How To Bend PVC Pipe? Easy PVC Pipe Bending Tools

How to bend PVC pipe? It’s not always easy to bend a PVC tube without breaking it. However, a few precautions are enough to avoid the worst. With a vice and a hair dryer (or better a heat gun) you will limit the damage. 

Start by wedging your PVC pipe in the vice without forcing too much, then heat the tube with the hair dryer and you will just have to twist the softened tube as you see fit.

How to Bend PVC Pipe 90 degrees /90 ° 

how to bend pvc pipe

The PVC pipes are widely used in plumbing, especially when it comes to the disposal of domestic wastewater. By their lightness and practical use, they have even managed to dethrone lead.

On the market, there is a wide range of tubes with different dimensions, but it is sometimes necessary to bend a PVC pipe to better adapt it to very specific needs.

Bending PVC pipe can be a tricky task to perform as the pipe is inherently breakable so care should be taken when bending it.

But do not worry, if you follow the instructions below, you will be able to bend the pipe at 90 ° without risk of breakage and with ease. Let’s go!

The technique used to bend a PVC pipe at 90 ° is the same as that applied for steel or copper pipes.

Thus, we will only need four elements: a PVC tube, a vice , sand and a hand gun.

How to do, know about bending a PVC pipe at 90 degrees?

how to bend pvc pipe

We start by plugging one of the ends of the PVC tube that we want to bend with the tape before wedging it in the vice to better fix it. Then, if you don’t have a container, you can get it by simply cutting a water bottle in half.

Then, we will fill the tube with sand using the container. Once filling is complete, the container is removed. At this point, make sure that the sand is well packed before closing the still open end of the PVC tube.]

The 2nd step consists of the actual bending. To succeed in this operation, this trick must be applied: the larger the heating surface, the better the results will be.

Indeed, if the heating surface is short or if you make the bending near the vice, you risk having blowholes. While keeping this little advice in mind, we start to heat a large area of ​​the PVC pipe using a heat gun which should be set at 400 ° C.

The operation will take a few minutes until the tube becomes soft. At this point, we will bend it gently until we reach the desired angle.

Once 90 ° is reached, the tube is cooled using water and the tube is subsequently emptied of sand. And There you go ! Your PVC tube is ready for use.

If you have finished but you feel that your tube needs to be tighter at an angle: no problem!

You can still reheat it as long as the sand is still piled up in the tube.

You must always keep in mind simple tips to succeed in this job: make sure that the sand is well piled up, heat the tube to the right temperature using a high-performance gun and finally you have to work on a sufficient surface. large.

What is Heat Gun & Heat Gun price ?

heat gun

It may look like futuristic type of weapon but a heat gun is actually a good & power tool that looks like a hair dryer on steroids.

Heat guns are very useful for all types of home repairs,from softening old paint or putty for removal to tubing & shrink films, & sometimes (with the right attachment) they are even used for welding.

Heat guns are also a great tool for removing all types of adhesives.The price range is around $ 40 to $ 200, making them pretty affordable tools.

The big advantages of heat guns tool over other heat producing tools is that they are flame-less.

While the flames can damage the surface you’re trying to heat & even cause fire,hot air from a heat gun is a safer heat source for your home improvement projects.many heat guns allow you to adjust the temperature.

Lets see how a heat gun helps to bend a PVC pipe?How can you use heat gun to bend pvc pipe?

Source: YouTube

How to choose heat gun?

The choice of a gun is generally determined by three criteria: power, temperature and protection system. A good stripper that is suitable for multiple uses should have a motor with a power of 1800w or more.

It must also offer a fairly wide temperature range that starts with 50 ° and can reach more than 500 °. Finally, the gun must be fitted with a protection system against overheating in order to guarantee safe use.

Uses of the heat gun

The first use of a heat gun is surface stripping (as the name suggests). It allows to take off the layers of paint or varnish. It is possible to use it for other uses, such as:

  • weld plastic pieces together;
  • reheat frozen pipes;
  • dry freshly painted surfaces;
  • loosen nuts or screws;
  • heat pieces of wood before gluing them together;
  • desoldering printed circuits.

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