How to Make money on Hideout TV? Watch videos to Make money

How to make money on Hideout TV? In recent years, we have enjoyed watching YouTube videos with various contents.

But the problem is that you can’t really make money by watching videos, unless you are a user like Paid2YouTube, you will get 0.005 cents for every video you watch.

However, there is a website for creators to create channels and publish all their videos, and let their viewers earn points by watching them.

This website is called Hideout TV. The following is an introduction to how to make money on Hideout TV by watching videos.

Hideout TV is owned and operated by Adscend Media and was established in 2009 in Austin, Texas. The video platform features creator videos, and users can get rewards for watching videos. The company claims-“There is no more boring content.

There are no more low-quality uploads. Why?

At Hideout TV, they carefully select all creators and curate all videos, so that you can access massive video libraries, which are always interesting “At present, there is only one website, an “early access” Android application, and there is also an Amazon Fire version.

What is Hideout TV?

Hideout TV is a video viewing platform where viewers can view cooking demonstrations, music videos, video game demonstration sharing and other favorite videos, and receive rewards from trusted and loyal partners.

On Hideout TV, you can:

  • – Browse – Check channels and videos and choose the video you want to watch
  • – Participate – Like, feedback, subscribe and social share
  • – Respond – Choose an emoji to match your feelings about the video
  • – Earn -Earn points by watching videos and advertisements

It is very similar to YouTube, but they are more selective about which creators are accepted into the program.

What types of video channels does Hideout TV provide now?

You can choose to watch a variety of different video categories.

The different categories of videos you can find include:

  • – Adventure
  • – celebrities
  • – food
  • – gambling
  • – humor
  • – movies
  • – technical seminars
  • – music

and many more

How to start Hideout TV?

how to make money on hideout tv

As I mentioned, they currently have websites and basic Android apps.

The registration method is as follows:
1. You can click here to enter the website registration
2. You only need to enter a user name, enter your email and password, accept the verification code and agree to the terms.
3. After email confirmation, you have successfully registered.
4. Close the browser. You can also open the Hideout TV application.
5. Enter your new account information in the app.
6. You are now registered and can start earning points.

How can I make money on Hideout TV?

There are several ways to earn points on Hideout TV.

1. Watch the video

All Hideout TV videos will give you bonus points, so no matter which video you choose to watch, you will get points. The reward amount depends on the video, but the most common one I have seen is 3.3 points.

2. Hideout TV provides daily promo codes every day

Start watching the video and click the “Reward” button below the video every day to view the filled one-time code in the “Code” box. Just click “Add” and you will be rewarded up to 9 points.

3. Refer a friend

When you recommend a friend to Hideout TV, there is a level reward system.

The level reward system is:

  • recommend 1-20 friends: 5% of their income
  • recommend 21-100 friends: 7.5% of their income
  • recommend 101-500 friends: 10% of their income
  • recommend more than 500 friends: what they earn 15%

These rewards are separate from your viewing points and need to be added to your balance manually.

Can I become a content creator?

In Hideout TV, creators are highly valued because of their content, they can get more “opportunities to be viewed and participate”, and get higher and unique remuneration.

Adscend Media employees review everything from creator approval to content quality screening to ensure compliance with “brand safety standards.” The benefits of joining Hideout TV include:

  • – Earn income for every viewing of your videos
  • – Reach a large global audience
  • – Custom channels for posting videos, adding a profile and promoting your other links
  • – Feedback and comments Improve your content

Hideout TV does not allow nudity, pornography, sexual content, violence, hate speech, and types of content that are not normally allowed on most social or video sharing platforms. Small doses of profanity are allowed, but not encouraged. Joining is free, you only need to register to become a creator.

How much can I make as a content creator?

As a content creator with your own page on Hideout TV, you may want to know how much money you can make.

First of all, they have a rating plan. Which rating you belong to depends on your past performance on other video platforms (YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram); and your potential to create compelling material (determined by Hideout TV).

The different levels and their rewards are:
Classic Creator-a custom channel with a fictitious URL, which is eligible for the “Weekly Popular” raffle, 75,000 views to win the next level.

Classic Creator Plus-the same benefits as the classic, staff email interviews, channel announcements, 5 video placements in related categories, and more than 75,000 views will win the next level.

Featured Creator – Same benefits as Classic plus, earning income based on views, featured placements on the homepage, 15 video placements in related categories, and custom traffic generated by Hideout TV to generate promotions.

You can increase the level through certain thresholds-views, likes, shares, etc.

To make money on Hideout TV, you need to become a Featured Creator and pay you using CPM based on video views. This means you earn a fixed amount for every 1,000 views. You can only receive compensation through PayPal, and you must first earn at least $50.

How do I get paid?

First, in order to be able to receive your compensation, you first need to establish contact with one of their reward partners. These partners include: InstaGC, BitCoinGet, Points Prizes, Prize Rebel, Unique Rewards, and others. 

You can register with these partners for free. After registering with a partner, you can choose your payment method from them.

For example, if you choose InstaGC, your payment options are:
free gift card; direct deposit; Bitcoin; USD prepaid Visa card; e-check; Paypal.

Your accumulated income will be converted into your partner’s currency type (points, coins, etc.). This conversion varies from partner to partner, and you can see your partner’s total credit amount before deciding to cash out.

In the case of InstaGC, it is converted to 9 points = 0.7 InstaGC points. You redeem it on the rewards website, not through the website.

Pros and cons of Hideout TV

After using the Hideout TV website and Android app for a few days, here are the pros and cons of Hideout TV.


  • – Unique video content and themes.
  • – Earn points every time you watch the video.
  • – Short videos – most videos are 3 to 4 minutes in length.


  • – Cannot mute ads (live) or videos (on Android).
  • – Lack of subtitles and difficult to watch quietly or at work (without headphones).
  • – Income – 3.3 points per video, but the conversion rate depends on the choice Partner.

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