Send Private Message On Facebook: But How ?

Send private message on facebook


Mark Zuckerberg published an open letter as the founder of Facebook. In addition to expressing the original intention of Facebook, he also used this to show the outside world and investors the spirit of Facebook’s enterprise.

Mark Zuckerberg: Making money is for better service

Zuckerberg said straight to the point that when Facebook was founded, it was not about setting up a company, but because he wanted to make things like Facebook, he started to write his own programs. He also wrote: “We are not making all kinds of services to make money; we are making money to make better services.” The public listing of Facebook shares in 2012 was in the same spirit.

Zuckerberg believes that Facebook’s original intention is to make the world more open and more connected with new technology, just like the invention of printing and television, to change the way information is received and shared, to bring people closer to communication and relationships, and through Various relationships discover new ideas and understand the world.

Information transmission should not stick to a top-down structure, but should be like a microcosm of society, through peer sharing or a bottom-up network. Facebook also allows everyone to share, speak up, and even influence the government and society. These spirits are also reflected in the internal operations of Facebook and the various services developed by Facebook.

How to private message on facebook ?

How to private message on facebook ?

On Facebook the process of sending message to multiple recipients is same as the process of sending a message to one person. Although Facebook sets a limit on the recipients who can receive your messages, there can be up to 250 members, but if you want to contact everyone in your friends list, you can create multiple groups of messages.

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This is a good way to immediately send important information to everyone, and this information may involve everyone at once. You can even create a “secret group” that allows you to include any number of individuals. These groups face the same rules as private Facebook messages between friends:(Send private message on facebook)

  • Your friends can choose to join or leave the group at any time.
  • Messages can be muted by group members who no longer wish to receive messages.

Facebook groups are only available to desktop computer users, so keep this in mind when trying the steps described below.

On Facebook Send message to multiple members at once

You can send a message to all your friends (or important friends) on both the Facebook Messenger application and the official Facebook website. Depending on the platform you choose to use, the steps to pull it out may be slightly different.(Send private message on facebook)

Messenger app

Messenger app

1.Launch Facebook Messenger app from your mobile device (iOS or Android).

  • The Messenger app icon looks like a blue bubble with a white lightning bolt inside.

2.Click the new chat icon.

  • It appears as a white pencil icon on Android, and as a white icon with a black pencil above the black square on an iPhone or iPad.
  • You can find this symbol at the top right of the screen.
  • Things to remember when creating a message.
  • Facebook only allows you to add 250 recipients to a message. If you have more than 150 friends, you must create multiple messages to communicate to everyone.
  • If you have to create multiple messages, you may need to compose the message in other apps (such as the Notes app or Google Keep app) so that you can easily paste it into multiple messages.

3.To select the friends you want to contact with your message, you can enter their names in the field at the top of the screen and then select them this way.

  • If you want to cover all friends, you can type a vowel in the field and select the pop-up friend. You can do this each subsequent vowel in alphabet.

4.After selecting all the friends selected for this message, click OK .

5.At this point, you can start typing your message. Tap the typing area at the bottom of the screen to open the keyboard and type out a message.

6.After the information is complete, click the send button.

  • The ” send” icon is the paper airplane in the lower right corner of the screen.

Whenever you receive a reply to a sent message, everyone in the group will see the reply. To reach more than 250 people, you have to repeat the above steps, otherwise you can move further down and follow the process of creating a Facebook group .(Send private message on facebook)

Use Facebook via web browser

Use Facebook via web browser

1.Go to Facebook’s official website and log in with your account credentials.

2.Click the ” message” icon “black chat bubble, blue lightning” located at top right of homepage .

  • A drop-down menu will open.

3.Click the ” New Message” link in the drop-down menu to open a new chat box.

4.Enter the name of each friend you want to receive messages.

  • When adding a friend, you can follow the same steps detailed in the previous section “Messenger Application”. Especially important if you want to add large number of friends to mail recipient list.

5.Click the input box and type the message you want to send.

6.After the message is over, press Enter to send it out.

If the purpose of sending a message is to promote the participation of all participants, then you can choose to click ” New Group” instead of clicking ” New Message” as described in step 3 .

After doing this:

1.A dialog box will pop up with some parameters that you need to resolve before you can send a message.

2.You can name the group by clicking the “Name your group” text field and entering a name.

  • You can also add an icon to the group by clicking the box with a’ + ‘ on the left side of the name field .

Here, you can only add up to 250 recipients. The difference is that all friends are displayed in the list, and you can scroll through the list to select each friend you want to add to the message by clicking the radial button to the left of the name.

  • You can still choose to enter your friend’s name in the search field. If you have a large list of friends, this may be a better choice.

3.Click on “Create” button to complete the creation of the group .

  • Doing so will close the window and open a new chat window.

4.Now you can enter a message and press Enter to send it out.

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Create Facebook group(Send private message on facebook)

On Facebook on your desktop, you can also choose to create a Facebook group. This method is different from just sending a simple group message limited to 250 recipients. On the contrary, this option allows you to attract more people by posting like on Facebook Wall, regardless of the limited options available through messages. Of course, as long as these friends have enabled group notifications.

Everyone you invite to join a Facebook group will receive a notification that it has been added. If they wish, this also provides them with the option to opt-out. You can also set it for those friends you add, or you can add friends to the group yourself.

Create a Facebook group:

1.In the browser of your choice, navigate to the official Facebook website on your computer.

2.In the left menu of the Facebook homepage, find and click Groups .

  • The group will appear in the “Browse” section.
  • Can’t you see this option? Go to your profile page and click on the “More” tab. In the displayed menu, click Group .

3.However, on the left, click Create Group . It will appear as a green button.

  • If you have to browse your profile page to find ” Groups” , you can find the ” Create Groups” button by scrolling down the page to the “Groups” section and clicking on it in the upper right corner .
  • A new window will pop up with some content to fill in to create a group.

4.First, fill in a name in the “Name your group” box, which represents the full meaning of your group.

5.Enter the name of the friend you want to add to the group. As you type, you will see suggestions from friends appear below the cursor, and you can click Add.

  • Do this for each member you want to add to the group.
  • You can reach the invitation limit during this process, but you can add anyone you missed initially after creating a Facebook group.
  • If this happens, you can skip the method of creating a message and posting in the group.

6.Next step to select privacy level of the Facebook group.

  • By default privacy setting is “off “.This means that the group itself is public, but the members and everything that is said are completely hidden from the group.
  • If the purpose of creating this group is to be able to send a message to everyone in the friends list immediately through a conversation, just select ” Secret ” from the privacy menu . This completely eliminates it from the public eye.

7.You can add a note by clicking the ” Note” icon so that the recipient will see the note after receiving the mail .

  • The icon is displayed as a small blue icon on the far right of the “Add some people” blank.

8.Check the box next to “Pin to Shortcut” to ensure that your group is added to the “Shortcut” menu in the left panel.

9.Finally, enter the message.

10.Click Create to complete the creation of the Facebook group.

The next steps are for users who cannot add all their friends to the group during the creation process in step 5.

What you need to do:

1.Go back to the Facebook homepage.

  • This is the page where the group can be found on the left menu .

2.Find your group name under the “Shortcuts” heading and click to open it.

3.Look for “Invite Members” box on right side of the page. Enter your names and select them to add members you could not add before.

4.After adding everyone to desired Facebook group, you can type message in “write something” box at the top of the page.

5.Click the publish button to end the process.

This will send a notification to those who have enabled notifications, and the new content in the notification has been posted to the group. These group members can then click or tap the notification to view what they have written.

Create Facebook group(Send private message on facebook) | logo

Install an enterprise management platform for the operation of Facebook fan groups?

More than once, when answering questions, I found that everyone was using the Facebook enterprise management platform, but it was not used at all, and it was very useless. Is it necessary to install an enterprise management platform for the operation of the facebook fan group ? no! All tools are the same, and using them when needed can help you get twice the result with half the effort. When you don’t need it, you can get twice the result with half the effort.

Since 2019, because the fan group has been hacked, it is recommended to install it. In addition, the latest fan club hacking method from 2020 is the theft of the administrator account, so personal security protection should be strengthened in the same way! (Please refer to this article. How to enhance the security of Facebook account login )

“Tools will make you look like an expert, but they won’t make you an expert.” The first page of the handout must be placed when you encounter a tool class. When should you use the enterprise management platform and when you don’t need it, let me tell you next.

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