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You may not know how to split the screen by switching from Windows or Mac to a Chromebook. I did a lot of research on my own, but I had a little trouble because I didn’t have a certain amount of information.

If you remember it, you will be more productive, and since it is a function that anyone can easily use, please take this opportunity to remember it.

  • Keyboard shortcuts are [alt + @, [(@, [)]]
  • For mouse, click (Maximize / Restore button) and slide left or right

There are two main ways to split the screen on a Chromebook

In Windows and Mac, you can easily split the screen with the specified shortcut keys, but Chrome OS also implements the same function. 

There are two methods, one is mainly done with the keyboard and the other is done with the mouse, so I will explain each of them.

Split the screen with the keyboard

Switch the screen with the keyboard shortcut [alt + @, “].

Hold down the Alt key at the bottom left and press the two keys next to the Enter key to work. If you press [@], the window will move to the left end, and if you press [“], the window will move to the right end.

Please note that if you are using a US layout Chromebook, it will be [] and “].

If you can’t do it

Depending on the model, it may be [“] and [“] under it instead of Alt + [@] and [“]. In this case, if you move the screen to the left, it will be [“], and if you move it to the right, it will be [“].

Japanese arrayAlt + @Alt + “
English sequenceAlt + “Alt + “
Japanese layout (special)Alt + “Alt + “

It was possible to split the screen even on Chrome OS

That’s why I introduced how to divide the screen and work on Chrome OS, but it is said that it is not inferior to Windows and Mac, personally I think that it is the easiest to understand including animation. I feel it.

It’s an OS that has a fairly high affinity with multiple monitors, and Chromebooks may become a strong option for those who are working on multitasking or who need various materials for their work.

If you work with split screens, you probably need something 15 inches or more, but in that case Acer’s CB715 that can give some high performance or ASUS C523NA that is 15.6 inches but less than 1.5 kg I think that is good.

Master Split Screen Mode on Chromebook

By the time the Chromebook was available, I became very familiar with window management. From convenient overview modes to virtual desks to simple window snaps, Chrome OS has quite a few tricks that can help you be more productive with multiple windows at once. 

Many split-screen features appeared around the same time, and Chromebooks offer a variety of options for arranging things side by side. 

So, with all the features at your disposal, I’d like to show you how to fully master split screen mode on your Chromebook over a few minutes.

Chromebook split screen in desktop / clamshell mode

For the more standard clamshell mode, there are many ways to arrange apps and windows side by side. 

Let’s start with my most used method: drag the top bar. Use the mouse cursor to drag the window you want to align to either side of the screen and release it to see the full 50% window on that side of the screen. 

Repeat for the other window on the other side. Now you are ready.

In addition, there are some shortcuts to perform the same task without moving the mouse too much. 

First, you can easily press and hold the maximize / minimize button next to the close window button. When it’s in the upper right corner of the window / app top bar, you’ll see arrows on both sides. 

When you move the mouse cursor to the side where you want to move the window, just like that, the full 50% window snaps to one side. The same can be done with keyboard shortcuts ALT + [or] If you need a faster way to snap 50% of the windows around your desktop.

Arranging the windows side by side has another simple trick. It has been around for a long time, and most people don’t even know it exists. 

When you hover over the partition between split-screen windows, a small box appears below the pointer that allows you to resize both windows at once. Putting it in your back pocket is a great trick and I use it a lot. See the video above to see how these shortcuts work.

Finally, in desktop / clamshell mode, enter overview mode (use the shortcut key at the top of the keyboard or swipe up with three fingers on the trackpad) and put the mini window on either side.

Drag and drop to expand. They will also be split views. This is one of the new additions to Chrome OS split screen, and I’ve already noticed that it’s one of my go-to shortcuts.

Chromebook split screen in tablet mode

how to split screen on chromebook

There are also some split screen tricks you need to know when moving to tablet mode. Mostly, you need to understand how to move from full screen to overview, but that’s easy. 

For now, you can swipe down from the top of the screen and hold it down, or swipe up from the bottom and hold it down to trigger overview mode. Please note that in newer versions of Chrome OS, the gesture of swiping down may not work.

When you get there, continue the gesture and drag the collapsed window to either side of the display to snap it into split-screen mode, or just let go and drop it along with the other small windows in overview mode. 

Then from the basic overview screen, press and hold a small window and drag it to either side of the screen to snap it into place (very similar to the one described in clamshell mode above). Masu). 

Covering one side will bring up the other windows that are open on the other side of the screen, and you can simply select one of them to occupy the other half of the screen.

Once the window is in split screen mode, you can swipe up or down from the edge again to return to overview mode and select an alternative window or select an app from the shelf. 

If you don’t have the app you need in either location, you’ll need to swipe up to go home and restart the process with the app you need open.

Finally, to resize the split-screen app, you need to do the following: Touch the divider bar and pause there for 1 second until you see the bar grow a little wider. 

When you see this animation, you can drag the bar to split the screen into quarter or three quarter layouts or halves. Unlike clamshell mode, tablet mode does not give you complete control over the split screen ratio.

that’s it! These shortcuts will master your Chromebook’s split screen settings , regardless of whether you’re in clamshell mode or tablet mode. 

We hope this helps you be more productive and will be even more convenient every time you pick up your Chromebook. 

If you need a visual guide on how to do this, watch the video above again to see everything in action.

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