How to Buy a Domain Name for a Better Ranking?

Domain Registration Guide: how to buy a domain name? How to Register a Domain Name for Your Website? In this article learn how to buy domain name with simple easy steps.

Why you should buy a domain?

A website today acts as a “digital business card” or point of contact for customers. So it has become almost necessary to get one Social media pages also provide a great platform for presenting themselves online, but are automatically linked to third-party providers and their terms.

Having your own website gives you a lot of design potential However, for users to find and access your web project, you need an attractive address, also known as a domain name, that matches your department, person, business, or product.

How to buy a domain name?

How to buy a domain name or how to register a domain name? buying domain names is easy if you know the process.There are are many platforms to buy a domain name like: GoDaddy, Namecheap, Hostinger, and more.

But in this article we take an example of GoDaddy that How to Buy a Domain Name from GoDaddy? What you should know before buy a domain name?

What you need to know before buy a domain name?

The very first step in creating your website is obviously to choose and buy your domain name so that your visitors can access your site easily. But you may be wondering what it is exactly, on what criteria to choose it and how to acquire it?

Whether you are an individual or an organization, take the time to choose your domain name well before its creation.

Because it will represent you on the internet. Surname, company name or association of keywords, a domain name is necessarily meaningful and will help to highlight an idea or an identity.

Choose an accredited domain name registrar

Since 1998, ICANN ( Internet Corportation for Assigned Names and Numbers) has been responsible for the allocation of all available domain extensions.

The organization manages all TLDs as well as the new extensions and selling registration fees to registries, which in turn work with the registrars of domain names (also known as the names of suppliers domain).

So, if you want to get a suitable address for your website, the first step is to choose the right registrar. In doing so, you not only need to pay attention to the costs , but also ensure that the desired top-level domain is available . It is important to choose a reliable supplier .

Otherwise, you run the risk that the purchased domain will not be registered correctly or not be available at all in reality.

How to find the domain? Check availability for your domain

How to find the domain? Once you have one or, ideally, several options in mind for your website domain name, it’s time to check availability of your domain name. Almost all of the major domain providers offer a domain verification tool .

how to buy a domain name

For example in GoDaddy, all you have to do is enter the desired domain name in the tool’s search bar, then Click search.

You quickly obtain the result of the check : if the domain name is still free, the tool confirms its availability. Otherwise, the Domain Check informs you that the domain you want has already been taken or registered.

How to choose a domain name?

The domain name is a key part of your identity. Well chosen, it will help to promote your project or business. domain name plays a huge role in the success of your online presence.

An eye-catching and relevant association of extension (top-level domain) and domain name (second-level domain) is important.

Thus, visitors not only find your site through links, but also through simple Internet searches . In addition, search engines like Google take the domain name into account in the ranking of search results. That’s why a suitable name can certainly help you get a better ranking.

  • Find the right domain name.
  • Make it short and memorable;
  • Buy a top level domain like: (.com, .in, .Net)
  • Check the readability of your character string. A dash or an accent can improve readability.
  • Evaluate the interest of putting keywords there to provide useful information to your audiences on your activity or location, for example;
  • Test several proposals with those around you to choose the one that best suits your project;
  • Depending on your project, consider registering a few spelling variations to avoid any typing errors or to prevent someone else from registering a domain name that is too close to yours.

How to buy a domain name from Godaddy?

To buy a domain name from Godaddy, all you need to follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Search Godaddy on your browser.
  • Step 2: Go to
how to buy a domain name

You will reach to this page.

Or if you are a new user simple create an account on Godaddy.

how to buy a domain name

After that search for a domain in the search bar that you want to buy. for example i search for a domain name (extention “.com”) that is “newdomain”.

how to buy a domain name

As you can see here, this domain with .com extention is taken by someone. means you have to choose another domain or another extention to buy. Let i choose ““. to buy you have to click on 2nd arrow.

In this cart section you have to choose some plan for your domain which is so simple. like for how many year you want to perches like 1, 2, 3 years? also you can renew it before expire, no need to worry about.

After all set click “continue to cart” for further process. Now you will see this page below.

how to buy a domain name

You can see here this extention change from (.in) to (.me). because while editing previous domain (.in) was taken by someone 🙂 , so i couldn’t go further to show you the method to buy. that’s why i choose another extention.

Okay, Now if you have any promo code for discount, you can apply. or you can chat with Godaddy in right side corner for a promo code if available. then simply click “i am ready to pay“.

On the next page you have to fill your address and pay for your domain, that’s it. you successfully register a domain name. for any doubt you can always chat with Godaddy support team.

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