How To Make Holy Water ? 11 Easy Steps To Make

Various religions use holy water for purification, protection and blessing. Many people believe that only an appointed pastor can truly consecrate the holy water. Therefore, depending on your beliefs, you may not be able to make true holy water.

However, you can try to make your own holy water in accordance with traditional Catholic rituals and prayers. There are also various pagan rituals to make holy water.

Use catholic prayers and rituals to bless the water

how to make holy water

Collect and dedicate your salt. Before creating, you need to create holy salt, so first consecrate the salt (even if it is sacred or holy). Take some pure salt (such as kosher salt or natural rock salt without added ingredients) and add it to a container, such as a small bowl or jar. Once you are ready to pray for the salt, say the following from the “Roman Ritual.”

how to make holy water
If possible, get some water from natural sources. If possible, draw water from nearby lakes, streams or rivers. Try to stay away from tap water as it may contain additives such as chlorine and fluorine. However, if your water is naturally obtained, please filter it beforehand-you don’t want to drink dirty!

how to make holy water
Exorcism water. Before combining salt and water, you also need to perform exorcism on the water. Recite these words from the “Roman Ritual.”

how to make holy water
Pour the salt into the water in a cross shape. After you get rid of salt and water, the last step is to combine them. Add salt to the water and pour the salt into the shape of a cross. When you pour the salt, read the following.

holy water 5
Bless the holy water. Once you have made, you can bless it with the following prayers in the New Olympics Blessing Book. “Lord, Almighty God, you are blessed. You bless us in Christ, the living water of our redemption, and transform our hearts.

Please give us those who have been sprinkled or used this water, The youth of the spirit is renewed by the power of the Holy Spirit and can walk in a new life forever.”

how to make holy water
To bless use holy water to your home and family members. Once you have finished making the holy water, place it in a container of your choice, such as a small glass bottle or plastic spray bottle. You can sprinkle it around different rooms in your home to bless them, or use it to bless yourself or your family when you sleep at night.

Create pagan holy water

how to make holy water

Collect sea water for cleaning and purification rituals. In most pagan traditions, sea water has been considered sacred. If you want to use sea water for blessings and rituals, you can collect a little in a small bottle and leave a thankful offering in return.

holy water 8
Collect rainwater for rituals of purity, fertility, and abundance. If you want to use water in fertility rituals, put out an open container, such as a glass bottle or holy grail, to collect some rainwater. You can also collect water from wells or rainwater reservoirs.

how to make holy water
Add salt to the water to expel the spell. Many practitioners of religious tradition believe that salt can help defend against unfriendly souls and entities. To make holy-water for this purpose, put the water in the holy grail.

Say prayers to salt and water that suit your particular pagan tradition, then combine these two ingredients, and say the final prayer to bless the water and make it holy water.

holy water 10
Putting water in the moonlight outside is another way to make water holy. Many pagans believed that just exposing water to moonlight would make it holy. Put any type of water in a container of your choice and place it in a place that will receive a lot of moonlight.

You can “charge” this water with any idea you like and use it for various purposes-for example, you can use it for love spells or purification rituals.

how to make holy water
Adding silver to the water can bring extra moonlight blessings. In addition to offering your water in the moonlight, many pagans believe that you can bring additional moonlight blessings by putting a piece of silver metal in the water.

Choose any silver object, such as a ring or coin, and put it in the water before leaving it in the moonlight.

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