How to Set Up a Chess Board? Quick and Easy Steps

How to set up a chess board? In this article we learn how to set up a chess board and about course of the pieces.

The game of chess is a board game that reached Europe through the Arab population in the tenth century. Since then, chess has become very popular in many countries but all over the world Chess requires thought and strategy.

However, it is not easy to know the rules of the game of chess: it is the place of the chess pieces, their initial position on the game board and of course the use of each piece. New or Beginners may be lost and fear perpetual failure!

What is a chessboard?

In a chessboard, the squares are 5.5-6 cm in size. A 57 mm square is usually considered the ideal size. Darker check board squares can range from black to dark green or brown, light squares can be white or off-white.

While most f the chess boards have standard white and black squares, you can also get special boards made in black and red squares. While it looks more attractive, most players say that these colors are eye-catching when playing.

Special chess boards are made for the tournament, which means they are built on the gaming table. Like a standard chess board, the squares need to have the right dimensions and there should be enough space on the table to accommodate the chess clock and all the chess pieces eaten.

On most boards, coordinates are printed on the sides, with which the algebraic writing of the fields is made . They are needed by both amateurs and professional players, because give an idea of ​​which square the piece is on.

Chess setup: How to set up a chess board?

how to set up a chess board
Chess Board Set Up
  • The chessboard must be arranged so that the box at the bottom right is white .
  • The ladies are on their respective colors (chess being a gentleman’s game).
  • The King (having a cross) stands next to his Lady in the center of his row.
  • At the four corners of the chessboard, the Towers form strong castles.
  • In front, the 8 pawns aligned on the 2nd and 7th row, form a fortification.
  • Next to the Tours, the Cavaliers , ready to leave the castle.
  • Beside the King and his Lady, the Fools . Because the Fools are the closest to the Kings.

Chess Board: It is a very special game board

When you start setting up a game of chess, you should first flatten the chess board. A game is played face to face in the chess, so you have to leave room for both you and your opponent on both sides of the board, so that each player will have a black square on the left side of the board.

As you probably know, chessboards are made up of both the black and the white and the vertically and horizontally. These squares will be very important when you want to place your pawns and the opposing pieces, whether they are the white or the black pieces.

In the history of chess, the chessboard has undergone some modifications, whether in terms of color or number of squares. The Indians, the Persians and the Arabs played on a single-colored table and it is in the West that the black and white checkerboard developed , initially a symbol of luxurious chessboard; now a standard.

The chess board has 64 squares , as was the case for Indian chess games: the center of the board represented the residence of the creator god Brahma and the rest those of the other gods. However, the number of boxes may have changed over time and especially civilizations.

Before even the start of the game, you must therefore make sure that your chessboard is correct, which should not be a problem, and that it does not risk falling backwards . Imagine spending an hour on a game and everything was ruined by a skidding elbow!

Types of chess board

Planks in classical chess differ not only in size but also in the way they are played. According to the criterion they are divided into 6 types.

  1. Non-foldable
  2. Foldable
  3. Foldable with internal space for storing figures
  4. Wall mounted
  5. Tables
  6. Magnetic

Chess Board: Course of the pieces

how to set up a chess board
  1. Advance straight in front of him
  2. Never retreat
  3. Advance 1 space at a time EXCEPT on his first move where he can advance 2 spaces
  4. Diagonal capture
how to set up a chess board
  1. Movement in “L
  2. Change square color with each movement
  3. Jump over the others
how to set up a chess board
  1. Diagonal movement
  2. As many squares as he wants
how to set up a chess board
  1. Horizontal / vertical movement
  2. As many squares as she wants
  3. Can move forward / backward
how to set up a chess board
  1. Movement in all directions
  2. Only 1 space at a time
  3. There must be at least one space between 2 opposing Kings
how to set up a chess board
  1.  Most powerful piece
  2. Combines movement of the Tower (horizontal / vertical) and the Bishop (diagonal)
  3. Can control 27 squares!
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