is paid in the case of the birth month.).

When part of the household becomes 75 years old

 The insurance premium for the month before the birth month and the insurance premium for subscribers under 75 years of age are divided into two during the period until March. As it was not included from the beginning, the insurance premium after the 75-year-old birth month has not changed by the insurance amount to greet the 75-year-old birthday .

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About the standard amount of insurance premiums

The amount of the basic deduction of 430,000 yen is subtracted from the total price of the previous year’s total income, forest income, shares, long-term (short-term) income transfer, etc.(Hereinafter referred to as “old proviso income“.) Calculated on the basis of (miscellaneous loss transfer deduction is not deducted.)

How to calculate insurance premium ?

The respective insurance premiums are the total price of the income distribution amount (the sum paid by the subscribers based on the income) and the equal proportion amount (the sum paid by all the subscribers).

Medical sub-insurance fee (the total of all the old provisos of all the participants × income distribution rate) + (equal ratio amount × number of participants)

Part of the insurance premium for the support fund (the total of the old proviso income of all subscribers × income distribution rate) + (equal ratio amount × number of participants)

how much is health insurance
how much is health insurance

Nursing care insurance premium (total of all corresponding old proviso income × income distribution rate) + (equal ratio amount × corresponding number)

(Medical insurance premium) + ( Support fund insurance premium ) + ( Nursing care insurance premium ) = ( Your household’s annual insurance premium )

Income distribution ratio and equal proportion amount in 2021

 Income distribution rateEqual proportional amount (per person)Class quota
Medical sub-insurance7.13%38,800 yen630,000 yen
Part of the insurance premium for support payments2.41%13,200 yen190,000 yen
Nursing part insurance premium2.03%17,000 yen170,000 yen
  • In the case of exceeding the tax limit for the calculation result of each insurance premium, the tax limit is the insurance premium.
  • For all households whose total income in 2020, including the head of household, is below the standard of total income in 2020, the equal proportion of insured premiums will be reduced by 70%.50%.20%. Please see the link below for the reduction of the equal proportion amount of money.
  • Please refer directly to the person in charge of National Insurance and Pension Section qualifications (03-5654-8210) for the estimate of National Health Insurance premiums. The trial calculation result by the estimation site on the Internet cannot be responsible as Katsushika City.

National health insurance premiums are given to the head of household based on the notification of national health insurance premium determination (change) and payment notice. Please see the link below for the notification of national health insurance premium decision (change) and payment notification.

Calculation example of insurance premium

Model household

  • Head of household: 41 years old (2,280,000 yen from the old proviso in 2020)
  • Wife: 38 years old (no income)
  • Child: 12 years old (no income)
 (1) Income distribution(2) Equal proportion amount(1)+(2)
Insurance amount
Medical sub-insurance2,280,000 yen *7.13%
      = 162,564 yen
*3 38,800 yen
 = 116,400 yen
 278,964 yen (A)
Part of the insurance premium for support payments2,280,000 yen *2.41%
      = 54,948 yen
*3 pieces of 13,200 yen
 = 39,600 yen
 94,548 yen (B)
Nursing part insurance premium2,280,000 yen*2.03%
      = 46,284 yen
*1 17,000 yen
 = 17,000 yen
63,284 yen (C)
 The household’s annual insurance amount (A) + (B) + (C) = 436,796 yen

The insurance premium of the transfer-in person may be changed later.

 According to the move-in from other districts, cities, towns and villages, the old people whose income is unknown will be notified only the proportion of the amount. (the premium may increase or decrease) .

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