How To Remove Eyelash Extensions Safely?

How to remove eyelash extensions: Although the eyelashes are extended and maintained for a long time, they need to be removed after 1-3 weeks. For this, special cosmetics are used called debonders or remouvers

It is important to use high-quality and safe remedies to remove extended eyelashes, which do not cause allergic reactions and irritation to the delicate skin of the eyelids.

What is eyelash extention ?

Eyelash extensions is a technology that attaches one artificial eyelash to one self-eyelash. We will attach artificial eyelashes using a special adhesive (glue).

You can make your eyelashes look longer or increase their volume!(how to remove eyelash extensions)

how to remove eyelash extensions

A good way to eliminate stretchable eyelashes

Most products considered by professional cosmetics companies are based on natural ingredients that gently dissolve glue, but do not contain aggressive ingredients.

Recommended eyelash removal method:

  • Cody makeup remover mascara;
  • Evobond Debonder AD-1;
  • Dolce Vita eyelash makeup remover;
  • Ardell eyelashes free makeup remover;
  • Lidan Debonder;
  • I-Beauty eyelash extension remover;
  • Global termination;
  • Cabinet makeup remover;
  • Lady Victory Debonder;
  • Starlet Debonder;
  • Beautier Cream Lash Remover;
  • Messi pink makeup remover eyelashes;
  • Shery Cream Remover for eyelash extension;
  • Sakura Whip Remover;
  • Vie De Luxe eyelash extension;
  • Glams Cream removes makeup and extends eyelashes.

How to remove eyelash extensions at home?

how to remove eyelash extensions

Apart from Professional beauty products, you can remove eyelashes by yourself without buying a debander.

The easiest way is to apply castor oil or burdock oil to the eyelids and wash it off with a cotton pad containing a mild detergent after a few minutes. This tool is not as effective as a dedicated remover, but it is safer.

Another option for this method is to use a fat cream. The method of use is similar to removing eyelashes with vegetable oil, only in this case, the exposure time (up to 10 minutes) will increase.

What is the difference between false eyelashes and false eyelashes?

False eyelashes glue the already completed eyelashes to your eyes. False eyelashes are equipped with artificial eyelashes one by one, resulting in a more natural finish. The feature is that it does not need to be removed every day and is difficult to remove.

What is difference between false eyelashes and eyelash perms?

Along with false eyelashes, the popular menu is eyelash perm. This is completely different. False eyelashes are used to attach artificial eyelashes, while eyelash perms are intended to heat and curl your own eyelashes. If you are interested in eyelash perm, check out the following articles as well.

What are the benefits of eyelash extensions?

Since the mounting part is inconspicuous, the advantage is that it is finished naturally. Makeup time can be shortened, and there is no need to remove it every day like false eyelashes.

It is resistant to sweat and sebum, so you don’t have to worry about it coming off easily.

Are there any disadvantages to eyelash extensions?

False eyelashes that are basically painless and easy to put on. However, the adhesive (glue) that attaches the artificial eyelashes may cause an allergic reaction.( how to remove eyelash extensions)If you’re worried, it’s better to do a patch test before the procedure.

Furthermore, like false eyelashes and mascara, the eyelashes are damaged compared to the natural state. Don’t pull or rub it forcibly and take care in the right way.

How long should I replace false eyelashes?

The average holding of false eyelashes is 3 to 4 weeks. It takes about 2 weeks at the longest to stay clean when wearing false eyelashes, and it is reduced to less than half in 3 to 4 weeks.

However, there are individual differences, and there are significant differences depending on the method of care after that. “

Does the number of false eyelashes differ depending on the number of false eyelashes attached?

The number of false eyelashes you put on does not make a difference, but the smaller the number of false eyelashes you put on, the wider the intervals between false eyelashes, and the gaps may become noticeable.

So, I try to devise things such as using domestically produced high-quality glue. “

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Types of false eyelashes

I have eyelash perms, can I do false eyelashes?

Even if you apply eyelash perm, you can use eyelash extensions. However, since there are few adhesive surfaces, it may not last longer than usual.

It is better to perform the treatment 2-3 months after the eyelash perm is removed, as it may damage your eyelashes.

I’m a contact, but can I use false eyelashes?

There is no problem with making contact with both hard lenses and soft lenses in everyday life. When putting on and taking off contacts, try not to touch the eyelash extensions as much as possible.

In the case of hard contact, it is common to remove it during the procedure. Also, if you make contact immediately after the procedure, the extension may come off. It’s a good idea to bring glasses with your contact storage case.

I have weak skin, can I use false eyelashes?

For eyelash extensions, artificial eyelashes are attached using a special adhesive (glue). It may cause an allergic reaction, so first consult with the false eyelash salon. At Matsuek Salon, you can do a patch test in advance.

There are few eyelashes or it is downward, but can you use false eyelashes?

Unless you have no eyelashes at all, you can use false eyelash extensions even if you have few eyelashes. Furthermore, even if the eyelashes are facing downward or upside down, it can be handled except in extreme cases.

There are individual differences in your own eyelashes, so first consult with Matsuek Salon.

Can false eyelashes be used for lower eyelashes?

Eyelash extensions can also be applied to the lower eyelashes. If you apply it at the same time as the upper eyelids, you will have a voluminous eye area.

It is recommended for those who feel uncomfortable and easy to remove by attaching false eyelashes to the lower eyelashes.

What kind of design should I use for false eyelashes?

There are various types of eyelash extensions with different curl angles and materials, as well as length and thickness. Orders are often made by the number of pieces or the name of the curl, so if you actually grasp the image before ordering, you can get closer to the image you want to be.

False eyelash curl design

eye lashes 1

The impression changes completely depending on how the curl is applied. J-Curl’s false eyelashes have the “most natural finish” and give the image of a person with many false eyelashes.

Especially recommended for those with no make-up or natural make-up. C-curl false eyelashes have a “finish like eyelash curler”, which is convenient for shortening the make-up time. (how to remove eyelash extensions)

The proportion of eyelashes on the black eyes is reduced, and you can get a cute image. D-curl false eyelashes have a “more gorgeous finish.” Since the lashes are quite angled, you can get lashes like a doll.Recommended for those, who want to emphasize their eyes.

How long should the eyelash extensions be?

eye lashes 2

Also want to pay attention to the length of false eyelashes. If it’s too short, it doesn’t make much sense, and if it’s too long, the false eyelashes will drop due to the weight and cover your eyes, making your eyes look smaller.

The important thing is to “balance with your own eyelashes”! The recommended length is from the length of your own lashes to a little longer. Generally, it is said that the length that looks natural is 9mm to 11mm.

How do you determine the thickness of your eyelash extensions?

eye lashes 3

The key to the impression is the “thickness of false eyelashes”. The only difference is that the image will change considerably even with the same length and number. Although it depends on the salon, the widths of “0.1mm, 0.12mm, 0.15mm, 0.18mm, 0.2mm, 0.25mm” mentioned above are available at Matsuek Salon.

The average thickness of female eyelashes ranges from 0.1mm to 0.12mm. If you attach a thick one, the volume will certainly increase and the impression of your eyes will be stronger, but the difference from the original eyelashes will be noticeable, and since thick = heavy, the eyelashes may drop.

For a natural impression, we recommend 0.1mm to 0.12mm, which is about the same thickness as eyelashes, and 0.15mm, if you want to make it as thick as adding mascara.

Is there anything I should be careful about in my life after applying eyelash extensions?

Be conscious of lying on your back, not lying down. Friction can damage your eyelashes and cause extensions to come off. Avoid showering directly so that the water pressure does not cause the eyelashes to fluctuate.

Can I cleanse and wash my face as usual after applying eyelash extensions?

On the day of the procedure, the adhesive (glue) is not completely solidified. Therefore, please refrain from washing your face for 5 to 6 hours after the treatment.

In addition, the adhesive has the property of being vulnerable to oil. Choose an oil-free cleansing agent as it can cause extensions to come off. Please wash your face gently by hand without scuffing. Please also refer to this article about aftercare.

After applying eyelash extensions, can I continue to make up?

Of course, you can still make up. However, for mascara, use an extension mascara that can be easily removed with hot water. Avoid using eyelash curler as it can damage your eyelashes and remove extensions. In this way, it is important to be careful about the makeup around the eyes.

Can I remove the eyelash extensions myself?

Remove eyelash extensions one by one using a special remover. Self-care takes time and effort and can hurt your eyelashes. Instead of removing it yourself, have it removed at the false eyelash salon.

How to safely remove eyelashes extensions at Home Tutorial youtube video

This video tutorial will help you to remove safely eyelashes extensions.

source: youtube (By-sydney Nicole)

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