How To Make Sweet Cream Cold Foam: Step By Step

How to make sweet cream cold foam?

What is “cream”? How to choose?

Cream is defined by the law of the Ministry of Milk, etc. as “raw milk / milk or special milk from which ingredients other than milk fat have been removed  and is referred to as “cream (dairy product)” . (Other products are displayed as “foods made mainly from milk, etc.” )

The word “cream” used in this corner is added as “cream (dairy product)” without additives. It refers to both “foods made from milk, etc.” that contain foods and vegetable fats .(how to make sweet cream cold foam)

How to make sweet cream cold foam?

How to make sweet cream cold foam? Fresh cream that is indispensable for making sweets. Whisk until the weapons stand! Many people may think that, but the sweets that are suitable depend on the hardness of the cream. 

We will introduce in detail the state of fresh cream with each hardness of 6 minutes, 7 minutes and 8 minutes and recommended recipes with videos and images.

Basic information (200 ml)

  • Cooking time: 20 minutes
  • Cost: Around 300 yen
  • Calories: 903 kcal
  • Salt: 0.6 g


  • Fresh cream 200ml
  • Granulated sugar 20g
  • Appropriate amount of ice water


① Check the equipment to be used

When whipping the cream, prepare two bowls.

  • Bowl whipping cream
  • Bowl for ice water

Make sure the bowl for whipping the cream is smaller than the bowl for ice water.

If even a single drop of water or oil is in the bowl and whisk, the cream will separate and will not foam well. Make sure that there is no water or oil on it.

② Keep the cream cold

Fresh cream is easy to separate if it is not cooled well, so keep it in the refrigerator until just before.


First, fill the bowl for ice water with ice water.

Put a bowl of whipped cream in a bowl of ice water to keep the bowl chilled.

how to make sweet cream cold foam

Put the chilled cream in a bowl.

how to make sweet cream cold foam

Add granulated sugar there.(how to make sweet cream cold foam)

How to choose sugar?

The basic idea when choosing sugar is to “choose one that does less damage to the cream.”
Granulated sugar, white sugar, powdered sugar, and frosted sugar are easy to dissolve, so you can add them from the beginning and whisk.

If you want to use it at home, there are brown sugar and sanon tou, but these are hard to dissolve, so put them in cream and leave them in ice water for 10 to 15 minutes before whipping.

For solid types such as sardine sugar, which is more difficult to dissolve, put it in a liquid cream and leave it in ice water for about 30 minutes before whipping.

In addition, for syrup, chocolate syrup, peanut butter and other concentrated substances, the cream will be easier to separate, so whisk for about 5 to 6 minutes, and for heavier jam, whisk for about 7 minutes before adding.

Jam with strong acidity is easy to separate, so it is better to stop it.

how to make sweet cream cold foam

Whisk with a whisk so that the whole is filled with air.

6 minutes

best cream making

The 6-minute stand is a state in which the whole is thickened, and when it is scooped up with a whisk, it runs down and the traces of the run-off disappear immediately. The 6-minute cream is suitable for use on soft dough such as bavarois.

7 minutes

Mix a little more and scoop up with a whisk, and the cream will fall off, and the traces of the fall will accumulate and slowly disappear for 7 minutes. The 7-minute cream is suitable for applying to the sponge of decoration cakes.

8 minutes stand

If you whisk it further and scoop it up, it will drop off for 8 minutes. Eight-minute cream is the right hardness to squeeze out for decoration.

What if I put too much cream on it?

If you overcook the cream, add a small amount of fresh cream and mix to soften it. 

However, if you stand too much for 8 minutes and the cream becomes lumpy, it will be difficult to repair, so be careful not to stand too much.

Let’s see how to whip cream in the video

Source: YouTube

Tips for whipping cream well!

The basis of whipping is to control the temperature well.The cream is temperature sensitive. If you whip a hot cream, it will harden before you embrace the air bubbles and become lumpy.

To make a clean and delicious whipped cream, put it in the fridge and chill it well, then use a cold, clean utensil to sprinkle it with ice water and whisk it. The point here is that the cream foams with the air in the room. 

In other words, even if the cream is cold, if the room temperature is high, the temperature of the foamed cream will be high.

Be careful, especially in summer, as the room temperature tends to rise.

After whipping, it is also effective to wrap the bowl and put it in the refrigerator with ice to lower the temperature.

Speaking of tools, stainless steel balls are cool and easy to use, but if the whipper is also stainless steel, black lumps may come up, so glass balls are recommended. Especially, it is not good to grind the bottom of the ball with a hand mixer.

Now, the trick to whipping cream well is to stop it a little before the hardness you want to use when the whipping is finished.

Then, just before applying or squeezing, whisk again to bring it to the best condition.

When using a hand mixer, select a blade with as thin a needle as possible and a large number of blades so that the whole is foamed evenly.

How to make milk foam for coffee at home?

Milk. An essential element for the most purist coffee growers because it only serves to “adulterate” the taste and aromas of freshly brewed coffee; A fundamental part for many other coffee lovers because it balances its flavor, lengthens the experience of having a coffee, or simply provides nuances that an espresso cannot provide by itself.

Whether in the form of velvety milk cream to finish off a delicious flat white , or in its more frothy version topping cappuccinos or macchiatos , milk plays a very important role in the process of making a cup of coffee. And best of all: it is not necessary to go to a specialty cafeteria to prepare the milk to our liking.

Just as making coffee at home can be gratifying due to the variety of manual coffee machines available on the market, heating milk without resorting to a professional steamer is possible thanks to the mixers, frothing jugs and other accessories that require little effort in their execution and they bring a huge qualitative leap in our preparations.

At we have compiled the most interesting tricks for making milk foam at home, from the most rudimentary to the most sophisticated. Take note and use the method that you like best to finish your cup of coffee properly.

With airtight bottle

If we don’t have any gadget to froth the milk on hand, we throw away the home remedy and that’s it. You just need a jar with a hermetic seal to shake the milk for 30 seconds, and a microwave so that the heat thickens the milk as we like it so much. 

Another option that consists of manually shaking a container, although to use this you have to go through the box first, is the Hario Latte Shaker : its main disadvantage is the 70 ml capacity, so if you want to prepare more than one cup of coffee you will have need to refill and shake the container. It cannot be heated in the microwave either …

With battery-powered foamer

This method consists of beating the milk with a foaming mixer while we heat it over low heat to generate those tiny air bubbles that will give the milk that characteristic thickness. 

This option is recommended for example by the blogger Francisco Becerro in Con Mucha Gula for being a cheap and practical alternative to cream milk. 

Calf recommends using semi-skimmed milk at room temperature because it is easier to froth. Nicolás Artusi, better known as Coffee Sommelier , recommends pouring the coffee and the milk foam into the cup at the same time to achieve a perfect result.

With manual milk frother jug

A very interesting manual option for those of us who make coffee at home is a frothing jug with a plunger, such as the Tuttocrema by Bialetti , or the Bodum Latteo . 

This gadget has a handle on top of which you will have to pull a few times upwards and several times downwards so that the mesh located at the other end generates a soft foam with which to crown your espresso.

With heater and electric milk frother

The electric skimmers available on the market are many and varied ( Fomini Case , Severin ). They fulfill the double function of heating and frothing the milk, they are very easy to use and prepare the milk to your liking in the blink of an eye. 

Its biggest drawback is the price, between 50 and 150 euros, depending on its capacity and benefits, but it is worth it if you give a lot of importance to the temperature and the texture of the milk, and prefer to give a button to manual efforts.

With the Nespresso Aeroccino

The Aeroccino is another electric solution that heats and froths milk, this time high-end and from the well-known Nespresso house. 

In addition to its peculiar design, the Aeroccino has the ability to churn the milk in less than 70 seconds to give your coffees that creamy density that some coffee growers seek so much.

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