How to Earn Money Online without Investment?

How to earn money online from home without investment? How to earn money online without investment for students? how to earn money without investment? How to earn money daily online without investment?

If you are looking for these answers then read complete article and you can also share our article with your friends for passive income ideas.

How to earn money online without investment? Who doesn’t want to earn money? Nowadays everyone needs money, whether it is to run the house or to fulfill their dreams. If someone works for this, then someone wants to know how to earn online. So that by working from home, one can earn a lot of money every month.

To earn money online, some investment is necessary. But today we will know – how to earn money online without investment? We will know 11 best ways that how we can earn money online without investment.

how to earn money online without investment

How to earn money online without investment?

Making money online brings you various opportunities for additional income / Passive income that you can do in your free time sitting at home at the computer. in this page I want to touch on a rather relevant and topical topic of making money on the Internet.

There are only few ways to make money online , but not all of them are perfect and not all of them will be equally useful and effective. i will tell you the 10 best ways to earn money online without investment but You will have to work hard, and the main thing here is to choose something for yourself that would not tire you too much.

How to earn money online without investment?

Read 11 best ways to earn money online without investment ideas.

1.Earn money online with social networks

Most modern Internet users have accounts in social networks. And even if they are not there, it will not be so difficult to get them and make them “live” (fill in with photos and posts).

The tasks here are very simple – subscribe, like, leave a comment, watch a video, join a group, etc. Everything is very, very simple. They pay a little for each action, but you can complete it quickly and proceed immediately to the next one. And in order for the “conveyor” not to stop, register on all such services and there will always be work.


There are more social platform to earn money online without investment but these 3 are much popular than other’s.You can grow your audience and monetize your photos, videos & contents.

2.Earn money online on solving captcha

You have probably come across such a thing as a captcha. This is a set of characters (in the form of a picture) that you need to enter in the confirmation field when registering or entering any service or site. By doing so, you confirm that you are not a bot. How tired of all of us! But, what is remarkable, you can earn money online on it.

For example, webmasters and SEO specialists are ready to pay for solving captchas, but they do it not directly, but through services specially created for this business. If you are ready for monotonous, but simple work – go ahead!

3.Earn money on paid surveys

Many companies need to know the opinion of potential buyers and customers in order to properly form their product range. Other market players also need similar studies and they are ready to pay for it. And this is the main thing for us.

It will not be possible to work directly with large companies, but we do not need this, because there are dozens of services (questionnaires) that pay for taking surveys. And it’s great that there are a lot of them, because it will allow you to receive offers to take surveys on a regular basis, which means stabilizing your earnings .

Immediately make a reservation that there are some tricks in this matter. You will need to complete your profile very carefully on each of the questionnaires below. But How should I put it? You don’t have to be completely outspoken. You can slightly overestimate your ability to pay and other important factors. 

Unfortunately, due to the “compromising war” it is very difficult to understand from the reviews left on the network how honest they were (by the way, one of the ways to earn money online given in this article is writing reviews for money). Therefore, to find something worthwhile is often possible only through their own trial and error.

Best Paid Survey Services sites:

Branded SurveysSwagbucksInboxPounds
OnePolli-Say (IPSOS)PrizeRebel
MarketagentValued OpinionsPopulusLive
Triaba PanelPinecone ResearchOpinion Outpost
Mingle SurveysPanelBaseMaru Voice
Opinion BureauThe OpinionPanel CommunityNew Vista Live
Panel OpinionHivingProlific Academic

4.Earn money online on file hosting

The meaning is quite simple. There are sites that make money by showing ads to those who come to download some file from them. The more such files and the more people who want to download them, the greater the income of the service (they are called file hosting). So they need those who will fill in the files. Those. we are with you.

The trick here is to upload a file that is very useful and interesting to a certain audience, and then start promoting a link to it (on your website, in social networks, etc.). 

The more downloads there are (the more ads on the file hosting service are unscrewed), the more you will earn in the end. Yes, your income will also depend on the country where the download file came from – Europe and the USA are the best options in this regard, but it is not so easy to attract them.

File Mix It’s nice that the interface of this file hosting service is made in Russian.
Vex FileBy default, this file hosting service has an English-language interface, but it will be possible to Russify it after registration (from the settings). 
For one download, they pay at least $ 0.1, which is quite good. 
The lower threshold for input is low, which is also very pleasing.
Cpinap It is also a bourgeois file sharing service. Download payouts are higher, but payment terms are substantially more stringent.

5.Write articles to make money online

Journalism is a fantastic career path for those who love to write, and if you want to do it, we really recommend it. However, it’s important to realize that this is a highly competitive industry, and its challenges involve lots of low-paying jobs and unpaid internships for young writers just starting out.

But while it’s not always easy, being a student journalist can also make money.

While you don’t necessarily need to study journalism to start getting paid to write articles, you do need to be a strong writer with a keen eye for stories and a mastery of details.

To start building your writing profile, we recommend that you first contribute to your university’s student newspaper or magazine. Create a blog to showcase your interests and writing skills.

Once you have a solid portfolio, you can try to present ideas for these articles to commissioning editors. If they like your article ideas, they can hire you to freelance for them.

The amount you earn money online per article will depend on the length/style of the publication and length, but commissioned articles among the top papers may receive substantial compensation.

6.Earn money online by translating and writing

A great way to make money with language skills is to write translations. There will be plenty of businesses willing to pay you for freelance translation of text. Some languages ​​will give you more money than others. 

However, it’s worth taking a look at a site like Fiverr to see how much freelance translators tend to charge, depending on the language they speak.

7.Monetize your blog

As a blogger, transforming your website from a passionate project to a profitable business takes some time and effort, but the work pays off. Your website will work as your monetization, allowing you to earn some cash.

To earn money online without investment, Start from writing, affiliate marketing, advertising, sponsored text content, and more, and you can make a lot of small changes to your blog. you can create your free blog website.

8.Earn money online from images

If one of your hobbies (or talents) is photography, then you may well try to monetize it. There are special sites (photo stocks and photo banks) where you can sell photos (or get money for downloading them). The only condition is that the image must be unique (now it is very easy to check).

Yes, you can upload not only photos, but also graphic works (including vector ones), as well as videos (not everywhere). Well, you yourself will figure it out.

Best photobanks for Earning money:

ShutterstockDreamstimeAdobe Stock

9.Earn money online on comments

Many websites and social networks have the ability to leave comments. The presence of meaningful comments positively affects the ranking of sites in search engines, as well as the popularity of a page or channel in a social network. So, their owners have a desire to buy these comments.

There are several exchanges that specialize specifically in working with comments (where the customer gives a specific task that needs to be completed), and it is also possible to sell your services through freelance exchanges such as Quark or Workzilla.

Not much is paid for one comment (depends on its volume). But there will be a lot of orders, so revenues are easily scalable. Special copywriting skills are not required here – just follow the task and leave your comment.

Top comment exchanges :


10.Earn money online on Telegram

In addition to YouTube and Tik-Tok, there is the Telegram messenger that is gaining popularity (especially after problems with access to Facebook and WhatsApp at the end of 2021). In it, you can create your own channel, to which they will subscribe and read it (watch), and you can receive money for advertising publications .

Telegram, however, is not imprisoned for the promotion of channels (it does not promote them, like, say, YouTube or Tik-Tok). This is the main problem. You will have to promote the channel in some other way (links from your website, blog, publics in other social networks, mutual PR with other telegram channels).

But here a channel can earn very well even with a small (relative to other services) number of subscribers. In addition, far from all topics are covered and there are places where you can quickly unwind. On average, the cost of placement will be based on the calculation of 1 ruble per subscriber (at first it may be less, because you need to somehow attract advertisers).

How much you can earn on the Telegram channel : as I already mentioned, it depends on the number of subscribers. It makes sense to start monetization with about 1,000 subscribers, so one advertising publication will bring you at first from a few hundred to 1000 dollar. 

The more subscribers and advertisers, the higher the income. Many even small channels can get 5000 – 10,000 dollar a month.

11.Affiliate programs for the sale of goods and services

It is similar to dropshipping, but, in my opinion, more interesting. There are affiliate programs where you can sell goods from a very wide range, there are where they sell services (booking hotels, obtaining a credit card). 

As promotional materials , you can get a ready-made online store, a mobile application, landing pages, a product or service search form, and much more.

Just like with dropshipping, affiliate programs do not require the purchase and storage of goods, there is no logistics and there is no need to deliver.

I’m not saying that this is an ideal option, but compared to dropshipping, affiliate programs lack a number of significant drawbacks :

  1. Most affiliate programs offer you a ready-made store or website for selling their products or services. In any case, advertising banners or rotators you will receive.
  2. Order processing is also taken over by the supplier (i.e. you will not need to communicate with customers and accept complaints).
  3. Your sales margin is fixed and negotiated separately, and the product (service) itself is sold at the price of the supplier without any extra charge, which makes it more competitive.
  4. Working with an affiliate program, you do not need to track the quantity of goods in the supplier’s warehouse, the passage of payments and the change in the description of the goods. Everything happens automatically.

Those. An affiliate program is, in fact, the same Dropship, only easier (you just need to attract customers using permitted methods and make sure that the costs for this do not exceed the income).

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Earn Money Online FAQs

How can I earn real money online?

How to make real money online? You have to know where the money comes from. What are the things from which someone pays you? For example affiliate marketing – As a person joins affiliate program, then his job is to increase his sales by promoting the products.

So that person gets some money in the form of commission. Similarly, to earn real money, you have to understand these things first. Then you can earn real money online by joining any platform.

How can I make $100 a day on the Internet?

You can make more than $100 a day on the internet. There are many platform where you can start working to get paid likes – affiliate marketing, start a blog, content writing, blogging or join any freelancer websites etc.

How can I earn money online in free?

To earn money in free without any payment you can create your website on this is the free website where you can create your own website and apply for adsense add network. through which you can earn money online.

How can I earn fast money?

It is almost impossible to get money out of thin air. Working from 9 to 5 also requires you to spend a little money on the way to work. This is why you need a little money to get money. 

However, when considering what to do, please be cautious.

Before earn fast money, you must prevent yourself from spending more money and let your money run out, and insist on using reliable methods that have passed the test of time and cited by others.

Can I earn money online from Google?

Yes, you can definitely earn money online from google with the help of google adsense.

How can I earn money online from Google at home?

There are many platform through which you can earn money online from Google at home. such as: affiliate marketing, start a blog, content writing, blogging or join any freelancer websites.

How to earn money online with google for students?

Best way to earn money online with google for students – Become an online tutor or Content Writing. If you want to know more about, “How to earn money online with google for students?” and are looking for the best way for students to make money online, please continue reading our blog.

We discussed 15 Ways to Make Money Online for Students that helps you alot.

How to earn money online with google in india?

There are many platform through which you can earn money online with google in india. such as: affiliate marketing, start a blog, content writing, blogging or join any freelancer websites etc.

How to earn money online from google without investment?

There are only few ways to earn money online from google without investment, but not all of them are perfect and not all of them will be equally useful and effective.

I will tell you the best ways to earn money from google without investment but You will have to work hard, and the main thing here is to choose something for yourself that would not tire you too much.

Follow – earn money from google without investment Tips.

1.The best services for earning money in social networks:
2.Earnings on solving captcha
3.Making money on paid surveys
4.Write articles to earn money
5.Make money by translating and writing
6.Monetize your blog
7.Earn money from images
8.Making money on comments
9.Earnings on the channel in Telegram
10.Affiliate programs for the sale of goods and services

How to earn money online with google?

How to make money online from google? or How to earn money online? This question is popular now days. Because most of the people wants to work online and make money through it.

There are many ways to earn extra cash online through Google. The key is to know which approaches are right for you and your skills, and how to use them properly.

9 Best ways to make money online from Google in 2022:
1. Google Adsense
2. Use Google Opinion Rewards
3. Use search engine evaluators
4. Use Google Audience Measurement
5. Selling books on Google Play
6. Selling apps on Google Play
7. Make money online by opening a blog and promoting organic traffic
8. Make money online by building a YouTube channel
9. Make money online with Google Remote Careers

If you are interested to know more about earn money online with google then you can click the above link.


If you have not only read the article, but also tried some options for earn money online, you have already been able to make sure that all this is quite real and there is money on the network. 

Another thing is that this topic is very littered and instead of working tools they often try to slip us a scam. Therefore, be sure to be critical of everything that is being imposed on you (in advertising, on social networks).

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