How to Host a Website? Best WordPress Web Hosting

A domain and a space are required to run a website. if you confuse what the host is and how to host website?. you get entangled in these things.

I will try to explain you in very easy way so that you can understand everything very easily very soon. so lets talk about how to host a website?

What is host and how to host a website ?

Suppose there is a website, normally every website has its own files, photos, videos, data or content. for these files and for data we need a space in internet. so that our data gets stored. so that anyone around the world who types your website in their web browser can see all those things directly on there computer.

how to host a website

Simply host means buying a place in the internet, taking a space where you can store your data.

Types of host

  1. Shared web hosting
  2. Managed web hosting
  3. Dedicated hosting
  4. cloud hosting
  5. Reseller web hosting
  6. Virtual dedicated server
  7. Colocation web hosting service
  8. Clustered hosting
  9. Grid hosting
  10. Home server

Why we need a hosting ?

How to host a website? Take my website as an example.

how to host a website

You can see the red arrow mark is the domain name ( which gives a different identity to this website of mine.

whenever a user will type this domain in his web browser then all the pages in my website, content, photos, video ,and logo will be visible to him.
Where do these data come from ?

This data comes from your server,from where you must have taken hosting.

whenever a client types in their web browser.from where you must have done host perches,all your data store on it.

whenever someone types your domain name in their web browser ,they will show the client that you have placed in your website.for this ,you have to add the domain to your website,so that if someone searches that domain name,then your website will be appear.

So a hosting is taken for the website,so that your data is available to the client soon through the internet.your data cannot be stored in your computer. if you have to send service to everyone then you have to store this data online.

That is why everyone takes hosting from a good hosting company.

What is a domain and its importance ?

In a clear word,the domain is an address that the client directly reach on your website.meaning domain name gives your website an identity.through which people can search your website by simply searching the domain name in their web browser.

there are millions such websites in internet.domain name gives your website an identity from millions of websites,so that it is easy for the client to reach out to you.

How to buy a domain name ?

There are many such domain providers companies in the internet where you can do domain perches to get a domain and you can see the features and plans of those domains.

Best domain companies

  1. Godaddy
  2. Namecheap
  3. Bigrock
  4. Hostgator


To buy a domain simple you can go to any domain providers, for example Godaddy.Com

After reach godaddy official website you will see this can search your domain in the search bar given above.

The domain which will be available will be shown to you and you can choose from them according to your choice and can buy by adding to can ask if you want some discount% then you can ask for a coupon code.

Best website hosting for wordpress

There are a lot of hosting companies available in the internet but today among them lets talk about 4 hosting which is a bit good.that is…


If you want to get a hosting within a budget at a good price,then you can go to the Hostinger. if we talk about their plans you can see BELOW.

You can see that you get 3 types of plans here. single web hosting,premium web hosting and business web hosting and their features are given below.

In single web hosting you can only host 1 website as you see and you cannot get a domain for free. i suggest you go for premium web hosting,their you can get a domain for free and add 100 websites which is a great deal. 24/7 customer support.

If you do not have that much budget,then you can start with single web hosting.

which is a great deal of the most important thing is that is SSL certificate which gets you free in all the plans.whose price Rs-855. we will talk about this last. why it is important?


It is bit expensive but if you have money to invest,budget then you definately go with Siteground hosting. it will also give you benifits in future with good perfermance. you can also see their plans and add-on plans.

A2 Hosting

If i talk about another good host that is A2 hosting, why?

I liked it here that if you take it for 1 year or for whatever year you take it and if you do not like anything in between then you get the rest of your money back.


Hostgator is also one of the best web hosting.if you have money to invest then you can also go with Hostgator.these are all popular and trusted hosts.

There are more hosts but i like the performance and features of these 4 hosts.if you like any other hosts,then check before purchasing their plans and features.

If you want a little discount then don’t forget to ask a coupon code before purchasing. if available, you will get some % discount.

What is SSL certificate ?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, to understand SSL let us first understand the difference between HTTP and HTTPS.

HTTP: whenever data transfer occurs.suppose i visited a website or type anything in the search bar. that data transfer happens to the server, it will be in plane text. meaning someone in the middle can read it by interrupting it.

how to host a website

HTTPS: At the same time,if there is HTTPS, then it will be transfer to the encrypted format,then no one can read it in between.

So here SSL certificate basically authenticates the identity of the website that it is the same website and there has been no data transferring in between and all encrypted format transfer is done which secure website and user is also good for SEO and trust factor.

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