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Smartphones have become an indispensable daily necessities for modern people, whether in bathrooms, kitchens, desks, home sofas and beds. The surface frequently touched by the mobile phone also causes the growth and accumulation of bacteria on the mobile phone. During the epidemic, we must pay more attention to personal hygiene. How to clean and disinfect all kinds of mobile phones ?

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As the coronavirus epidemic continues to spread around the world, keeping smartphones clean is essential

As the coronavirus epidemic continues to spread around the world, keep your smartphones clean essential.

The phone is dirty than the toilet

In 2009, after studying the bacteria attached to personal calling devices, researchers said that because mobile phones touched people’s faces, ears, lips, and hands, it became a storage place for pathogens.

A study by the University of Arizona found that a typical employee desk is usually the base of a smartphone, working about 40 hours a week, and the number of bacteria per square inch is hundreds of times higher than that of an office toilet seat.

Other studies have found pathogens on smartphones, such as Streptococcus, MRSA (a bacteria resistant to many antibiotics), and even E. coli.

Charles Gerba, a professor of microbiology at the University of Arizona, told USA Today: “From ATM machines to self-checkout counters, we have more surfaces than any time in history.” “So you have been using Touch the bacteria with your hands and fingers, contaminate them (bacteria) on the phone, and then bring the phone close to your nose, mouth or eyes.”

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“USA Today” report, think about all the surfaces you touch throughout the day, from subway poles and light switches to remote controls to bathroom doors. All the bacteria collected in daily activities, if you do not clean it in time, these bacteria will eventually fall on the phone.

Susan Whittier, director of clinical microbiology at the New York Presbyterian Church and Columbia University Medical Center, said that if droplets are splashed on your phone when you cough, some viruses can survive on the surface of the phone for several hours and then spread to other people.

Manufacturer’s Recommendation

So how to clean your phone effectively?

Apple recommends not to use liquids or disinfection on devices such as iPhones agent. Instead, the iPhone manufacturer will provide a detailed list of how to clean the phone based on the model the user has. Motorola recommends that users wipe the phone with a microfiber cloth dampened with a little water.

As for Google’s Pixel phones, the company said it can be cleaned with household soap when necessary.

You can also safely clean your phone equipment in other ways, depending on the type of phone. Materials that may be needed include: Microfiber cloth, Isopropyl rubbing alcohol, water, cotton swabs, cleaning gloves, etc.

Waterproof & Water Resistant mobile phone cleaning

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Professor Gerba of microbiology said that you can pour disinfectant alcohol or rubbing alcohol (Rubbing Alcohol) and distilled water into a spray bottle to make your own cleaning solution. Use this kind of alcohol to disinfect the mobile phone, the alcohol can quickly evaporate.

Use a spray bottle to spray the outside of the phone, and then wipe it clean with a cotton swab.

Wear gloves or wash your hands before cleaning.

Cleaning of non-waterproof mobile phones

When wiping non-waterproof mobile phones, you must be extra careful.

Lysol advertises that its wet wipes “can be safely used in electronic products, including smartphone, tablets and remote controls.” Therefore, you can use the company’s products carefully to wipe the screen and back of the phone.

Cleaning of all smartphone

If you are worried that using a disinfectant to clean your phone may harm your phone, please consider using options such as “Phone-soap”.

This is a relatively simple device using UV-C lights, because the company promises to kill 99.99% of the bacteria on the phone within 10 minutes while charging your device.

It costs about $60 and can be purchased from Amazon. Staying in Phone-soap for 10 minutes can not only clean the phone, but also charge it.

Users can also use only standard microfiber cloth, such as the cloth that comes with some smart phones.

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How often does it take to clean?

Finally, how often do you clean your phone? Geba said that it is best to disinfect mobile phones every day, and he cleans them twice a day.


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