How to make stickers: Easy way to make stickers

How to make stickers: Stickers that have been used by a wide range of generations, both now and in the past. It can be used for various purposes, such as when it is attached to an individual’s item and used as a “marker“, or when information is posted as a “promotion” for a company or store.

However, if you are not familiar with stickers, you may be at a loss as to how to use them.
Actually, there are different types of stickers, and knowing their uses will greatly expand their usage. 

On this site, for those who have not used stickers very much, we will introduce the basic knowledge of stickers, how to use stickers, and how to make original stickers!

What is the difference between a “sticker” and a “sticker”?

how to make stickers

“Stickers” and “stickers” are often used interchangeably, but they actually have different characteristics. “Sticker” is a word derived from stick (verb: stick), and as the name suggests, it is made for the purpose of sticking easily. 

That is why the material is made of vinyl chloride, PET, aluminum vapor deposition, etc. so that it can be used outside without problems.

On the other hand, the “seal” was originally created for the purpose of being attached as a mark when the letter was sealed. 

Nowadays, some of them have been devised in design and material so that they can be attached to various things, but basically many of them are paper-based and are vulnerable to water, so it can be said that it is better to use them for indoor use. I will.

Making your own stickers is surprisingly easy! Easy to create at convenience stores and smartphones!

“I want to make my own original sticker, but how can I make it?”

If you have such a problem, don’t worry.

In fact, it’s surprisingly easy to make your own stickers.

But if you want to make your own stickers, you don’t want to fail and you want to know how easy it is, right?

So this time, I will introduce in detail how to make your own stickers.

If you have a smartphone, you can easily create fashionable design data, so please check it out!

How to print and make stickers yourself

First, let’s take a closer look at some of the ways you can print and make stickers yourself.

Print with your home printer and make your own

If you have a printer at home, you can print the design you made on your computer.

This time, I will introduce the easiest way to make it by printing directly on commercially available sticker paper!

Please refer to the following for the main ingredients and how to make.


  • printer
  • Commercial sticker paper
  • Scissors
  • Cutter (design cutter is recommended)
  • Cutter mat

You can make your own original stickers even with 100% of the materials.

It is also helpful when you want to make your own with your child, or when you want to make a prototype first!

How to make

  1. Prepare a design for stickers
  2. Load commercially available sticker paper in the printer
  3. Check various settings and start printing!
  4. Sticker is printed
  5. Leave for a while to dry the ink
  6. When the ink dries, cut it with scissors or a cutter and it’s done!

If you choose paper with high water resistance, it will get wet!

If you plan to print at home, we recommend choosing paper that is highly water resistant.

If the paper has high water resistance, it will not bleed even if it gets wet a little after the ink dries.

For example, if you inadvertently spill your drink or it rains outdoors, you can rest assured.

It’s a must-have item if you want to stick it on something you take out or use outdoors, such as a smartphone or bicycle!

You can also design with a smartphone app!

Now you can also create sticker designs with your smartphone app.

Here are two apps that are useful for sticker design.

Crop Pro

Crop Pro is an image cropping app for iPhone that allows you to crop only the part of the original image you want to use.

You can easily create an original image by combining the cropped image with hundreds of prepared backgrounds!

It takes some getting used to, but if you’re particular about the finish, it’s worth a try.

Label shop

Label shop is a free application provided by A-One, which is known as a manufacturer of various printer papers.

Easy-to-understand operations and abundant templates make it easy to create great-looking sticker designs.

There is also a WEB version, so it is safe for people who are easier to design with a personal computer.

There are also easy-to-understand videos on the homepage, so it’s kind to those who operate it for the first time!

Print at a convenience store and make your own

If you create design data, you can also use the network print function of the convenience store.

Even if you don’t have a printer at home, this is safe!

Procedure for making stickers by convenience store printing

Please see the following for the specific method of making.

The following is the case when using “Network Print Service” at Lawson.

  1. Prepare design data for stickers
  2. Register as a member of the network printer service
  3. Upload design data to a dedicated site
  4. Go to a convenience store
  5. Enter the user number on the screen of the multi-copy machine
  6. Touch “Sticker Paper” on the paper selection screen
  7. Touch “L size” or “2L size”
  8. When printing is executed, it is printed on the sticker paper
  9. Take it home and cut it if necessary

It ‘s even easier if you use the network print smartphone app .

By the way, if you print a sticker paper, it costs about 200 to 300 yen per sheet.

Some stores may not be able to select sticker paper, so check in advance before visiting.

Make your own with a cutting machine

If you want to make a full-fledged sticker yourself, check out how to use a cutting machine.

Recommended for those who need to make a large amount of their own and want to make it while sticking to all the processes.

For example, brother’s scan cut is useful for making stickers on a cutting machine that plays the three roles of design, scan, and cut.

There are many ways to use it other than stickers, so if you want to make various things yourself, you can bring it with you.

However, the bottleneck is that the initial cost is high because the main unit price is about tens of thousands of yen and there is also the expense of consumables.

Also, since it is a stationary type, it may be a disadvantage that you need a place to put it.

How to ask an original goods producer

If you want to make stickers, it is also recommended to ask an original goods producer.

What are the benefits of asking a vendor?

Asking a contractor to make a sticker has the following advantages.

  • The finish is absolutely beautiful
  • You can save yourself the trouble of cutting
  • Free from the anxiety of failure
  • You can save time and effort to make
  • You can flexibly handle from small lots to large orders
  • Some companies can design with dedicated software

How and how do you ask a vendor to make a sticker?

If you ask a vendor to make a sticker, proceed as follows.

  1. Think about which vendor to ask
  2. Get a quote for sticker making from a vendor
  3. Formally request if there is no problem with the contents of the quotation
  4. Create and send design data
  5. The vendor creates a sticker with reference to the design data and order details.
  6. You will receive a sticker

What is the best pattern to ask a vendor?

Recently, there are some companies that can request production from one piece, but basically, we order dozens or more pieces.

Therefore, it is especially recommended when you want a certain amount of quantity.

For example, I would like to introduce a pattern that you should ask a contractor in such a case!

I want to put it on all my belongings!

If you make your favorite sticker, you will want to put it on all your belongings.

In such a case, you will need a lot of stickers.

It’s hard to make a lot of stickers with the same quality, so it’s a good idea to ask a vendor!

I want to distribute it to my close friends!

It is also convenient to ask a contractor when you want to distribute stickers to close people such as friends and circle friends.

If you make a lot, you won’t be in a hurry to say “not enough!”

If you have a sticker with a nice design between like-minded friends, you will feel more like a friend and it will be fun!

I want to make novelty goods in the store!

If you have a store, it’s nice to make original novelty goods.

It is also good to give it to customers who have purchased more than a certain amount, or distribute it as a memorial.

If the sticker design is nice, you can expect the effect of attracting customers!

I want to sell it as original goods!

Once you have a design that makes you think, “This is well done!”, It would be nice to sell it as original goods!

But when it comes to selling, you’re worried about quality.

To sell with confidence, ask a vendor who guarantees a high quality finish!

Original sticker lab is recommended!

If you want to make original stickers, we recommend the popular original sticker lab!

I would like to introduce what you specifically recommend!

What are the benefits of asking the original sticker lab?

The reason why the original sticker lab is popular with many people is that it has the following merits.

  • Beautiful finish with solvent inkjet printing!
  • Durability and water resistance are perfect!
  • You can choose transparent or white background according to your preference!
  • 3 easy steps to select, quote and order a product!
  • You can make it in 10 business days at the shortest!
  • Highly rated for other original goods such as T-shirts and mugs!

How to make your own handmade label sticker water resistant

The 100% label sticker does not have a water resistant vinyl cover sticker.

Label stickers that are not water resistant will have water droplets and the characters will blur if used around water.

Therefore, I tried to make it water resistant by myself using a wide vinyl tape for packing 100%.

First, attach a wide vinyl tape to the entire surface of the label sticker you made.

how to make stickers

Then cut the vinyl tape with scissors, leaving a few millimeters of margin around the label sticker.

how to make stickers

Finally, peel off the film on the back of the label sticker and attach it to the IKEA bottle to complete your own water-resistant label sticker.

How to make stickers: Easy way to make stickers

I refilled the dishwashing detergent and used it for a while, but even if it got wet, the ink did not bleed if I wiped it off.

Even a wide cellophane tape was as effective as petit water resistance, but if it is better to have a solid appearance and water resistance, it is better to use a label sticker with water resistance processing.

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