How to hide chat on TikTok Live streaming?

How to hide chat on TikTok live streaming? Tik Tok Live Streaming is a great way for your channel to grow. You can organize real and interactive communication.

TikTok has been steadily gaining market share since 2019. This is actually the same format as Vine and Snapchat. Users can post 60 second videos that easily reach millions of people. It all comes down to the platform’s loyal algorithms.

Like all popular social networks, TikTok allows live streaming. This function isn’t implemented as usual. Only accounts with over 1000 subscribers can go on air.

Hide chat on TikTok Live

It is possible to broadcast live on Tik Tok to those who have yet to reach 1000 people. Also you can hide chat on tiktok live, scroll down to read how to hide chat on tiktok live.

TikTok Live Streams

TikTok’s audience is dominated by Generation. The age range of 13-23 years old. They are active and don’t care about boring static photos. Video content is much more appealing. The live broadcasts, which are happening right now and right here, are simply delightful.

How TikTok broadcasting organized?

It’s almost the same way as other social networks. The video is started, and users connect to it gradually. They exchange comments, reactions and ask questions. You have the option to hold.

Only 1000 subscribers are allowed to record live broadcasts. TikTok allows you to earn money from your broadcasts.

How to hide chat on tiktok Live?

Some live videos have creators who want viewers to leave comments and interact with them. If it isn’t you, it’s okay! Sometimes, you just want to share your stream and not be distracted by the stream of thoughts from other users scrolling across the screen.

TikTok offers several settings that will allow you to toggle this feature on or off. Logging into your TikTok account is the first step. Tap the plus icon on the main toolbar once you are on the home screen.

Next, the camera tool opens in the app. You will then see the Live tab in the bottom menu. Click on it. Click Settings to open the Live menu. It should be located on the right-hand side of your screen. Once you have turned it off, a slider will appear. This will prevent other users from commenting on your live streams.

Don’t worry if you ever want to bring it back! You can disable live video comments at any time by following the same steps, moving the slider back in its original place and reactivating the feature.

This new feature allows for a greater depth and specificity in real-time flow control of TikTok than its competitors. It is proving yet again why Phenom’s video-sharing app is the best on social media.

It appears that there is a way to disable comments appearing at the bottom and sides of regular TikTok videos. Stay tuned for further information as the app updates.

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