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How to block emails on yahoo? If you receive annoying emails to your Yahoo! Mail account, you can block the senders. Using Yahoo! Mail, you can block up to 500 email senders. When an email address is added to the blocked list, it is automatically removed. 

The sender is not aware that he is being placed on a blocked list, and you don’t have to worry about his emails leaving it to the Inbox folder.

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1 Open a web browser and access the Yahoo! Mail. Use your Yahoo! ID and password to log into your account.

2 Click “Options” and select “More options” from the drop-down menu.

3 Click “Spam” to view options for blocking email from specific senders.

4 Enter the email address you want to block in the blocked email addresses section. Click “Add” to block the email address. Click “Save Changes” to finalize your changes.

Yahoo is another of the world’s leading email providers. It offers both a webmail app and a smartphone.

If you see an email from a specific sender and you don’t want to see it, Yahoo! Provides an easy way to stop them and never see another message from these senders again. In fact, Yahoo! Mail can block all mail from up to 500 email addresses. All messages from these senders will be automatically deleted before you see it.

Blocking unwanted senders will not block spam

Block emails on yahoo: Still, don’t let the large number of block-able addresses trick you into thinking that you can use this method to deal with spam . Spammers can usually use a new address (or domain name) for every spam they send.

Conversely, use the blocked sender list of personal senders that you do not want to receive, but cannot be easily stopped. It is not necessary for Yahoo to manually delete every new mail in each of these addresses. Mail can do the cleaning for you.

Instructions for blocking emails from specific senders in Yahoo!

Owning Yahoo! Mail automatically deletes all mail from a specific address:

  1. Hover the mouse cursor over the settings gear icon or click the device.
  2. Choose Settings from the menu that appears .
  3. Go to the blocked address category.
  4. In the Add type of unwanted email at the address address .
  5. Click Block .
  6. Click save .

Instructions for blocking emails from specific senders in Yahoo!


Add an email address to Yahoo! Blocked Senders list in Mail Basic :

  1. Make sure to select the option Yahoo! at the top, the name of your account next to the drop-down menu in the classic mail navigation bar.
  2. Click to start.
  3. Open the ” Blocked Addresses” category (under ” Advanced Options” ).
  4. In the Add Address Enter the email you want to prevent the next address .
  5. Click + .

Can I block senders from Yahoo!? Mail Mobile or Yahoo! Mail app?

No, you can block unwanted email addresses only in the desktop version of Yahoo! mail. Try to open the desktop (not phone) version on the phone.

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