How to sleep to lose weight: Sleep is also a successful diet

How to sleep to lose weight? The first thing that comes to mind when you are on a diet is dietary restrictions and exercise, but did you know that “sleep” is also closely related to dieting?(sleep to lose weight) 

If you want to be on a successful diet and get the ideal shape, it’s also important to have plenty of time to sleep and get a good night’s sleep.

Remember the tips to get a good night’s sleep for a successful diet and improved daytime performance. 

In this article, I will explain in an easy-to-understand manner the relationship between sleep and diet, how to take sleep to get rid of it, and the effects that sleep has other than diet.

Relationship between sleep and diet

During sleep, “growth hormone“, which is greatly related to beauty and health, is secreted. Since growth hormone has the function of breaking down fat and developing muscle, it is very important from the viewpoint of diet to ensure good sleep and secrete growth hormone. 

Growth hormone is a hormone required for the healthy growth of children, but it is also secreted even after becoming an adult.

In addition to growth hormone, leptin, a hormone that suppresses appetite, is also secreted during sleep. In other words, lack of sleep can reduce leptin secretion and increase appetite, which can lead to a tendency to gain weight. Make sure you have enough sleep and try to live a regular life.

Besides dieting! The effects of sleep

sleep to lose weight
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Good sleep isn’t just about dieting. Let’s take a closer look at the positive effects of sleep here.

Normalize skin turnover

To keep your skin beautiful, it is important to normalize skin turnover. Growth hormone, which is secreted during sleep, has the function of activating skin turnover. This growth hormone causes the skin to metabolize, remove dead skin cells and dirt, and reborn as new skin.

There is a cycle in skin turnover, and cells are replaced over a period of about 6 weeks. However, be aware that if sleep deprivation slows down the turnover cycle, your skin will become rough.

Recovery from mental and physical fatigue

It is not recommended that you cut down on your sleep time just because you are busy with work or housework. Lack of sleep makes it difficult to get rid of not only physical but also mental fatigue.

The important thing in sleep is to take “non-rem sleep“, which is deep sleep, and to secrete growth hormone firmly. The secretion of growth hormone promotes repair and recovery in the body, and the autonomic nerves are in order to allow physical and mental rest.

Organize and fix memory

Have you ever heard the story that “If you memorize, it’s better before you go to bed“? Studies have shown that what you learn before going to bed is more likely to settle during sleep.

Another effect of sleep is that you forget what you don’t like when you go to bed. It is said that while sleeping, memories are organized and unpleasant feelings are removed as needed.

Relieve stress

By sleeping, people heal the tiredness of the day and repair their mind and body. However, if your sleep time is extremely short or your sleep quality is poor, growth hormone is not secreted well and stress tends to build up.

Some people think, “I’m busy on weekdays, so let’s sleep on holidays,” but it’s important to have enough sleep every day. Try to sleep in a regular rhythm to relieve stress.

Improving sleep quality is important for a successful diet!

sleep to lose weight
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Good sleep is essential to a successful diet. You will need to improve your lifestyle, so keep the following points in mind.

Don’t get blue light before going to bed

If you look at the screen of your smartphone or tablet before going to bed, you may not be able to sleep easily when you try to sleep. This is because the brightness of the room and screen, as well as the blue light emitted by the screen, interfere with the secretion of “melatonin,” which promotes natural sleep.

If you fall asleep late, you will not be able to wake up smoothly in the morning. In addition, experts have pointed out that blue light is likely to reduce sleep quality, which may adversely affect your physical condition. To maintain a regular life rhythm, you should refrain from using your smartphone / tablet before going to bed.

Do not consume caffeine or alcohol before going to bed

If you like caffeinated beverages and alcohol, you need to be careful about the time you drink. Caffeine has a wakefulness effect, which makes it difficult to fall asleep depending on your constitution. Be aware that not only coffee, but also green tea and cola contain caffeine.

Some people drink alcohol before going to bed, thinking that they can sleep well if they drink alcohol. It is true that drinking alcohol makes it easier to sleep, but it does not lead to good sleep because it is difficult to get into deep sleep and awakening increases.

Warm your body before going to bed

If your body is chronically cold, you will not be able to adjust your body temperature well before going to bed, and you will have trouble falling asleep. To sleep naturally, warm your body before going to bed.

Here are some ways to warm your body:

  • Do a stretch massage
  • Do light exercise such as walking
  • Soak in a bathtub at a slightly lukewarm temperature (38-40 degrees)
  • Drink warm drinks (ginger tea, black tea, roasted green tea, etc.)

If you are suffering from poor sleep, please give it a try.

Try to sleep for 7 hours

There is no clear standard for how much sleep you need for each person. However, it is believed that if you sleep too short or too long each day, you are at increased risk of developing lifestyle-related and mental illnesses.

It is important to secrete growth hormone during sleep in order to become lean. Although there are individual differences, it is a good idea to consider about 7 hours as a guideline for sleep time.

When you wake up in the morning, take the morning sun

To improve your sleep quality, it is important to get in the morning sun as soon as you wake up to reset your body clock. Make it a habit to open the curtains and soak up the sun as soon as you wake up.

Also, be aware that if you are exposed to the light of the room until late at night, your body clock will be disturbed. Even if you wake up late at night, try to wake up at the same time in the morning so that you can get in the morning sun.

I eat breakfast

Make sure you have a good breakfast to increase melatonin production. Eating a well-balanced breakfast helps to produce melatonin at night and helps you sleep naturally.

To get a good night’s sleep, it is recommended that you take a good amount of “tryptophan” and “vitamin B6“, which are the sources of melatonin. Tryptophan is abundant in soy products, dairy products, nuts, etc., and vitamin B6 is abundant in fish.

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