How to Change Name On Facebook and add Facebook New Name?

How to change name on Facebook?

If you are using Facebook and your last Facebook username has changed due to marriage, or if you have to change your Facebook name to Facebook new name for some reason, we will show you how to do it?

When you can’t change Facebook Name?

The registration and change of the Facebook name on Facebook may have been a little loose recently, but in some cases it may not be possible to change the Facebook username, and if the following items such as name policy violations apply, it cannot be changed. Is necessary.

  • Facebook name Cannot be changed for 60 days after change
  • I change my Facebook name frequently.
  • Uses symbols, numbers, unwanted uppercase letters, repeating letters, punctuation, and multiple character types
  • Writing titles such as “President” (professional, religious, etc.)
  • Words and phrases that replace names, such as “haha”
  • All sorts of unpleasant or explicit words
  • You are asked to confirm the registered Facebook name, or the registered Facebook name is different from the confirmation document.

If you can’t change it, or if it’s a hassle to change, you can delete the account and create a new one.

How to change your name on Facebook on smartphone?

How to edit name on Facebook? First of all, the setting method with the smartphone app, but the basic flow is the same between iPhone and Android, although there is a difference in whether the menu display is at the top or bottom, here we will explain using the iPhone screen.

How to change fb name?

To change facebook name – Tap the submenu at the bottom of the screen, go to the settings screen, scroll the screen, then tap Settings & Privacy .

facebook name
facebook new name
facebook new name

When the menu opens , tap Settings .

facebook new name
facebook new name

Here you can see the details, how to change your Facebook name.

How to Change Name On Facebook and add Facebook New Name?

Additional Facebook information

Facebook username

The username usually changes your Facebook name, such as myworld.stuffs33 or myworldstuffs33. You can create your own username or choose a username suggested by Facebook.

You can use your Facebook username for the following purposes:

  • Create a custom link to your profile (e.g. so that you can share the link with your friends or post to an external website.
  • View information about users on Facebook For example, if your username is myworldstuffs33, your friends can go to “” to view your profile and all public information.

Facebook User ID

User ID is a number that cannot directly identify you, but is associated with your Facebook profile. Whether you choose to create a user name or not, you will automatically get a set of user IDs. How to learnQuery user ID

Facebook User ID can be used for:

  • Let people with your user ID see your profile, including all public information. Learn how to adjust what users see in your profile.
  • Help other apps connect with your Facebook account to provide a personalized experience. Once apps are allowed to link to your Facebook account, they can use your user ID to view public information, such as your public profile and friend list.
  • When encountering an application or game problem, the user ID can help developers investigate the problem to truly understand and solve your problem.

To register for Instagram or FB with your mobile phone, you need to connect to the VPN on your hand, then enter the registration page, fill in the information according to the prompts.

Fill in the information, choose the email or mobile phone to verify, receive the verification, after success, you can log in to Facebook, Instagram!

Send Private Message On Facebook: But How ?

How to set up a VPN on an Android phone?

Open settings—VPN—type select PPTP

Type Pisces IP Converter

Fill in the server address:

Account: 320vpn Password: 320vpn

Edit save point connection

After success, there will be a small VPN logo in the notification bar of the phone, which means it is connected.

How to set and modify the short URL of Facebook personal & fan page? 

The latest in 2021, Facebook has set up exclusive URLs for individuals and fans for teaching. 

The “username” of Facebook is to set up a personal or fan page Facebook exclusive URL address, so that friends can enter your dynamic times or personal profile page as long as they.

The short URL can be changed again at any time after it is set. Whether it is a personal account or a fan page, you can customize a public link to make it easier for friends or customers to find you.

Facebook URL setting – Personal Facebook account

Private Facebook account to enter general personal profile settings, or click on my Facebook to set personal URL , quickly enter the FB settings page, select the personal “username” to be modified, the URL is unique, so if someone else has already used it , You can only take another name.

  • “Check availability” confirms that no one has used the short URL before it can be successfully changed.

How to change Facebook page name?

  • Facebook fan page: You must go to the FB fan page “More” → “About” as an administrator.
  • “Edit fan page information”.
  • Enter the user name, which is the exclusive website of the fan. Creating a unique user name will make it easier for users to find your fan page. Fan pages with user names can also be customized with exclusive URLs, so that others can quickly browse and send messages to the page.
  • After the setting is completed, you can modify it later. ※If it is a new fan page, it may not be able to create a URL immediately.

Get your own Facebook New Name

Personalize your Facebook URL so your friends can find you

Facebook encourages its users to use Facebook usernames to personalize their Facebook profile addresses. A Facebook username makes it easier for people to find you on Facebook. 

Your Facebook username is not just another number, but creates a unique and identifiable identifier for you so that your friends can easily enter it in the address bar of the browser.

Facebook has always wanted people to use their real names in their accounts so that their friends can find them and contact them more easily. 

In the past, in your profile address, your friends only needed to enter a lengthy number to view your profile. Facebook users quickly realized that accounts with usernames are easier to remember and find.

How to personalize your Facebook Name

If your Facebook username is currently a string of unrecognizable numbers and special characters, please change your account username to a recognizable name (such as your name) for personalization. That’s it:

  1. Open your Facebook account.
  2. Click the arrow in the upper right corner of any Facebook page and select Settings from the drop-down menu .
  3. Click on the Facebook username .
  4. Enter your Facebook new name and password of your current Facebook.
  5. Click Save changes .

Facebook new name guide

Usernames must follow certain guidelines. Including:

  • The length of the Facebook new name is at least 5 characters.
  • Special characters are not allowed in the user name. Any mixture of letters a to z, numbers 0 to 9 and periods is acceptable. Both uppercase and lowercase letters are acceptable, but cannot be used to distinguish between two accounts in the URL. John.Smith and john.smith are considered the same Facebook username.
  • Facebook noticed that your username should include your real name.
  • You can only use one Facebook username as your personal account.

If you have a relatively common name, your preferred username may not be available because other people are using it. In this case, please modify it, usually adding a short number after your name, such as YourName09 .

If you don’t have a Facebook account, please use the registration screen and enter your information, including your name. Facebook will generate a personalized URL for you.

Examples of Facebook usernames

  • The early format of Facebook is as follows:
  • The new profile with Facebook username is as follows:

Why use Facebook Name?

  • It’s best to send a URL that contains your Facebook Name. Use the new Facebook URL to send an email and send all friends’ text messages.
  • If you have a Facebook username in your Facebook URL (if you allow it in your privacy settings), then your Facebook URL is more likely to appear in search engines .
  • The Facebook Name provides you with a personal space where you can send your friends. From there you can send text messages and make voice and video calls.
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