How Much Money “Sperm Donors” Make: Sperm Bank and Cost

What does it take to become a sperm donor?

France is one of the countries where sperm donation is the most regulated. The sperm donors must be under 45 years old, be a father, and have the authorization of his partner (often dissuasive) if he is in a relationship. The donation is made on a voluntary basis, and is therefore unpaid.

Until 2010, sperm donation was also anonymous. The only information known about the sperm donors were physical characteristics (color of eyes, hair), as well as his blood type and possible medical history.

However, since the revision of the law on bioethics, anonymity can be lifted if both parties (sperm donors and recipient couple) agree.

Before donating sperm, do the future parents meet you for an interview? To ask you for proof of your IQ, like?

We meet at the library not too far from where I live and I explain the procedures to them. It’s mostly me who talks for an hour. I explain the procedure to them and show them my test results for STD and AIDS.

How can we make sure that your semen is of good quality?

Some customers communicate with each other on forums: they know that the children are perfectly healthy. I am also sexually abstinent and I take tests every year: if I had illnesses, I would no longer be in business .

How much do sperm donors get paid USA?

sperm donors and sperm donation

How much do you get for sperm donation? In the United States sperm donors are paid between $100-$150 per donation visit. The donation of gametes is remunerated.

But this remuneration is much higher for women (the equivalent of approximately 3,000 euros per egg donation) than for men (between 35 and 70 euros for a suitable sperm sample).

Is the medical procedure heavier and more restrictive for them?

Women certainly undergo hormonal treatment for six weeks and an act of surgery to remove the egg. But the man must sign a contract where he agrees to provide one or two weekly samples of semen for a year, each “delivery” to be preceded by a period of sexual abstinence of 48 hours.

Another possible explanation: the law of supply and demand would make the ovum a much rarer commodity, and therefore more expensive.

But again, it does not hold: if women produce a small number of eggs, there are a large number of candidates for donation, while sperm banks have difficulty finding good candidates.

How does sperm bank work?

sperm donors and sperm bank cost

Sperm bank cost: Sperm banks are supervised structures attached to hospitals. The example of private sperm bank: In Europe, more and more single women and couples wanting to start their families are getting sperm straws from European private banks. Price, delivery and current regulations.

European Sperm Bank is a private company which exports semen around the world. Unlike its competitors, the bank exclusively offers high motility sperm (minimum 20).To find a sperm donor, future parents use the online catalog to select the donor and the type of straws of their choice.

After indicating their nationality and place of treatment (essential since legislation governing sperm donation differs between European countries), recipients can filter the results by eye and skin color, size, ethnicity, blood group, type straw or type of donor (anonymous or not).

To access the complete profiles and read the handwritten notes of donors, you must join the bank: it’s 100 euros for 6 months. Then just select the donor and add the glitter to the basket.

Sperm donor cost: How much to donate sperm? For the purchase of sperm from an anonymous donor, you have to pay 309 € for an ICI motility straw 20 and 379 € for IUI sperm (MOT20). For a non-anonymous donor, it is 559 € for an ICI-ready straw (MOT20) and 589 € for IUI sperm, excluding VAT (25%).

Delivery: The bank exports semen to more than 60 countries. For delivery in Europe, the price is 295 euros (VAT and price of the return of the tank included).

How much can a person earn as a sperm donor?

How much to donate sperm? While a sperm bank doesn’t legally have to pay its donors a certain amount (or anything, for that matter), most pay around $ 32 per sample. The exact quantity usually depends on the quality of the sample. 

Under the terms of the contract, some centers pay up to € 130 per week for 6 months of weekly donations. Particularly handsome or exceptionally intelligent donors may, however, receive higher compensation.

Sperm donation

In France, since 1973 (date of the first use of donated sperm), more than 38,000 children have been born thanks to some 9,300 donors, each donation being able to give birth to up to five children. On average each year, 1,500 couples have access to parenthood thanks to a donor.

However, the number of donors (between 250 and 300 on average annually) remains very insufficient in the face of the significant demand: more than 4,000 couples hope each year to be able to procreate thanks to one of these donations. The waiting list is long, and the average delay ranges from 12 to 24 months.

Establishing remuneration could therefore be a means of attracting donors, like the example of the United States: paid from 15 to more than $ 250 (depending on the “candidate” and the institution), applicants for donations are particularly numerous, despite the constraints (a minimum weekly donation, compulsory for one year).

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