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How to make stickers for whatsapp? Learn how to make your own whatsapp stickers?

How to make a sticker for WhatsApp?

How to make stickers? In most messaging applications, it is now common to have stickers or “stickers” other than emoji. With a clear background / transparent background, these images are larger and more diverse than emoji. In some cases they may even be animated.

So far, however, a limited number of stickers have also been available. It is not possible to add stickers yourself and you have to be satisfied with the list available.

How to make your own stickers? The WhatsApp app has decided to brighten the lives of its users, allowing them to make your own stickers. For now, the device is only available in web versions, but it should then reach the PC app.

WhatsApp launched a new animated stickers feature

WhatsApp recently launched a new animated stickers feature for all users. This feature allows users to send stickers on the go to their contacts. WhatsApp offers four animated sticker packs for users to download. But beyond that, you can make your own animated stickers for WhatsApp.

Remember that in order to send animated stickers, you need to update your app. WhatsApp must have version 2.20194.16 or higher for Android and version 2.20.70 or higher for iOS. To do this, go to Google Play Store or Apple App Store and update the app.

Also be aware that the animated sticker only plays once, not endlessly loop. To replay you will have to scroll up and down. The WhatsApp animated stickers can also be seen on the web version. However, you cannot access the sticker store or download a sticker pack from the web version of Messenger.

How to Make Animated Stickers for Whatsapp in a Few Minutes?

The making of stickers is especially easy. To create your sticker, just go to the WhatsApp web version and then click on the paperclip icon at the bottom left of the screen, where you write your message. Then you must select the sticker option and select the image in PNG format to maintain transparency.

Once the image is selected, a customization menu will open with some simple tools It is possible to crop the image or surround the part of the image you want to keep.

It is also possible to draw a picture on an image and add text, emoji and … stickers to your sticker. Once the settings are complete, just send the sticker to appear in the chat.

To be able to continue using it easily on computers and phones, long-press the sticker in the chat and tap the star icon shown above. Personalized stickers will now be easily available in any chat.

Similarly, it is possible to save your friends stickers for reuse elsewhere. Saved selected stickers will appear in the “favorites” tab of the sticker.

How to turn GIF into animated stickers for WhatsApp?

The good news is that if you are using an Android phone, it is possible to convert part of the image of a GIF into a sticker which, while not animated, can increase your collection of packages on WhatsApp. Then see how to convert part of GIF to WhatsApp sticker.

How to convert GIF to WhatsApp sticker?

The process of converting a GIF to an animated sticker is similar to the process of making an inanimate sticker, but it includes other processes.Prepare the images to turn them into stickers

1. Download the Gifs you want to turn into stickers. An example of a site where you can download these Gifs is at

2. You will now need to convert your Gifs to Webp images. For this, I recommend that you use the site.

3. In Ezgif, upload your GIF image to “Download image from your computer”, then click “Download”.

4. After that, check the “lossy” box and click “Convert to Webp”.

5. Click the second box, “Resize” to resize.

Warning: As you may have noticed, 512 x 512 pxl is a square image of less than 300 kb.

6.In the box “If the proportions do not match”, you can choose the option “Center and crop to fit”, “Stretch to fit” or “Force the original aspect radius” (force the proportions of ‘origin).

7.After choosing the option suitable for your image, click on “Resize image”.

8.Scroll down and you will see what your gif image looks like. If all is well, click Save (last box below) to save the image.

Tip: If your gif is more than 300 kb, click on the “Optimize” box and reduce the image quality (Quality) then click on “Optimize image” then on “Save”.

  1. Confirm the download of the image to your device and do it for all the stickers you want to create.

With your GIFs converted to Webp, let’s create an animated sticker for WhatsApp

1. First, download the Sticker Maker app for WhatsApp from Google Play Store (Android only). Warning: If the message below appears, click on “Install anyway” .

2. Open the Sticker Maker program and grant the app the necessary permissions to access your images;

3. On the new screen, tap the “+” icon at the bottom.

4. Click where it says “To add a new sticker pack, click here”.

5. Now create a name for your new sticker pack and enter your name in Creator, then click “Ok”.

6. After creating the package, you must choose a static image to be the icon for this package.

7. After choosing your icon, click on “Add a sticker”;

  1. Now select at least three images for your sticker pack. You can create animated stickers and static stickers together.
  2. Click Add to WhatsApp, then click “Add” to confirm adding the package to the app.

Okay, just open your WhatsApp as usual and look for the new pack with animated stickers.

WhatsApp can bring updates with animated stickers in an endless loop
Looks like WhatsApp is working to bring infinite looping to its animated stickers.

In a video shared by WABetaInfo, an animated sticker on WhatsApp appears in an infinite loop i.e. they keep moving. There is still no official confirmation of when this update will arrive on WhatsApp.

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