How Strong is Goku & Goku all Forms: DragonBall Z

Goku super strong Charcters

1. Super Saiyan 1(Goku)

(1) Primary state

How Storng is Super Saiyan God Goku ? Evolution Route of Super Saiyan | DragonBall Z

Super Saiyan 1 Beginner

1. Source: Dragon Ball Z Frieza

2. The cause of transformation

Wukong: Klin was killed by Frieza and transformed into anger;

Gohan: Practicing in the spiritual time house, through the guidance of Wukong, arousing anger to achieve;

Vegeta: Successfully transformed because of jealousy of Goku and anger in the practice;

Wu Tian: Genetic decision, to have the blood of earthlings and Saiyans, to be able to transform freely

Trunks (reality): Same as above

Trunks (Future): Because Gohan was killed on the 17th and 18th, he turned into grief and anger.

3. Features

Appearance: At first, the eyeballs turned light green, then the electric light flashed, and the hair and eyebrows became golden, and all the hair was erected except Liu Haiwai (Note: Some Saiyans changed their appearance due to their normal hairstyle. Change as mentioned above, such as Vegeta), and a golden arrogance burst out all over.

Personality: After the first transformation, it is easy to lose rationality, and there may be some loss of memory in subsequent memories; after successful transformation, it will become a little excited; when adapting to the super Saiyan state, the mood will be the same as the usual state.

4. Transformation method

According to Toriyama Akira’s latest Q&A in “”Saiyan Super Strongest COMICS“”, the prerequisite for becoming a Super Saiyan is that there must be S cells in the body. When these S cells accumulate to a certain number, they use anger as an opportunity to make the S cells explode and change their body to become a super Saiyan. Although almost all Saiyans have S cells, they are not many. You can easily transform into a Super Saiyan because you have inherited a lot of S cells. Son Wukong and Vegeta’s children are easier to become Super Saiyans because they inherited a lot of S-cells, and the earth’s environment is more stable and habitable than Vegeta.

The best way to increase S cells is to have a calm spirit. But almost all Saiyans are not good at this, so for a long time almost no one can successfully transform and turn it into a legend. It is unlikely that S cells can be transformed into Super Saiyans with a calm spirit, so a certain level of combat power is still required.

(2) Full power state(Goku)


Super Saiyan 1 at full power

1. Source: Dragon Ball Z Sharu

2. People involved: Goku, Gohan

3. Features

Normal Super Saiyan (Beginner) and full power belong to the same kind of transformation. The advantage of full power is that it can maintain the state of Super Saiyan 1 and live in this state. It overcomes the physical consumption of Super Saiyan in battle. Weakness, can maximize the super saiyan’s super combat power, and avoid the energy loss that ordinary super saiyan will produce even if they don’t fight, and the personality is relatively calm.

(3) The second order


Super Saiyan 1 Tier 2

1. Source: Dragon Ball Z Sharu

2. People involved: Vegeta

3. Features

Muscles will swell, speed and strength are much stronger than ordinary Super Saiyans, but they consume energy quickly and are not suitable for protracted battles.

(4) The third order


Super Saiyan 1 Tier 3

1. Source: Dragon Ball Z Sharu

2. People involved: Trunks (future)

3. Features

The muscles are extremely swollen, consume a lot of energy, and seriously affect speed.

2. Super Saiyan 2

How Storng is Super Saiyan God Goku ? Evolution Route of Super Saiyan | DragonBall Z

Super Saiyan 2

1. Source: Dragon Ball Z Sharu

2. People involved: Gohan (first achieved), Goku, Vegeta, Gotenks, Trunks (future)

3. Source of strength

When Monkey King was very young, he used to explode a powerful force when he was angry, but he didn’t fully use it. When he was furious when he was killed by Sharu on the 16th, this power was completely exploded.

4. Features

Appearance: The arrogance will become jet-like, the hair will be more erect, and there will be lightning around the body when it emits energy;

Personality: Cooler than Super Saiyan (full power), his eyes will become sharper, and his personality will become arrogant;

3. Super Saiyan 3(Goku)

How Storng is Super Saiyan God Goku ? Evolution Route of Super Saiyan | DragonBall Z

Super Saiyan 3

1. Source: Dragon Ball Z Buu

2. Characters involved: Wukong, Wutianks

3. Features

The golden hair will grow to the waist, the eyebrows disappear and the brow bones are lowered, dark blue pupils appear in the original single light green eyeballs, the golden arrogance becomes ray and fixed, and the lightning becomes denser.

Advantages: The strength or speed is much stronger than Super Saiyan and Super 2, and the combat effectiveness has been improved by leaps and bounds;

Disadvantages: Chi consumes a lot of energy and often becomes the Achilles’ heel in battle.

Fourth, the super golden great ape


Super Golden Great Ape

1. Source: Dragon Ball GT

2. People involved: Wukong, Vegeta

3. Features

(It belongs to the transitional form of Transforming Super Saiyan 4) The normal brown hair of the whole body has become the golden ape form of Super Saiyan color. Generally, Saiyans who mutate into an apes will be unable to control their powerful forces and lose their minds to perform indiscriminate destruction. Monkey King is no exception. The power of Monkey King who turned into a golden ape is greatly increased.

Without humanity and reason, you can’t fight normally, and you can even attack your relatives and friends regardless of whether you are the enemy or the enemy.

V. Super Saiyan 4


Super Saiyan 4

1. Source: Dragon Ball GT

2. People involved: Wukong, Vegeta

3. Features

Hair : Unlike other Super Saiyans, the hair of Super Saiyan 4 has not undergone much mutation. It will be long but still black (the hairs of Monkey King and Vegeta after their transformation are pure black, Vegeta After the transformation, there is a little bit of red in the black, but the fusion warrior Gojita is different from the normal crimson. As for why it is crimson, the official is not clear)

Posture : The body is covered with red body hair except for the head, chest and palms. Represents the primitive wild state of the Saiyans.

Eyes : have red eye sockets, eyelids are red, and the color of the eyeballs varies from person to person (Mongolian Goku is golden, Vegeta is green, Goujita is blue, and Vegeta is blue)

4. Special ability

According to the plot, Chao has a special ability to absorb the enemy’s attack energy. It can absorb the Saiyan energy of Sun Gohan and others. It also absorbed the powerful revenge death bomb of Babe’s nirvana before. Evil energy skills to strengthen one’s own power, so that one’s own power has been improved by leaps and bounds. In the fight against Super 17, because it launched 10 times the tortoise style qigong, it made itself insufficient energy, so it absorbed natural energy from the surrounding environment and exploded itself.

5. Advantages

The power of Super Saiyan 4 is far superior to the previous Super Saiyan form. It is not only powerful, but it can also be seen in the play that it rarely destroys surrounding things in battle. Even if it is destroyed, the damage range is also compressed to a small amount. , That is, Super Saiyan 4 has better qi control ability, and the control of the strength is very good, avoiding the impact and qigong waves in the battle from causing greater damage to the surrounding things.

The evolution of Super 4 has no effect on the body, and the burden is relatively small. When fighting Babe in GT, Monkey King fired 10 times the tortoise-style qigong wave and was completely exhausted by Babe’s fierce attack. With a little bit of strength, he almost fainted, and happened to absorb a little energy of Zebra light to barely maintain a super-4 appearance to stand up. If he hadn’t absorbed that little energy at the time, he would definitely change back to his original appearance.

In fact, the Monkey King’s own power at that time can be said to be zero, and he himself said that his whole body was painful. Wukong scared Babe and said that he would send Turtle Qigong to attack him, but in his state, let alone launching a Qigong wave, that little energy made him very reluctant to stand up. Changing to other forms will result in the insufficiency of the body and energy of the transformed person and the inability to maintain the transformed form and restore it to its original state. Therefore, the consumption of super 4 maintenance can be said to be very small.

6. Disadvantages

The disadvantage of Super Saiyan 4 is that the power is too strong, too strong power will shorten the maintenance effect of the fusion. The Super 4 Goujita is set to shorten the original 30-minute fusion effect to 10 minutes because of its super powerful power. In addition, after the emergence of Wujita, the extremely energy-consuming skills such as energy conversion and super-large tortoise-style qigong wave were used. Such a powerful force is bound to cause the fusion effect to be unbearable. Therefore, Wujita is preparing to launch the second super-large tortoise. When sending qigong, it disintegrated because it could not bear the powerful consumption of turtle qigong.

6. Super Saiyan 5 (Explanation: The setting of the fan manga has nothing to do with the original setting of Dragon Ball)
Super Saiyan 5

How Storng is Super Saiyan God Goku ? Evolution Route of Super Saiyan | DragonBall Z

1. Source: Dragon Ball AF

2. People involved: Wukong

3. Features

After the transformation, the hair will be shawl-length and draped from the neck to the front of the body (but the hair is longer), and it is silver. The body is covered with silver body hair. As for the eyeballs, Monkey King and Monkey Rice are red, and Vegeta is yellow. There are purple eyes. At the same time, there was lightning around. The qi range of Super 5 is so large that Uub described it as “Even on the earth, it feels like it’s right next to it.”

4. Disadvantages

Super 5 is not a panacea. After the transformation, the burden on the body and brain is too great, and it may die at any time. However, the time for Monkey King and Vegeta to transform is only 10 minutes. [However, Monkey King can control various emotions (happiness, anger, sadness, happiness = strength) to extend the transformation time].

Seven, the god of super saiyan (Goku)

How Storng is Super Saiyan God Goku ? Evolution Route of Super Saiyan | DragonBall Z

Super Saiyan God (Goku)

1. Source: Dragon Ball Super

2. Features: Ordinary people can’t feel the breath of God, but they can feel overwhelming pressure.

3. Change: Very young, with the color of hair and eyebrows turned into fluorescent red, and eyes like red pupils wrapped in black benevolence, and the whole body is surrounded by golden red flame-like aura.

8. Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan (Super Saiyan Blue)


Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan (Super Saiyan Blue Goku & Vegeta)

1. People involved: Monkey King, Vegeta, Black Goku, Vegeta, Goujita

2. Features

The appearance of Super Saiyan Blue is different from that of the Super Saiyan God. The hair and eyebrows are all sky blue, the eye pupils turn dark blue, and the body is surrounded by blue aura and the unique starry sky particles of the breath of God, and the flames are from time to time.

Flowing water droplets (manga and the latest theatrical version), the arrogance flow is much slower than the breath of human and super Saiyan state, and with very slight electric sparks, the arrogance is divided into two layers of arrogance from the outside to the inside. It is two colors of sky blue and white.

The blue light radiated from the body, and the blue crystals shattered instantly after covering his body. The appearance of the person was different from before, finally forming the Super Saiyan BLUE. Power and speed surpass the god of Super Saiyan.

Nine, Free Extreme Power (Super Saiyan Silver Goku)


Free heart

1. Source: Dragon Ball Super

2. People involved: Wukong

3. Features

The hair color will show silver lines when it is not fully grasped, and the eyeballs will turn silver. At this time, Wukong’s attack actions have not reached the level of freedom and extreme intention; after fully grasping, the hair color will be completely silver, and the speed and power will be compared to when it is not fully grasped To further improve, the body’s offensive and defensive actions have been freed from the shackles and reached the level of freedom.

4. Strength and weakness

Intensity 1: Extremely Yi·Zhang of the body wins the hand (ZhuZi Yi·Zhao)

This transformation is much stronger than Monkey King’s BLUE+20 times Realm King Fist. Since the defense has entered this form, Monkey King can fight Jilian fiercely without losing the wind (without using his full strength) after his first transformation.

After the second transformation, he easily defeated Kevlar, the combined warrior of the sixth universe. Gillian, who used his full punch in the third transformation, felt pain for the first time. However, due to the pause in the conversion attack, he could not gain an advantage in the subsequent duel with Gillian.

Intensity 2: Ji Yi (Perfect Ji Yi)

When Sun Wukong was immersed in the fierce battle with Jilian, his offensive and defensive conditions were in the best state, and he evolved to this form. The power of this transformation is unprecedented. After Wukong completed the transformation, he immediately gained an overwhelming advantage in the previous downfall duel. Although the mighty Gillian tried his best, he was still defeated in a head-on confrontation with Wukong.

Weaknesses: Severe load. When the user’s body reaches its limit, it will disengage in a twitch and become unconscious for a while. But later in the Manga Mo Luo chapter, Wukong has completely mastered the Free Ji Yi Kung, and the Free Ji Yi Kung no longer exerts a violent load on the body, but is more stable and lasting.

Supplement: Super Saiyan Blue (full name “Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan”)


Vegeta’s form under the training of Weiss. The multiple of this form is unknown. It is changed again on the basis of Super Saiyan. Hair style is similar to Super One. Hair color, eyebrow color and pupils become fluorescent blue, and Qi also becomes sky blue.

It possesses the power of Super Saiyan God. . Super BLUE in the comics needs to consume a lot of Qi. Although animation is not light, it consumes much less Qi than comics, but the increase in the strength of animation BLUE is far less than that of comics.


【1】Super Saiyan God・Full power

TV has not yet appeared, only appeared in comics

Vegeta used the method of blocking arrogance to successfully transform in the subsequent discussions with Birus.

Except for the venting arrogance, the appearance is no different from ordinary Super Saiyan Blue. Overcome the shortcomings of serious lack of energy, but will cause a strong load on the body.

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[2] The God of Super Saiyan, Ascension

Vegeta’s form after the burst of unwilling anger on the basis of the ultra-blue full power, the whole body’s arrogance turned into a burning flame, and the combat power was greatly improved. Unlike Wukong’s forcibly increasing energy state, Vegeta became this The form does not quickly pant, and can even communicate with people calmly. It can be seen that it is not a short-term overdraft in exchange for strength, and its strength has also been affirmed by Gillian.

[3] God of Super Saiyan・Evolution (also known as dark blue)


When fighting abandoning faith in justice and using Destroyer Form, Vegeta bet on dignity to break through the limit form. Her hair, eyebrows and pupils are dark blue.

After transforming, her muscles expand slightly, and the rising particles in her arrogance become more intense. Larger is brighter, some will become cross-star shape and explode like fireworks.

Piccolo’s evaluation of the power of this form is unfathomable, and the great priest also confirmed that the power of this form is far greater than the previous Super Saiyan Blue, and the strength is far stronger than the ordinary Super Blue state.

Goku all forms and Transformation

Source: YouTube

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