How To Play Cuphead Online Co-Op: Tutorial and Trailer

How to play cuphead online Co Op? Know the details about Cuphead online game and read the complete article about “how to play cuphead online Co Op”.

Cuphead online game is a running and shooting action game that emphasizes opponent combat. Inspired by a 1930s comic, the visual and audio effects were painstakingly created and with the same technique as that time, i.e. hand-made cartoons on Celluloid, backdrops watercolor shots and original jazz sound recordings.

Play as Cuphead online game (single player or local co-op mode) as you navigate a strange world, learning new moves, accumulating new weapons, & uncovering secret hiding places while paying off your debts. Devil!

Cuphead Online Co Op Details

Release dateApril 18, 2019
Playersup to 2 players
KindIndie, Platform, Action, Arcade
File size3.3 GB
DeveloperMDHR Studio
EditorMDHR Studio
LanguagesJapanese, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, English

Nintendo switch version of the cuphead, enjoys bought immediately.I wanted to clear everything during Golden Week, but I can’t beat the last boss.

Since the Switch is a long-awaited system game machine to play with everyone, cup How can also head fun when two people play, I did not know the first that way. The key input can be changed from the setting after startup, but the 2P setting is not there. I was a little worried, so make a note.

The point is not to press L + R on this screen, but to press SL + SR (button on the charging terminal side) of Joy-Con that you want to make 1P. Now you can operate with only one joy-con.

You don’t have to do this separately, but if you do something with the other Joy-Con, the words “Press L + R to join” will appear in the lower right corner.

So, if you press SL + SR of the other Joy-Con, you can participate in 2P.

By the way, you can break in not only on the map but also in the middle of the stage, but in that case the life will be 1.

In two-player play (cooperative play or multiplayer ?), The attack power of each person seems to decrease, and the barrage increases too much, and on the contrary, the difficulty level increases, but it is great to be helped by Parry. I also recommend it because it’s fun.

how to play cuphead online

Steps to Play Cuphead Online Co Op with Nvidia Experience

(you must have a PC game and an Nvidia graphics card of generation 600 or more on the “host” PC)

  1. Open Geforce Experience and go to Settings / Configurations (or parameters)
  2. Select ”  Activate experimental features  “
  3. Activate ”  Sharing /  Overlay” (overlay)
  4. Launch your game ( Cuphead in our case) on the host PC
  5. In game press Alt + Z (or GeForce Exp shortcut of your choice)
  6. Go to the options overlay ( overlay ) and STREAM ( broadcast )
  7. accept a friend join the party ( YES )
  8. Close and re-open the overlay ( ALT + Z )
  9. (new options will appear: STREAM / DIFFUSER )
  10. Click on it and select ”  GUEST CONTROLS  “
  11. Choose ”  play with me  ” (you can also share the controller and watch the other)
  12. Press STREAM again and accept to copy the invitation address
  13. you have it in the clipboard!
  14. paste the address to your friend to invite (CTRL + V)
  15. he must have CHROME installed and accept the Nvidia plugin only once
  16. The plugin opens at the guest and he should see the game screen
  17. You are in COOP! [TRUMPETS + HORN]

Finally, to allow the guest to also play the PAD, it will be necessary to go through a software like JOY2KEY:



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