How to Change IP Address Easily On Android, iPhone & Computer?

What is an IP address?

Before we know how to change IP address, lets know what is IP Address? The IP address follows a 32-bit digital format. It is basically an identity that a device receives when it connects to the Internet. The same ID is used on the network to communicate between devices on a network.

In fact, the website addresses that you can easily remember are actually based on IP addresses. IPv4 (Internet Protocol version 4) is currently the most popular IP format in the world. 

However, in the coming years, IPv6 will become the common IP format in the world, which uses the 128-bit digital system.

Why do you want to change your IP address? 

Whether you use a VPN on Mac , Windows, iOS or Android, it will be done very simply but we will first see what the reasons are before giving you the explanation.

Many people want to hide or change their IP address while browsing the internet. This can be linked to several objectives:

>> When the latter is banned from certain websites. Leboncoin can often block users who post a lot of ads to force them to switch to a pro account. By changing the IP address, the problem is resolved automatically.

>> When you are abroad, if you want to bypass the geo-restriction, you will also need to mask your real IP address. Thus, you will be able to watch TF1, France 2, M6, BeIN Sport, Netflix,… as if you were in France.

>> For gamers who like to multi-account certain games, this can also be a very good solution.

>> To unblock certain limits on certain sites. Often, services are free up to a certain limit and then require you to pay. Changing your IP address then allows you to bypass this blocking and appear as a “new user” who has never visited the site and thus benefit from the free advantages.

Change location

The easiest and easiest way to change your IP address is to change your location. When you connect to the Internet at your workplace, you are assigned a different IP address than your home. 

In addition, any place that has a WiFi network will provide you with a different IP address. You just need to go to your local café equipped with Wifi to register with a different IP address.

Change network to obtain a different IP address

It may sound obvious and similar to the first solution, but you can get a different IP address by disconnecting from the network you are currently connected to and connecting to a different network. 

You can switch to another wifi network, for example, or switch from wifi to a mobile data connection if you are on a smartphone. The advantage is that this solution does not require you to physically move to another location. You just need to have different networks.

Remember that public and open wifi hotspots are often prime hunting grounds for hackers. Try to stick with a wifi network that requires a password and is encrypted with WPA2.

Unplug or reset your modem

Another way to change your IP address is to reset your modem yourself. Unplug your modem and wait at least 30 seconds to a minute before plugging it back in to make sure it will reset completely. 

Your modem will then register with a different IP address once you plug it back in and restart, some adjustments may be needed to clear your computer settings as well.

In this case, you release your existing IP address so that your ISP can recycle it. When you reconnect, your ISP assigns you a new IP address. However, this method is not guaranteed to work because your ISP may give you the same IP address again. 

However, the longer you leave your modem unplugged, the more likely it is that your IP address will change. If unplugging your modem for a few minutes isn’t enough, consider leaving it unplugged overnight.For this to work, your ISP must use dynamic IP addresses. Most of them do.

Contact your ISP to change your IP address.

Another option is to ask your Internet service provider for a new IP address. Each ISP has different policies on how they handle these requests, so responses may vary. At a minimum, you must have your account information and your current IP address.

Most ISPs use dynamic IP address systems, which means IP addresses change occasionally and are recycled as devices connect and disconnect from the internet. Note that your new IP address may not stay the same forever.

In some cases, you can request a static IP address from your ISP, but this may require paying an additional fee and / or going through a request process. 

Once you have obtained a static IP address, you can enter it in your device’s network settings. Static IP addresses never change unless you change them manually.

How to Change IP address on Android?

It is also possible to change the IP of your Android device to static IP on your network. To do that :

1. Open the “Settings” menu for Android and select “Wi-Fi”. Long press on the active home Wi-Fi network and select “Edit network”.
2. Click on the “Advanced” option and in the drop-down list settings, change “DHCP” to “Static”.
3. Scroll down and enter static IP parameters in the “IP” field.

How to Change IP address on iPhone / iOS?

You can also change the IP address on a mobile device such as iPhone by following the steps below:

1. Open the “Settings” application and select the “Wi-Fi” option.
2. Click on the little “i” next to the network in question and open the “Configure IP” option.
3. Select “Manual” from the list of options. Manually enter network details like your own IP address, DNS information, etc.

Note: Choosing a specific local IP address does not significantly affect network performance.

How to Change IP address of a router?

To change the IP address of a router, you must log in to the router as an administrator. Once there you can change your IP address to whatever you want. But be aware that this IP address will hardly change, unless there is already a problem. In most cases, a default IP address is sufficient.

How to Change IP address of a computer?

There are many ways to change a client’s IP address, for example an IP address assigned to a computer. One method is to release and renew the DHCP IP address through the “ipconfig / release” and “ipconfig / renew” commands in the command prompt.

Another way to change a static IP address is to find out where the address is assigned from. If the router owns or keeps this address, you must make the change from the router. The steps are different for each make and model.

However, if the IP address of the Windows computer is statically configured, you can change the IP address as follows:

1. Open “Network and Sharing Center” from “Control Panel”.

2. Choose “Change Adapter Settings” on the left side of the screen.

3. Double-click on the connection in question and select “Properties” from the pop-up window.

4. Double-click the IPv4 item from the list.

5. Change the IP address from the “General” tab or select “Obtain an IP address automatically” and let the router control the IP address.

6. If you exit the setup to automatically obtain an IP address, your router will automatically assign an IP address to your computer. However, when you enter the IP address information, your computer’s IP address will remain static.

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