Fastest way To Make Money in GTA 5 Online for Beginners

“Grand Theft Auto Online” newbies to make money(how to make money in gta 5 online) summary and guideRecently, I often see Mengxin asking how to make money.

Most of the previous flowcharts are not very applicable now. Summarize the various ways to make money so that Mengxin can understand the various ways of making money in gta5, and choose the right way to make money, and take less. Detours, let alone embarking on an evil path.

First, let me talk about two premises. First, it is difficult to make money for the adorable newcomers who have just entered the pit.

Almost everyone who walks through the adorable new era has experienced the moments of tumultuous and unraveling, but gta5 has developed to the present, It’s relatively easy to make money.

In many cases, you can’t make money. It’s not because you have a low level and no teammates. Maybe it’s just that you don’t know all kinds of ways to make money.

Therefore, lack of money is only temporary, but do not embark on the road of swiping money or even opening up. Although the game is for enjoyment, the enjoyment is the process rather than the result. GTA is not a local emulator, and there is no need for a little game currency. Give up the interesting game process.

The second point, suppose you have found an effective way to make money, but you feel that the process of making money is not very interesting, and there is nothing you eagerly want to buy.

At this time, I suggest to let go of the desire to make money first( how to make money in gta 5 online), and experience those interesting but not profitable activities cleanly. If there is something you want to buy, start saving money again. Because my personal experience tells me that if you don’t have something you want to buy, the process of making money will be even more boring, and when you make a lot of money in boredom, but you haven’t thought about what to buy, it’s easy to squander it. And buy some dusty things.

Money making project

How to make money? One-time money-making project.(gta online update is here)

how to make money in gta 5 online

1. assassination

Novices will receive a series of calls when they just arrive online, some of which will give you some tasks (if you don’t receive it, just play around, you will have it after a while, but you may have to wait again for the change of battle).

Assassination is one of them, There are a total of 5 assassination missions, allowing you to find and kill the target. If you can catch it alive, you will be rewarded more.

Every time you catch it alive and send it to the designated location, there are 1w rewards, a total of 5 times, a total of 5w, although rewards in this type of activity Not high, but still a good amount of money for Mengxin.

2. Treasure Hunt Series

The treasure hunt series includes three sets of missions, navy revolver, golden revolver, and stone axe.

Each set of tasks collects designated items according to the clues and completes the corresponding challenges, and you can get a reward of about 25w. There are also a small amount of rewards in the process, which is a lot of money(how to make money in gta 5 online) for Mengxin.

The specific text strategy can be found in Tieba, and the video strategy can be found at station b. I won’t talk about it here.

3. Playing cards, hands, signal jammers

These three are full-map collection activities. Due to the large amount of collection (50 playing cards, 100 hands, and 50 signal jammers), the locations are all over the map, and some locations are tricky, and the cash rewards are relatively average. It is not recommended for Mengxin to do it. It’s not too late to wait until Mark Rabbit (tyrant mk2) is available.

These are probably the one-time tasks. The two revolver and stone axe tasks are highly recommended. You can basically get a large amount of starting capital after completing them.

Non-one-time money-making projects

I will start from:

1. Cost and threshold

2. Difficulty

3. Efficiency

4. Fun

5. Number of people

These aspects are explained and evaluated.

1. Change the car king to sell cars

Cost threshold: None

Difficulty: very low

Efficiency: Not bad for novices, once every 3 minutes, once 1w7, but can only be sold once every 48 minutes, so it can be interspersed in the middle of other errands.

Interesting: average

Number of people required: single

This is more suitable for novices who have just entered the line, and for those who have already left the novice village, there is no need to consider it.

2. Hunting commissioners and other errands (blowing up cars, etc.)

Cost threshold: low (the hunting commissioner has a skeleton horse is better to do)

Difficulty: lower

Efficiency: The same car stealing is okay for novices, and those who leave the novice village don’t have to think about it.

Interesting: average

Number of people required: single

This type of errand is similar to car stealing and is only suitable for pure novices

3. The old robbery (Leicester robbery mission unlocked by the high-end apartment)

how to make money in gta 5 online

Cost and threshold: The cost is low, and the threshold requires heavy armor (heavy mission combat heavy equipment, purchased at the weapon store), skeleton horses are best, but heavy armor is actually enough

Difficulty: High (for Mengxin) (some tasks are very difficult) It is recommended to read the full set of strategy first before doing it

Efficiency: average (because it takes too much time and effort)

Interesting: very high (the old robbery is still very interesting)

Number of people required: 4 (less than 4 people can not open)

Most of the old strategies suggest Mengxin to do the old robbery, but because 4 people are difficult to get together, most of the time is wasted waiting for someone, and the difficulty is not low, so the efficiency is very unappreciable.

If you have friends who are playing friends or the big guys are willing to bring them (please don’t over rely on the big guys), then it is still very recommended to old robbers, if not, it is recommended to release after Quanfu (prison break dividends, humanitarian smuggling) emp, Pacific Team, Pacific Dividend, etc.

can all persuade Mengxin and Wild Team), or simply not buy an apartment (because Quanfu cannot return the cost of the apartment), but considering the apartment’s garage, it is recommended to buy an apartment.(how to make money in gta 5 online)

4. Office pull goods

Cost and threshold: the cost is at least 100w to buy an office plus 20w to buy a small warehouse. The threshold is best to buy a bird at 175w, or mark rabbit directly. Without a bird or mark rabbit, the efficiency will be much lower, and it is not convenient to chase helicopters.

Difficulty: low (pull goods) (after all, you can resurrect casually after you die) medium (shipping) (it is recommended that Mengxin does not ship by plane, my first warehouse is like this)

Efficiency: small warehouses are low, large warehouses are medium, and middle warehouses are somewhere in between

Interesting: average

Number of people required: single (it’s better to have someone help when shipping)

Pulling goods is also one of the recommendations of the old strategy, but for Mengxin, the threshold is a bit high (office, warehouse, bird), and it is very liver, the income is also average, and there may be overturning, but it is a good way for a person to make money with peace of mind.

5. Steal a car from the office

Cost and threshold: at least 100w to buy an office plus 100w or more to buy a vehicle warehouse

Difficulty: low (personally think that general car skills are fine)

Efficiency: General (about 7w for a round trip, up to 8w, you need to steal the car and sell the car, of which there is a 20-minute cd for selling the car)

Interestingness: higher (after all, it can super run for free)

Number of people required: a single person

On the whole, I personally think that stealing a car is more suitable than pulling goods, because it hardly needs to bear the cost, and the probability of overturning is much lower than that of pulling goods.

Income, and the cost threshold is still not low, agree to be more liver, suitable for one person to make money.(how to make money in gta 5 online)

6. Motorcycle Factory

Cost and threshold: at least 20w buy motorcycles, and then buy factories (factory prices vary)

Difficulty: lower

Efficiency: very low (no profit at all without upgrading, although you can buy raw materials, you can hang up, but it will offset most of the profits, stealing raw materials is time-consuming and laborious)

Interesting: low

Number of people required: a single person (not full warehouse) at least 2 people (full warehouse) (full warehouse shipments except for three seaplanes, otherwise it will be difficult for a single person to finish shipping)

Motobang is not recommended very much! ! ! A full basket of shortcomings! ! !

It doesn’t make money if you don’t upgrade, it costs a lot of money to upgrade

If you buy raw materials, you can only earn one hundred thousand yuan even if the warehouse is full, and the shipment will take more than 20 minutes (unless multiple people come together). Do not buy raw materials, steal one fifth of the time, and steal 5 times to buy raw materials once.

In short, it is a pit. Don’t buy Mengxin. You can buy it to hang up in the nightclub when you have money. It is not recommended to upgrade if you have money.(how to make money in gta 5 online)

7. Bunker

Cost and threshold: 150w or more, Chumash or farmhouse (farmhouse is more expensive), plus an upgrade of 150w or more

Difficulty: Fair

Efficiency: higher (the efficiency of the bunker is based on the single shipment time, excluding the time for on-hook manufacturing)

Interesting: high (bunker shipping is still more interesting, especially the Phantom of the Cone, just don’t get stuck)

Number of people required: single (within two pipes of raw materials at a time) and multiple people (full warehouse) (but the specific situation needs to be analyzed in detail, for example, the full warehouse can be sold by a single person, but there are also some cases that are particularly disgusting)

The bunker is still very fragrant, but it takes a lot of time to hang up (off-line will not produce), and the cost is relatively high, upgrades can make money, and a full farmhouse needs more than 400w, this threshold is generally unattainable, but the bunker is Payback is quicker, and there is almost no need for liver, which is a good way to make money in the medium term. In addition, the research of the bunker is also necessary in the later stage. If you have spare money, you can consider starting the bunker earlier.

8. Nightclub

Cost and threshold: nightclub body of 150w or more, plus at least one small warehouse, bunker, and three factories for motorcycles in the office. The cars shipped from the nightclub can also be modified, and the total cost may reach 800w or even higher.

Difficulty: extremely low (remote control Vulcan playing npc is like playing, and not every time there will be npc)

Efficiency: High (Because the nightclub ships vehicles are controllable, and one shipment can earn more than one million, so the efficiency is very high from the delivery time, but from an overall point of view, although the nightclub is actively produced on-hook, there is no cost. But the production speed is very slow)

Interesting: extremely high (bullet-proof and bomb-proof remote control Vulcan, this is not interesting who is interesting)

Number of people required: single (no matter how many goods, a single person is enough)

Generally speaking, nightclubs have the highest cost and the slowest production speed. Although the shipping process is simple and interesting, it is highly recommended for novices to make money from nightclubs.

Generally speaking, nightclubs are bought for Mark Rabbit in the mid-term, and then used for the elderly. It is not recommended for novices to make money from nightclubs! ! !(how to make money in gta 5 online)

8.1 Facility Doomsday Heist (do not pre-card, do a full set of pre-treatment and preparation)

Cost and threshold: The cost is the facility. The price of the facility is generally not low. The location is more than 200w, and the equipment requirements of the end are not low, and it is difficult to measure by money (such as heat, which is worth nearly 10 million in my case. It’s worth 22w5 next door to the European Union)

Difficulty: extremely high (after all, considering the full set of pre- and preparation, it should be the most difficult at present)

Efficiency: Low (the full set of preparatory and preparation is not only difficult, but also time-consuming. It may take an afternoon if the equipment is limited and unskilled)

Interesting: extremely high (difficulty will bring challenges at the same time, and the background of the doomsday is to save the world. Compared with the old robbery, it is more tense and exciting, so it is more interesting, of course, regardless of the situation of the wild team.)

Number of people required: 2-4 (Of course, according to the actual situation, if there are only two people, some tasks will become particularly difficult, because some tasks two people will be divided into two teams, which means that one person needs to face the ground and the air at the same time A large number of enemies, and the damage and blood volume of the enemies in the doomsday are terrible)

Summary: If you simply want to make money, then the full set of Doomsday is definitely not the first choice, but if you want to do some interesting and challenging tasks with friends for the fun of the game, then I strongly recommend the full set of Doomsday.

8.2 Facility Doomsday Heist (preceding Card Doom 2)

Warning: This method involves exploiting game vulnerabilities

Cost and threshold: The cost is 125w for the Perito Bay facility (if you remember correctly), and you have about 60w of start-up capital. The threshold requires you to learn card preposition skills, and doomsday 123 is passed (Note: if you keep the network card in front, then Every time there is a cost of 60w, the front of the network card is disconnected, and the cost is 0)

Difficulty: very low (hold the handle and spray, just have a hand, don’t play gta if you can’t get past this, but it’s true that you may get lost the first time you hit it, pay attention to the three floors of the submarine, pay attention to the location of the stairs on the minimap and the task points with you The relative height of the NPC, and, although simple, the HP damage of the NPC is still high. If you are unskilled, it is recommended not to be too reckless)

Profit: high (uninterrupted network) (about 40w in 15 minutes) very high (disconnected) (considering that it takes more time to disconnect the network, and the change of the game may be stuck, it is conservatively estimated that it is about 100w in 20 minutes)

Interestingness: extremely low (that is, extremely low, not convinced to beat me)

Number of people required: 2 (but considering Tieba recruiting boats, in fact, the other person is just a tool person)

Summary: The front-end of the broken network card should be the most efficient of all the ways to make money. The only thing that can be compared is probably only the dc card gold plus the broken network card dividend, both of which are about 300w in 1 hour. Extremely high efficiency brings two problems: the process is extremely boring, and the game experience is destroyed by making money too quickly.

Therefore, my personal opinion is that if Mengxin is short of money, you can try it, but if you close it in time, you don’t have to buy the necessary assets.

It’s no longer necessary to go to the front of the card to swipe the Doom 2 for an hour. It’s not worth it to buy it and drive it for three minutes after refitting it.(how to make money in gta 5 online)It’s really not worth it.

But if you want to buy a bunker to make money and go to the front of the card, then I don’t think it matters. The key is that you are used to the one-hour 300w generation card front, and you are willing to hang up the bunker a day for only one shipment. To 100w?

8.3 Doom 2

Cost: Pagasos bought a small sea shark 1w5, plus a two-person vehicle (free elegy or 1w5 801) and read the guide

Difficulty: 0

Efficiency: average (about 23w in 15 minutes, not bad for Mengxin)

Interesting: 0.01 (at least you can play with mobile phones on the water)

Number of people required: 2 (actually you are just a tool person to help others work)

Summary: Mengxin is a good way to make money at zero cost, but the same process is boring. It is recommended to use a reasonable grasp. You can earn the first pot of gold for Mengxin, and you can buy some relatively expensive assets, and then self-reliance, but the boat is just cute.

The choice in the new transitional period is not more efficient than one’s own card, and the taste is crushed by other tasks.

In addition, some people are willing to pay high dividends to Mengxin. Remember, this is only a subjective wish of others, not a stable way to make money.

After all, you still have to rely on yourself to make money.(how to make money in gta 5 online)

10.1 dc part-time job

Cost: 0 (but you need to read the detailed strategy, and even if you have read the strategy, the internal situation of dc is complicated, it is still easy to make mistakes, only practice makes perfect and accumulates actual combat experience, can you be truly proficient)

Difficulty: high (the difficulty of dc is not a requirement of hard power such as marksmanship, but requires a lot of skills and familiarity with the internal environment of dc)

Efficiency: high, about 40w in about 20 minutes (if the lock is unlocked, generally a little more dividend will be paid) (the unlocking here means that the two locks can be broken in 20 seconds and there are few mistakes)

Interesting: Normal (If you keep playing the same route, dc is also boring, but compared to Doomsday 2, dc is still relatively interesting)

Number of people required: 2 (actually you are helping others to work, you may not even count as part-time work, just make up the number of people)

Summary: DC tool people are actually not suitable for Mengxin, because DC’s indoor environment and sneak mission requirements are almost tolerant of errors, and there is no specific route guidance for dc tasks. As Mengxin wants to rely on Raiders to mix dc, most The situation will only add to the chaos for others. If there is a boss who is willing to take you step by step to help you play dc, then you must first thank the boss.

If you are willing to give you a higher dividend, please thank the boss again, but note that this is not When a tool man makes money, he is purely relying on the big boss to make money, so it is not a stable source. Again, it is best to make money on your own.(how to make money in gta 5 online)

10.2 dc full set (open task by yourself )

Note: This method partly involves exploiting game vulnerabilities

Cost and threshold: The game hall (starting at 200w in a good location), it is best to have Mark Rabbit (birds can replace) (but because the soldiers are not tired of fraud and stealth do not need to blow up Dugan, so it is barely possible if there is none, but the premise is that the dc process is sufficient Familiar, this is a difficult thing for Mengxin)

Difficulty: Normal (front, with Mark rabbit or bird, but master the tricks) extremely high (no Mark rabbit bird, no armed vehicles) (when encountering the army stealing laser drills, the skeleton horse will be socially protected by half-track machine guns)

Efficiency: High (efficiency is greatly affected by proficiency. In the case of very proficiency, it will be about 40 minutes before 20 minutes to find someone to pay dividends, and a complete set will be completed in 1 hour.

If you are lucky, you can detect gold within 2 times, and you will get 80 for the division of labor. It can be 232w per hour) (Considering that the face can’t be gold, and the face is far away from the face, plus the network delay, the actual income is difficult to reach the ideal state)

Interesting: High (DC has a certain degree of difficulty in the front, so the interest is relatively high, and you can call any of your own vehicles in the front, which adds a bit of fun, but just don’t think about it when you just start the game hall. Armed vehicles. In addition, if you are willing to choose different methods, different camouflage, different entrances and exits, then you can try many different gameplays, which can also increase the fun)

Number of people required: 2 (you can ask the boss to lead the way to unlock when you just play, and you will find a tool when you are proficient)

Summary: dc is not suitable for Mengxin who has nothing. The pre-task has certain requirements for equipment and level, which can not be solved by the skeleton horse. Mengxin without material foundation and technical support is not recommended to buy a game hall too early. However, the dc gameplay is very diverse. The routines can be single or diverse. There is still a lot of room to be developed.

Although the dividends are almost all completed in the same dc room, they have a high degree of freedom, so I think dc is very interesting It is also a task worth repeating. But having said that, it is still not recommended that Mengxin buy a game arcade too early. Please consider your material and technical strength.(how to make money in gta 5 online)

10.3 dc card dividend

Note: This method involves exploiting game vulnerabilities

Cost and threshold: the same as the full set of dc, but only needs to be done once, so the threshold is relatively low

Difficulty: The difficulty of the task is the same as that of dc. The card dividend requires the timing of disconnection. This is a certain degree of difficulty. I have not done it specifically, so I cannot give further evaluation.

Efficiency: extremely high, about 240w in 40 minutes, even slightly more than Doomsday 2 disconnected network card dividend

Interestingness: 0 (Generally speaking, it is always ancient times. Repeatedly is necessarily boring, not to mention that unlocking requires a high degree of concentration, which is more tiring than Doom 2)

Number of people required: 2 (requires both of them to be proficient in disconnecting the network, at least one is proficient in opening the lock, and mutual trust and cooperation, taking turns to disconnect the network card)

Summary: Although this method is extremely efficient, it is too utilitarian, and requires the cooperation of fixed teammates, and the process is boring, and it is extremely not recommended. Khanjali went all the way into the army and snatched the laser drill)

11. Hangar pulls cargo

Cost and threshold: one cost hangar (the hangar has a large price gap, ranging from more than 100w to more than 300w)

Difficulty: high (requires flight technology to be guaranteed)

Efficiency: extremely low (the hangar has been criticized for its low efficiency, even if it is doubled, it is not considerable)

Interesting: high (flying a plane is still relatively fun, you can practice the evil spirits by the way, and there will be no police stars in the hangar missions to share the evil spirits)

Number of people required: single

Summary: Mengxin’s choice of hangar is extremely not recommended! ! ! The hangar itself is a very, very, very unpopular means of making money, and the efficiency is very low. Most people buy hangars just to store personal flight vehicles. It is best not to rely on the hangar to make money, because the single return book is a very difficult one. Process, let alone generating profit.

So here, some of the main means of making money are basically finished. Finally, let’s summarize.(how to make money in gta 5 online)

Purely on the efficiency ranking:

T1: Doomsday 2 (front of the broken network card), dc mutual card dividends

T2: dc full set, dc tool man (continuous work)

T3: Doomsday 2 (shipping), Okura pulls cargo (skilled)

T4: Stealing cars from the office, pulling goods from the office (unskilled)

Since the bunkers, nightclubs, motorcycles and other industries do not take up time when hanging up, they are sorted separately

Bunker>Nightclub>Single Motorcycle Factory

The old robbery, the doomsday full set, the change of the car king to sell the car, the hunting commissioner, etc. are not involved in the sorting due to low efficiency or frequent emergencies

One-time collection activities do not participate in sorting

Here are some recommendations for Mengxin:

1. Need start-up funds, you can consider collecting tasks at one time, or serving as a boat for others (just enough)

2. When there is a certain amount of start-up capital, it is recommended that the office load the warehouse and start the ceo stealing the car (the threshold for stealing the car is relatively low, there is a certain efficiency, and the risk is low)

3. If you want to maximize the efficiency of making money for a single person, it is recommended that large warehouses pull goods (at least two large warehouses take turns) (it is best to equip Mark Rabbit and Dreadmaster)

4. With a certain equipment and technical foundation, if you want to make money and have a better gaming experience, it is recommended to buy a game hall to open a full set of dc

5. Extremely short of money and want to make money quickly with utilitarianism, it is recommended that Doomsday 2 disconnect the network card beforehand

6. If you want to develop the on-hook industry in the mid-term, suggest a bunker (need to be upgraded). If you want to buy Mark Rabbit at the same time, then the nightclub is also a good on-hook industry, but the income of the nightclub needs the support of other assets (ceo warehouse, bunker, motorcycle) Three factories), the cost is higher, it is recommended to start later.(how to make money in gta 5 online)

Gun selection

guns in gta5

First of all, let me explain: it is not that the more guns in gta5, the better.

On the contrary, in the middle and late stages, you will find that many guns are useless and cumbersome. Buying it will affect the cutting of the gun.

Although it only delays about 1 second each time, this 1 second is often in battle, and the delay of 1 second is very long. It is easy to cause mistakes.

What’s more, every time there is a delay of 1 second, it will become ill over time. In the normal game play of the gta5 online mode, there is no way to clear the purchased weapon (it is useless to throw the bullet after it is shot), so once the hand is cheap and buys the wrong one If you have a gun, you have to endure the trouble of cutting the gun for life

The following are the weapons worth buying in each category according to the classification of weapon roulette.

1.pistol bar:The pistol bar,as the na vehicle its easy to useme suggests,is a pistol,most of which can be the vehicle its easy to -vehicle gun can only be in reverse order,because the choice of this pistol has the greatest impactnon the cutting gun.

Essential pistol :armor-piercing pistol:This gun is firing shoots quickly and has considerable damage.the accuracy is high and it is very comfortable to use on the is a vehicle weapon.the best choice in the mechine,Armor-piercing pistol are also the first choice for pistol in the later stage,so buy armor-piecing pistol.there is absolutely nothing wrong in the pistol.

Recommended pistols : heavy revolver,atomic gun,heavy left,high damage,can be stuck in bursts and hit burst injuries harm,but it is rarely used in practice but compared to other pistols you can start,but you need to think about buying a gun,not recommended

2.New start:Atomic energy gun ,unlimited bullets,the two most commenly used places.just it is the must practical place to rescue the car and play with each other after the mission.that is to rescue the car,especially when it is shipped,the car is stuck on a slope/stone/on the tree/in the cold ditch etc.generally can pop-up but the price | the grid is high and there is more practical value,do not recommend new entrants/hands.

Added upstairs, the other pistols are spicy chicken, don’t buy it randomly, especially don’t buy inferior pistols when you change the gun in the moc or fear tyrants.

3.Rifile : Rifile is one of the most commonly used weaponsEssential rifile:special carbine:The gun can said to be very friendly to mengxin,unlocked at level 1,but it can be used is the later stage and the performance is excellent in all aspects,especially the full after the change,the recoil is almost 0,which is definitely a must for mengxin to start a gun.

4.More recommended rifiles : no-handle rifile|recommended this gun not because of performance,but because there is no support rifile is placed behind the special carbine and will not affect the cutting guns,and other rifiles are in the front,if the special carbine used in combat,in order to maximize the damage to the book without a silencer ,then you can buy a additional silencer without support for assassination.other rifiles are not recommended ,because it will affect the cutting gun.

4. Sniper rifle bar

The sniper rifle is one of the most commonly used weapons in sibi.

Essential sniper rifle: heavy sniper rifle, marksman rifle.

In fact, sniper rifles are rarely used in pve. Heavy snipers can be used to shoot planes because they can change explosive bullets.

Because the marksman rifle is a continuous fire and has almost no recoil in full modification, pvp is very commonly used, but I personally feel that it is not as good as a rifle when I am pve.

There are three sniper rifles in total, two of which are very useful. Let’s forget the other bird sniper. It is not recommended to buy it. Heavy sniper can be replaced.

5.Normal bullet gun:Pve close combat artifactEssential xia bullet gun:lianfa xia bullet gun:commonly known as dajet,fast rate of fire,high damage,ten in some indoor battles,easy to use(such as humanitarian dividends in the future)without brain protrusion(Tutu artifact)

The most recommended bullet gun:shuantong xia bullet gun:Because the mk2 can be modified to install explosive bullets,it is still useful.the spirit gun itself has a short range of alcoholism,so there is a chance  that it can be used very rarely,i personally recommended mangxin only buy continous spray and dont | because the short-barreled bullet gun can be used in the car,its heartbeat buying from the top is to cut the gun  barrier plus one.

6. Heavy weapon bar

There are many types of weapons in this column, and each has a different function. Most of them are worth starting.

Essential: Vulcan

Needless to say, Vulcan, commonly known as Gatlin, is done without a brain shot

Recommended weapons: grenade launcher, rpg, guided missile launcher (commonly known as stinger)

The grenade launcher can fire grenade in a row, and the speed of fire can be stuck under the cover, which is very useful in certain terrain, and some missions can be used to fire the bunker in a row if you want to survive (such as Baker’s penultimate mission)

Needless to say, rpg is a classic weapon that can be fired in bursts, is more powerful than stinger, and has a large ammunition capacity.

Stinger can be locked (but I would rather not lock it, this lock is the worst of all locks). When it is not locked, the accuracy is higher than that of rpg. Sibi is commonly used, but its ammunition capacity is low and the damage is low.

In addition, don’t be tempted by the fact that short-barreled grenades can be used in the car. Not only are they inaccurate, they are also easy to explode themselves and affect the cutting of the gun. It is not recommended.

7. Throwing weapon bar

This column is all consumables, and they are gone when used up, so there is no problem with buying by mistake

Essential throwing weapon: sticky bullet

The damage of sticky bomb explosion is much greater than that of RPG and stinger, but it is actually mainly used for pvp and mainly used for suicide, but it is still the most practical throwing weapon.

More recommended throwing weapon: induction mine

It is necessary to change the car for Wangyin people (not recommended for Mengxin to do this kind of wicked thing) to block the door.

Other throwing weapons are not very useful, and tear gas can barely be used (the Pacific Ocean dividends block the door upstairs).

But the throwing weapon is gone when it is used up, it does not affect the cutting of the gun, and it does not matter if you buy it by mistake.(how to make money in gta 5 online)

Asset location selection

grand theft auto v logo playstation 3 jpeg portabl grand theft auto v gta 5

Let me talk about assets first. Most of the assets in gta5 can get income.(how to make money in gta 5 online) There are roughly two ways to obtain income: starting tasks (multiple people), buying and selling goods (single person) (here single person means at least one person Can work).

The prices of assets are different and generally high, and the efficiency of gaining income is also different.

What I am talking about below is mainly the choice of asset location. As for the order of asset purchase, this depends on personal circumstances. You can refer to me. Make a decision based on the pros and cons of various ways of making money.

1. Apartment

The income of the apartment belongs to the opening task type (that is, the old robbery).

Note: Only high-end apartments can open the old robbery (original price above 20w, 10 parking spaces).

The location of the apartment does not have a great impact on the mission. Unless you want to sprint for the elite to challenge or even the world record, the impact of the location on the mission is almost negligible.

But another function of the apartment is to serve as a birthplace and to send messages to Leicester. Considering the lack of funds in the early stage of Mengxin, if you buy an office naked and buy goods from the warehouse, you don’t have to be afraid of bullies and you want to send the message, then the location of the apartment is close to the office. More convenient.

2. Office

The office itself cannot bring benefits, but an office must be purchased before special goods transactions and vehicle transactions can be used to benefit.

Therefore, Mengxin must consider whether it has the ability to purchase a special goods warehouse or a vehicle warehouse before buying an office, otherwise the office is just a Leather bag company.(how to make money in gta 5 online)

Regarding the choice of office location, in fact, there are not many choices for Mengxin, because the price difference is too big, the cheapest 100w, others are more than 200w, Mengxin directly buy the cheapest. If you have money and want to change to a higher grade, I recommend Okadis and Garden Bank.

Garden Bank** prices are very high, but there are two disadvantages. First, the color of the building is a bit old (I don’t like color matching very much). The second is that there are two exits, one is on the elevated and the other is under the elevated.

There are often embarrassing situations where the brother rabbit stops above and people come out from below. In contrast, Okadis does not have such shortcomings, and the black building body temperature is very favorite, the price is also cheap, but the ** is not so high, and the height is slightly lower.(how to make money in gta 5 online)

3. Special cargo warehouse

Special cargo warehouse income type belongs to the sale of goods

Need an office as a prerequisite

For Mengxin who is not afraid of bullying and will not get stuck, the best location for the warehouse is to be close to the office, but considering the price, and the CD of a single warehouse, if there is only one warehouse, and it depends on errands during the delivery period.

(For example, hunting commissioners) fill up the time, so you don’t have to buy one close to the office, try to choose the one close to the city center (that is, the Garden Bank Tower), because there is convenient transportation and the distance to each delivery point is relatively even, so it is not recommended to choose From the pier, the traffic is really inconvenient.(how to make money in gta 5 online)

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4. Vehicle warehouse

The revenue type of the vehicle warehouse belongs to the type of goods purchased and sold.

The vehicle warehouse mainly steals and sells cars, so the convenience of transportation takes a large part. Being close to the highway/main road helps to quickly get rid of the pursuit and reduce losses.

The Mesa Vehicle Warehouse is highly recommended here. It is a high-speed and convenient transportation. Although the location is a little remote, it is not harmful. The key is that the price is affordable. It is very suitable for Mengxin.

If Mengxin is afraid of trouble and don’t want to get off the car and clear people, just go straight At high speed, use the speed advantage to throw away the enemy, and the enemy will disappear after a certain distance.

5. Motor Clubhouse

The motorcycle club is equivalent to an office, and it cannot bring benefits by itself.

The only function of the motorcycle club is to buy a motorcycle factory and park 10 locomotives. Basically, you don’t need to go there once after you buy it. Therefore, the location does not matter.

For Mengxin, the price is low. (However, compared with other methods of making money, the motorcycle factory is inefficient and relatively heavier, and it is better for someone to help. Therefore, it is not recommended that Mengxin take the route of motorcycle help. You can consider motorcycle help in the medium term).

If you have money in the later stage and want to change to a club with a high atmosphere, I would like to say that the motorcycle clubs are all in small alleys, and there is no high club, but relatively speaking, the Hoyt club is recommended.

In comparison, the ** is the highest, at least the door is spacious, and there are a few small parking spaces that are relatively the most expensive, and of course the price is the most expensive.(how to make money in gta 5 online)

6. Motorcycle Factory

The revenue type of the motorcycle factory belongs to the type of goods bought and sold.

Same as above, it is not recommended that Mengxin take the motorcycle route in the early stage.

But in the mid-term, you can still consider the motorcycle gang, after all, nightclubs also need the support of the motorcycle gang.

Since the nightclub is fully automatic, there is no need to consider the location. If you are not particularly rich, you can directly buy the cheapest. Besides, the cheapest factories are concentrated in the desert area, the location is centralized and easy to manage, and the shipments are relatively close, but slightly more expensive A little bit is in Perito. There are many pits in Perito, and you can experience the cuteness of the head iron (at your own risk).

7. Bunker

The bunker income type belongs to the type of goods bought and sold.

Bunkers can be said to be the most location-sensitive asset, because the shipping time of the bunker is relatively strict and the profit is higher. Once it is too late, the loss is also large.

There are two more popular bunkers: farmhouse and Chumash, both are very close to Los Santos, so it is convenient to ship, the farmhouse is the most expensive, and Chumash is relatively cheap.

Mengxin can consider Chumash, but the farmhouse High **, one step can be considered if conditions permit, the comparison bunker is a production facility that has been hanging in the middle and late stages, and one step can save a lot of trouble.

In addition, if you buy a starter bag, don’t upgrade the Perito bunker you gave it. You should not see it. If you have money, you can buy a farmhouse and then upgrade. Finish.

8. Facilities

The type of facility revenue is a task-opening type

The key to the choice of facilities is purpose and economic strength.

If the funds are limited and you buy facilities purely for making money from Card Doomsday 2, I strongly recommend Perito facilities (Perito is so popular for the first time), because it is very close, it is a perfect partner for Doomsday 2. , Under the proficient situation, the Doomsday 2 points bonus is easy within 11 minutes of a game, and Perito facilities are the cheapest. For Doomsday 2 players, Perito can only be described as perfect.

However, if you want to experience the full set of doomsday, then don’t choose Perito, or that sentence, you can try it at your own risk (average 10km lead distance).

If it is not for the urgent need for money, here I suggest the desert road facility (it seems to be the name, I may remember it wrong), which is the facility northeast of the Serrano desert facility, the second highest price, and convenient transportation near the highway. The best starting point for Doomsday 3, when you enter the retirement stage and no longer lack money, but want to consider challenging Doomsday 3, this facility will not make you regret buying it.(how to make money in gta 5 online)

Of course, the Serrano Desert facility is also worth starting. The location is in the center of the map, and it is close to various mission points. It is close to the airport and it is convenient to call planes, and the price is not particularly high.

Finally, I do not recommend the most expensive reservoir facilities. Don’t think that the price is the highest**. Although the location is close to Los Santos, the transportation is extremely inconvenient. It’s a common practice to drive into the water. You don’t want to reduce 20,000 without a mission, so don’t choose The price is high and the location is poor.

9. Nightclub

The income type of nightclubs belongs to the type of goods bought and sold.(how to make money in gta 5 online)

First of all, the nightclub itself is not an asset that Mengxin can afford to play. If you want to make money from the nightclub, the investment is extremely high, and the output is slow.( It belongs to the standard elderly care industry. If you are like a nightclub as soon as possible, you are afraid to dominate your brother rabbit. Long, regardless of location, buy the cheapest in Los Santos. The specific location of the nightclub has little effect on shipments, because the nightclub has sufficient shipping time, and only one car can be sold out.

And if you are not short of money and want to buy a nightclub with high atmosphere, then I recommend the most expensive Xihaomaiwu.

Someone might recommend the slightly cheaper downtown Haomaiwu, because parking is really convenient, compared to Xihaomaiwu, parking is slightly more troublesome.

However, according to my field investigation, the West Haomaiwu Nightclub is a separate building located at the crossroads, while the Haomaiwu city center is at the side entrance of a building. The facade is small and very shabby. There is a kind of “Wash your feet, please come.” The feeling of “2nd floor” is nothing compared to the atmosphere of Xihaomaiwu.

There are some reasons why it is expensive. I was originally in the city center of Haomaiwu, and later I changed to Xihaomaiwu without lack of money. The trouble of parking is a trivial matter, but the atmosphere and the ** are the most important things in Los Santos (of course this They are all personal opinions. The specific choices are based on my own preferences and financial resources. I prefer the appearance party rather than the practical party).(how to make money in gta 5 online)

10. Game hall

The revenue type of the game hall belongs to the open task type.

The most important consideration for the game hall is the front-end. The convenience of doing the front-end determines the efficiency of making money, so don’t even think about buying Perito’s game hall.

At present, the two popular choices in the game hall are 8-bit and Mesa. I chose 8-bit in one step.

The advantages of eight-bit yuan: close to the main road, convenient parking, and atmospheric appearance.

The advantages of Mesa: close to dc and cheap.

Also as an appearance party, I recommend eight-bit yuan. If you have the financial means, you can directly choose eight-bit yuan, because the difference between eight-bit yuan and Mesa can be earned back several times with a dc, and Mesa’s going out is high. The younger brother Rabbit might just kowtow and roll over. In contrast, eight bits are more comfortable.(how to make money in gta 5 online)

11. Arena

The type of arena revenue is inverted.

Anyway, there is only one arena, no choice.

The arena is the two bottomless pits of Los Santos, which are side by side with the Benny workshop. Don’t think about Mengxin, don’t think about it, don’t think about it.

In addition, the purchase order of assets is generally based on personal circumstances, but I still talk about my personal recommendation.

First of all, if you want to make a fortune, you must first have an asset that can make money with higher efficiency (whether it is a large warehouse to pull goods, or a vehicle warehouse to steal a car, or a facility card Doomsday 2, or a game hall to open dc), this asset is recommended Choose non-on-hook assets, that is, manual assets.

If you choose on-hook assets as the first one, then you really can only hang up. In contrast, manual asset unit time production rate is much higher than that in the on-hook industry. Therefore, it is recommended to start with manual assets first.

And when you have a manual asset that can stabilize income, if you are not bored or afraid to get tired of playing the same task, then it is recommended to start the on-hook asset at this time, because the on-hook asset does not take up the time of your liver manual assets.

It can be the icing on the cake to increase the efficiency of making money, which is equivalent to a waste of money. As long as the time to deliver the goods, it can be said to be very cost-effective.

Among the hanging assets, the bunker has the highest priority. If you don’t like motorcycles, you can buy three empty factories to hang up the nightclub.

The nightclub costs are higher and require a lot of other asset support. If you like motorcycles, you can choose kky and bd factories to upgrade (the two factories are relatively more efficient).

When you have a manual asset and more than one on-hook asset, then you should not be short of money. At this time, you can consider filling up the unpurchased assets, try new ways to make money, or further improve the on-hook industry chain. Prepare in advance for future retirement.(how to make money in gta 5 online)

Ground vehicle

First of all, the vehicles in gta5 are mainly divided into two categories, mobility and combat. The mobility category is typically a variety of supercars, and the combat category is typically a variety of armed vehicles (of course, some vehicles can take both aspects into account). In other words, the price of vehicles is relatively high, and only one vehicle can be used at the same time.

Therefore, the choice of vehicles is not so much, but the essence. If the funds are limited, then the cost-effectiveness is the most critical factor.(how to make money in gta 5 online)

First of all, I decided to introduce the necessary vehicles first. Of course, the “must-have” here does not mean that you really have to buy it, but it refers to a vehicle that has a wide range of applicability and is worth recommending.

1. Carlin Skull Horse (Armored Version )

When buying Mengxin, you must pay attention to choosing the armored version (about 52w) and don’t buy it wrong.

The ballistic performance of the skeleton horse is well known, which is why it is extremely touted. Except for tanks, almost no vehicle has the ballistic performance comparable to him (but the skeleton horse is not explosion-proof), so the skeleton horse is definitely in the pve A great artifact.

For the cute new with limited funds, the skeleton horse can be competent for the old robbery, can easily deal with the ambushing enemy when pulling the goods, and can easily solve the infantry unit when stealing the raw materials (but be careful with the missiles), even if it is in the front of the game hall, there is no more In the case of a good vehicle, the skeleton horse can still withstand most of the enemy’s attacks, but the efficiency will be slower.

But despite the limited speed of the Skeleton Horse and the ground vehicle, it is inferior to the current dazzling array of flying vehicles, but it only costs 52w, which can be said to be very friendly and cost-effective, and it is very worthwhile to start.

However, if Mengxin has decided to do a boat ride, save money to buy the facilities and card Doomsday 2, or if there is a big guy who comes up, you can go directly to the brother rabbit to complete the one-stop dragon,(how to make money in gta 5 online) then there is no need to buy a skeleton horse, after all , If you don’t look at the price, the Skeleton Horse has no competitive advantage among the many high-performance armed vehicles.

Locomotive series

1.Pegassi 801

There is only one reason for recommending this locomotive: cost performance

The price of 1w5, even the poor jingle and the new should be able to afford it. As a means of transportation, the locomotive itself has the advantage that a car can’t match: flexibility

As a low-priced locomotive, the performance of the 801 is far superior to other motorcycles at the same price. The speed is not bad, the handling is high, the body is short, and the steering is flexible. In short, you will never lose out when you buy this motorcycle.

For Mengxin with limited financial ability, this motorcycle 801 is enough.

2. Shijin Shiratori Speed ​​Edition (Incontinence Shiratori Edition)

The price is close to 100w, so it is not recommended to buy from Mengxin

But if you want to get a fast, high-speed and high-speed motorcycle, then the life-death version is also worth starting, but the body is longer (personally feels too long, not very good-looking), the steering is not as flexible as the 801, and it does some special effects. It’s more difficult, but after all, it is there in a hurry. If you want to experience the feeling of death, then the Shiratori version is the first choice.(how to make money in gta 5 online)

Note: This fare is life

3.Sintaro Nagasaki

There is no special advantage in the performance of this car

The price is ridiculously high

So Mengxin doesn’t have to think about it

But in terms of appearance, this car is one of the best, which is why I want to talk about this car (in fact, it is mainly because the dc roulette was launched last week).

Personally recommend the main color chrome alloy, the secondary color determines the light color, you can choose according to personal preference (I chose white), this car may look average at noon, but in the early morning, evening and midnight, you are definitely the best on the street Pretty boy.

Of course it’s so expensive, it’s not recommended to buy from Mengxin.(how to make money in gta 5 online)

Super running series

By the way, if the level is below 100, it is recommended to bear with it first, do not rush to buy a supercar, or do not modify it first, because generally speaking, you can unlock all modified accessories until level 100, and supercar dissatisfaction changes with Xianyu. What is the difference.

After level 100, you can buy a commonly used supercar based on your economic strength.

However, in fact, there are very few supercars used, and I usually sit on my brother rabbits, so it doesn’t matter if you don’t buy supercars, but it is still recommended to buy one if you have financial means. After all, gta is a drag racing game.

1. Pegasus Santolau

This is a supercar that Tieba often recommends, and I also recommend it because the price/performance ratio is really high.

The price of 70w and the performance of 200w are extremely cost-effective.

But in the choice of supercars, cost performance is usually not a decisive factor, because supercars themselves are not practical vehicles, but prefer luxury goods.

The embarrassment of Santolau is also here. Although the price is high, the performance is not excellent and the appearance is not very good (12 holes behind the butt make me uncomfortable).

If you have the financial strength to directly buy top supercars in one step, then there is no need to buy a “transition” supercar like Santolau.

2. Befetwuf

The top supercar just mentioned is Takeo (referring to the price).

Since F1 is not a supercar, Takeo is the price in supercars. Of course, its performance is worthy of its price.

Takeo’s haste is not the highest, but it is also t1.

Takeo’s acceleration is not the highest, but it is also t1 (not considering electric vehicles).

Although Takeo’s control is not as good as f1, he is one of the best in supercars.

It can be said that the performance of Takeo is very balanced in all aspects and they are among the best. Taken together, almost no supercar is more comprehensive than Takeo.

Of course, the price is there, and the full reform is about 3 million. If you want to buy only a supercar and want to get it in place in one step, then Takeo is very suitable.

I have limited experience in supercars (not because of being poor), so I recommend these two cars.

Ground armed vehicle

1. Insurgent pickup

Note: The insurgent pickup needs a mobile combat center to be converted into a personal vehicle (otherwise it can only be called by Pagasus, cannot enter the garage, cannot enter the mission, and cannot be further modified and strengthened)

Note: This is the insurgent pickup truck, more than one million, the one with the machine gun

Note: For the modified armor version, medium armor is recommended instead of brainless, because heavy armor cannot be shot in the car, only machine guns can be used

Note: Rebellion is not recommended for Zhen Mengxin to buy, because it requires a mobile operations center and high modification costs

Rebellion is also a highly rated vehicle, and its excellent performance is mainly reflected in the following points:

Excellent anti-explosion performance

Good bulletproof (but not better than a skeleton horse after all)

Powerful firepower (a Vulcan + armor-piercing pistol❌3)

Good handling performance, off-road ability and speed (compared to half-track)

Rebellion has a wide range of uses, old robbery, doomsday, Baker’s mission, and even some points before dc (for example, Gubei is the second, if you are not confident in technology, you can call rebellion, you can just pass it) and sibi The two-person rebellion was also very unsolvable at the time (suppressing foot combat)

In short, among the armed vehicles that can enter the mission, the overall performance of the rebellion is definitely one of the best, and the rebellion is an artifact with cute new and old robbers. Compared with the skeleton horse, the firepower of the rebellion is beyond the reach of the skeleton horse. Modified Vulcan Machine guns have high damage to vehicles, and most of the robbery missions involving fierce battles are used for rebellion.

Of course, it is still not recommended to buy Mengxin, because of the high bundled consumption. A skeleton horse is enough for Mengxin.

2. Volunteer

Note: Justice is never discounted

I’ve been arguing whether the righteous police is a ground vehicle

As a frequent visitor to elite challenges and world records in major robbery missions, Volunteers have a unique advantage among vehicles that can enter into robbery missions: they can fly.

The Volunteer has jet acceleration. It is the only car that can enter the robbery mission and can jet acceleration. It is equipped with a certain amount of tracking missiles and is deadlocked (deadlock does not mean a 100% hit, but it will not lose the locked target, which may be caused by hitting a wall.

Hit the ground and other reasons, but it can be hit accurately in most cases), it is neither bulletproof nor bomb-proof, but due to the smaller windows, the bullet-proof effect is slightly better than that of ordinary cars.

Although it is not bomb-proof, it is in During the mission, its own missiles will not blow itself, nor will it cause any harm to friendly forces.

Advantages of volunteers:

high speed

Can fly

With locked missiles, firepower is guaranteed

Can enter the robbery mission

Disadvantages of righteous police:


Insurance is expensive

Difficult to control

Summary: Mengxin is not recommended to buy volunteer police! ! !

The price of 375w can be said to be very uneconomical. Compared with other situations, the vigilantes can only exert their greatest advantage in robbery missions. If it is a dc pre-position, then there are completely better vehicles to choose from.

Moreover, the control of the volunteers is relatively difficult, requiring high ground vehicle driving skills, and the ability to fine-tune the position of the vehicle in the air. These all require a lot of practice. To become a true flying police requires a lot of time. And money (insurance is not cheap).

So it is not recommended to buy from Mengxin, you can buy it as a toy in the middle and late stages.

3. Superburning

Note: Superburn cannot enter the traditional robbery mission.

If you buy the righteous police just to buy as a toy, you might as well buy super-burning.

Like the Volunteer, Super Combustion can also perform jet acceleration and is also equipped with deadlock missiles. The price is also very expensive and it is difficult to control.

But compared with the righteous police, Super Burning has a big advantage: it can take off on the spot.

As a toy, volunteers want to fly and need good geographical conditions. They need to use slopes to take off, while super-combustion can take off on the spot and then jet off, which greatly reduces the difficulty of take-off. Simply as a toy, you can get started without a lot of practice. And play very happily.

Of course, there is another advantage of super combustion: it can hurt the car.

Finally, it is also not recommended to buy Mengxin, after all, it is just a toy.

4. TM-02 Khan Jali (commonly known as the short sword)

Note: Khan Jali cannot enter the robbery mission

If you want to ask, which vehicle is bullet-proof, explosive, powerful, and can be controlled by a single person, then I will tell you aloud-it is Khan Jali (what is the scum of the rhino tank, Cool down on the side)

In terms of pve, Khan Jali’s advantages are quite obvious: 100% bullet-proof, anti-explosion is also good, and the main weapon can be controlled by the pilot (single rebellion silently tears), and the firepower is very strong, dc front, regardless of Whether it is a tough army, or a bald-headed heavy armored soldier, or snatching a drill from the robbers, as long as there is Khan Jali, you can solve all the troubles of ground combat, and it can be described as the king of ground vehicles.

But the shortcomings of Khan Jali are also very obvious: he can’t enter the robbery mission, and the speed is slow (but at least faster than the rhino tank), inflexible (at least flexible than the rhino tank), and the price is not low (the wholesale price is about 280w)

In terms of pvp, for ground units, Khan Jali’s suppression ability is still one of the best, almost able to crush infantry and other ground vehicles. However, in the eyes of the air unit, it is a moving coffin, and it is the second slowest moving coffin (the slowest rhino tank). Once it encounters the brother rabbit, there is no way to fight back. Butcher

But given its strong suppression of ground units, pvp still has a chance to play.

Similarly, it is not recommended to start with cute newbies, but you can consider buying in the mid-term. Compared with many toys, Khan Jali is still very practical.


Note: Droso cannot enter the robbery mission

For Mengxin, you can understand De Rosso as a two-seater Mark Rabbit. However, there is still a big difference between De Rosso and Mark Rabbit.

De Rosso’s advantages:

Can sit for two people

The missile is deadlocked and has a slightly larger capacity

The licking angle is greater

De Rosso’s disadvantages:


Really slow

The target is too big (live target for explosive sniper)

No counter system

For Pve players, De Rosso is obviously inferior to Mark Rabbit, because De Rosso’s flying speed is too slow (the speed of bicycle cards can be faster than it), so the efficiency of driving is far less than that of De Rosso, and the deadlock missile in PVE is not Obviously the advantage is that the Mark Rabbit’s missiles are completely sufficient, so De Rosso does not have much need to buy.

In pvp, the advantage of De Rosso’s deadlock missile can be realized, but the target of De Rosso is too large, it is easy to be hit by the explosion, and the appearance rate is still not very high.

However, De Rosso can sit two people. If a friend has just entered the pit and wants to help him with small tasks, then De Rosso should be the first choice.

Finally, Mengxin is not recommended to buy De Rosso.

6. rc tank (remote control small tank)

Note: rc tanks cannot enter the robbery mission

Note: The mechanism of rc tanks and traditional vehicles is slightly different

Operation mechanism: After purchase, you can call out the rc tank from the inventory of the m menu to operate the tank remotely. During the remote control, your main character will disappear, so others cannot kill you, and the rc tank will not display the position on the radar, so It can be used to steal people (but rc tanks can be locked and blown up by locked missiles), rc tanks are destroyed by others and counted as human heads, but you can exit the remote control at any time by pressing f (so quickly exit, you will not be killed ) Rc tank can jump, is small in size and very slow

The rc tank itself is a pvp-oriented toy, it is not recommended to buy it from Mengxin. rc tanks can be used to yin people, but generally after being yin once others use rc tanks, no one can kill anyone.

You can also use rc tanks to run away if you are hit, but be careful of being bombed by missiles

That’s all for the main armed vehicles on the opposite side. Let me briefly talk about some other vehicles that are worth starting with.

Half-track tank/apc/threat

These three are more similar to rebellions, and all weapons need to be controlled by multiple people. They have certain bullet-proof and bomb-proof performance, and their firepower is very good.

The specific differences are as follows:

Half-track: The firepower is stronger than the rebellion (both machine gun firepower), but the speed is much slower, the back is fully bulletproof, the weapon is fully bulletproof in the opposite direction, and the reverse is invincible. The biggest disadvantage is speed.

apc: better bulletproof (the windows are small, almost impossible to get in), stronger firepower (the weapon is a cannon, with unlimited ammunition, can be modified to burst rockets, but cannot be guided, and the ammunition is limited), amphibious, but water speed Very limited.

Threat: The performance is not as good as the rebellion, spicy chicken, except that it is a little more handsome (personal feeling).

Armed Tampa: Compared with the rebellion, it is not bulletproof or bomb-proof, but the weapon can be controlled by the pilot, and the firepower is a little bit stronger than the rebellion. Pve still has a certain practical value, but it is not bulletproof and needs to control the distance. Since the car is over, it’s cool. Do not recommend Mengxin purchase.

World Destroyer Thug 2000: It is used for pvp, and it is only useful for the mission version. It is basically a toy. It is rarely used for actual combat. It is not recommended to buy it.

Air vehicle

Since Xiaoniao talked about it before, I won’t talk about it here, but it may be used as a reference for comparison.

1. FH-1 hunter

It can be understood as two-person bird plus machine guns and salvo missiles. The first officer can use the machine gun. The damage is similar to that of an explosive sniper. The range is larger and the rate of fire is average. The pilot can control the missile, can switch between guidance and salvo, and the salvo can lick the ground, but there are certain requirements for operation.

The firepower of the hunter can be considered very strong, but it needs two people to maximize the output, and the price is high, and certain technical support is required.

2. Barbarians

Can be understood as a little bird plus a burst machine gun.

The weapon is controlled by the driver and can be switched between guided missiles and bursting machine guns. The bursting machine gun is roughly equivalent to a burst of explosions. The rate of fire is very fast, but it is relatively thin and requires a high level of operation.

Compared with the hunter, the barbarian has the advantage that a single player can maximize the output, and the upper limit of the cannon is high if the gun is used properly. Therefore, there are often the sayings of a single barbarian and a double hunter.

Compared with the hunter, the barbarian is more cost-effective, but it is still not low and has high requirements for control. Please choose carefully.(how to make money in gta 5 online)


It can be understood as a bird that can hide from radar

Compared with hunters and barbarians, Acura’s only advantage is hiding. It is suitable for relatively dark single players. This is still more useful in the current situation where helicopters are relatively weak.

But when it’s really sibi, Acura is no better than the above two models, and the price of Acura is not low, so be careful.

4. Valkyrie

It can be understood as a bird without missiles, but the organic artillery and two Vulcans require additional personnel to control each weapon.

The driver cannot control the weapon, it takes 4 people to maximize the output

Even if the output is maximized, in the current environment, it is still tasteless, and the price of Valkyrie is very high, so it is not recommended

In terms of fighter jets, I am personally very bad at it (because I haven’t practiced much). Fighters generally require high levels, so Mengxin can ignore it

Tiansha/Hydra/b11 Assault Force

Tiansha’s advantage lies in its small size, and its comprehensive control is more flexible than Hydra, and it will be more dominant in fighter dog fights.

The advantage of Hydra is that it can take off and land vertically, call locations more, more convenient, higher speed, and the horizontal rudder is more sensitive, and it is more convenient to lick the ground.

The advantage of b11 is that it is hard, its blood volume is much higher than that of other fighters. It has a salvo of missiles, which can suppress infantry when licking the ground. Its disadvantage is that it has slow speed at low altitude, and there is no laser cannon, only a bursting machine gun. Hit fighter(how to make money in gta 5 online)

Vehicle assets

Vehicle assets belong to both vehicles and assets, and their prices are generally high, and their role in the middle and late stages is also great.

In the game, the role of the purchase interface on the vehicle assets is not explained in detail, so I will mainly explain the various functions of the downloaded assets, so that the new ones who are ready to start make reasonable choices.

The Avengers

The Avengers are very similar to moc, and the common points are as follows:

1. Can modify mk2 weapons

2. Can modify armed vehicles

The two core functions of moc, the Avengers have

Of course there is a difference

The Avengers have disadvantages:

1. Cannot start the task of wholesale price of armed vehicles

2. The price is much higher

The Avengers have advantages:

1. It can fly, and can switch vertical take-off and landing, which is very convenient

2. There are 3 turrets, 360-degree fire coverage without dead ends, the full Avengers can be described as a big almost unsolvable killer in the battle, the firepower is very cruel, the Avengers themselves have very high blood volume, and the Avengers turrets are extremely far away. Range, almost no one can match

So it can be clearly seen that the Avengers’ advantages are basically reflected in pvp, so if you prefer pve and have limited funds, then it is recommended to buy moc first, if you want to play pvp, then it is recommended to buy both, what? No money? I don’t recommend playing pvp if I don’t have money.


Terrorist’s role is very different from moc and the Avengers

Terrorist and moc/Avenger have something in common:

1. There is a weapon tower (must be modified)

2. The mk2 weapon can be modified (must studio to be modified)

Disadvantages of Terrorism:

1. Cannot modify armed vehicles

2. Can’t open the task of armed vehicle wholesale price

The advantages of Terrorism:

1. Customer errands can be opened (the reward is not bad, and the wholesale price of Mark Rabbit can be unlocked at the same time) (Unlocking Mark Rabbit needs to complete 5 customer errands, and the same errand can be repeated 5 times)

2. Able to refit Mark Rabbit (loading tool studio must be added)

3. The ceo warehouse can be opened anytime and anywhere to pull goods, ceo steals cars, bunkers steal raw materials, and motorcycles help steal raw materials. This facilitates the process to a certain extent and speeds up the efficiency of making money.

4. UAV can be used (drone station must be modified) (for no eggs)

5. Can scan player information (useless)

Horror can almost be said to be a vehicle asset tailored for Mark Rabbit. Almost all of its unique features are related to Mark Rabbit.

For Mengxin, Terrorist should have the highest priority among all vehicle assets. After all, Marktu’s priority is also the highest among all vehicles. What’s more, Terrorist can accelerate the efficiency of making money, and the efficiency of making money is also This is the issue that Mengxin cares most about.

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Moreover, compared to the modification of armed vehicles, Mengxin’s need for modification of both mk2 weapons is generally greater, because the basis of the modification of armed vehicles is to buy armed vehicles, and the modification of mk2 weapons is to upgrade on the basis of the original weapons, although both Both are more expensive, but the mk2 weapon has a lower foundation and wider versatility, so the fear of bullying is still very worth starting for Mengxin

However, the prerequisite for purchasing Terrorism is a nightclub. This threshold is not low, and a reasonable budget must be made.(how to make money in gta 5 online)

Galaxy Super Yacht:

This thing is purely a toy, bought later when the money was too much and there was no place for flowers.

Specific role: none

It’s not nothing, probably a low-level apartment on the sea (no robbery missions) plus physical invincibility (the yacht has an air defense system, and all units close to it will be instantly killed as long as it is not an external plug-in. Of course, people are not invincible on the yacht. Yes, you may be sniped to death, but others cannot approach you).

I won’t introduce it specifically. When you have spare money to buy this stuff, you won’t care what it is for.

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