5 Tips to Bend Rebar with the Help of Rebar Bendar

How to bend rebar? At first lets know about “rebar processing”.I think many people have heard the word “rebar processing”.

Explanation of rebar processing

Reinforcing bar processing is a technology that is widely used in various fields around us, such as the construction of large buildings such as buildings and condominiums, as well as the foundations of houses, highways, and bridges.

This time, we will introduce what rebars are and the types of rebars under the theme of such rebar processing. 

In addition, we will explain in detail cutting and bending, which are typical processing methods in rebar processing, together with the machines used. 

If you would like to deepen your knowledge about rebar processing or have trouble with rebar processing, please read this.

What is rebar processing?

“Reinforcing bar processing” is one of the indispensable technologies in the modern construction field. Regarding such rebar processing, I will explain what rebar is and the types of rebar.

What is a reinforcing bar?

Reinforcing bars are officially called steel bars for reinforced concrete, and are one of the structural materials of buildings, and generally refer to steel materials used to reinforce buildings such as concrete. 

Therefore, although it is not seen in the completed building, it plays a very important role in supporting the building in the invisible part.

Also, many of you may have heard the term reinforced concrete, but as the name suggests, this refers to the structure of a building made by combining concrete and reinforced concrete, and RC construction (Reinforced Concrete).

Also called concrete). Reinforced concrete construction is used in many buildings because it has excellent fire resistance and sound insulation as well as durability.

Concrete has excellent compressive strength, but inferior tensile strength. 

On the other hand, since reinforcing bars have the property of having excellent tensile strength, the purpose is to make up for these weaknesses of concrete by inserting reinforcing bars inside the concrete.

Reinforcing bar type

Next, let’s look at the types of reinforcing bars. There are mainly two types of reinforcing bars,you can read them below.

  1. Round steel
  2. Deformed steel bars

How to Bend the rebar?

how to bend rebar

Do not heat the rebar to bend it. Whether heated rebar can help individuals bend them is the subject of significant debate. 

Some experts and experienced metallurgists argue that heated rebar is suitable and can help people bend it effectively. 

Others point to the dangers and consequences of heating steel, saying it is not general good practice to change the shape of a piece of rebar. 

In fact, you can bend it by placing the reinforcing bar on a flat surface such as a paved road, stepping on it with your foot, holding it with your hand, and pulling it up.

It is unexpectedly soft and can be bent manually.

However, in that case, the radius of bending (R) becomes too large and it is not actually usable, so a tool is still necessary.

That of a tool for bending the vendor is called, but because simple vendors are sold in home improvement, you can with this.

However, something like an image has a short handle and cannot be bent by itself without a considerable amount of force.
Usually, a long and sturdy pipe is used by inserting it into the handle.

I bought a 1m steel water pipe. With this, the principle of leverage works and it can be bent easily.

How to use a Rebar Bender

how to bend rebar

Rebar is essential to modern construction. It is literally the skeletal system of our concrete world. 

These carbon steel bars provide concrete with its incredible flexibility and durability. Preparing rebar is a matter of human dexterity responding to the brutal force of a rebar bending machine. 

Most rebar machines employ a rotating hydraulic piston that can bend rebar of various sizes well beyond 130 degrees. The key to using a rebar bender is timing and practice.


  1. Select the angle of your elbow. There should be a selector knob on the side of the machine allowing you to adjust the angle of the elbow.
  2. Place your rebar in the bending channel. For most rebar benders, this is the protruding slot in the center of the machine.
  3. Note the placement of your hands. Do not close your handle at each end of the rebar. Instead, hold it in place with a C-shaped hand, keeping your fingers tight. This allows you to quickly disengage your hand from the rebar should something be running wrong.
  4. Activate the rebar bender using the foot pedal. All hydraulic rebar benders are equipped with foot pedals for safety.
  5. As the piston bends the rebar, let go of the part being bent. The piston might bend the rebars on your fingers if you don’t let go. This is crucial to remember.

Tips and Warnings

Never use a rebar machine if you are tired or drunk.

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