How to Make Paper in Minecraft | Minecraft Paper Recipes

Minecraft paper recipes: how to make paper in minecraft?

Paper in Minecraft

Paper is an ancient element of Minecraft, which has returned to Alpha. It was originally used in the game to create original books, but was later used in other ways

It can be used for cards, banner designs and more! It has become a valuable and essential item in the world of survival and multiplayer.

Paper is one of the many Minecraft resources that players have been using for some time. However, those who have left the sandbox or are just new to the user may not know how to get the paperwork in Minecraft.

Keep in mind that it is possible to find or create by exploring the gigantic open world in which you are located, or simply by crafting it.

How to make paper in minecraft?

Making paper in Minecraft is very easy. All you have to do is place three candy canes in the middle row of the crafting grid . This will give you paper!

Tasty paper, by the sound of it. You can make a bunch of things out of paper, including cards, banner designs, and books. There are two different types of maps in Minecraft: normal maps that show an area, and location maps.

To make them, fill the crafting squares with paper to create a regular map or circle a compass in the center square with paper to create a location map.

How to see paper in minecraft?

It is possible to make paper yourself in Minecraft . For that, nothing simpler, since in addition to an established, it is necessary to have three units of sugar cane.

This is not the rarest element in the game, as we very often find it near water points. You can also easily cultivate them, always planting them on a block that touches the water.

When you have three units of candy cane, open the workbench and place so as to fill in the bottom boxes, as shown in the image below:

how to make paper in minecraft

In This way you will always get three units of paper. 

Minecraft paper recipes

To make paper in Minecraft, you need to get sugar cane. The plant is located near various bodies of water and is collected by hand. If desired, the player will be able to grow it on their own. Reeds in Minecraft are planted next to water.

It is considered grown when it reaches three blocks in height. Reed growth can be accelerated with bone meal. After collecting it, the player will be able to make the necessary paper. An easily mined resource is available to anyone.

minecraft paper recipes
minecraft paper recipes

Sugar Cane

It grows near the water and you can grow it yourself. To grow it, you need to take several blocks of sand and pour it into a bucket of water. We dig out the ground and put in the sand. Next, we pour sand into the hole, and put a reed on it.

It should be collected like this: We cut down everything except the roots (the first block from which the reed itself grows). To make it grow faster, you need to fertilize it with bone meal. It is made from bones in a workbench.

More precisely from one bone. Just place it in the center of your workbench. You can get them by killing the skeleton. Usually drops out in two or three pieces.

Location map recipe

To make banner designs , you will need a sheet of paper and an object to act as an emblem for the design. So, for example, if you want to create a banner that displays the Mojang logo, place a sheet of paper on the left and an enchanted golden apple in the center.

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