Affiliate Marketing 2023 – How to Start Affiliate Marketing?

How to start affiliate marketing? Starting an online business for the first time as an affiliate can be a daunting prospect, and knowing where to start is not always easy.

Do not be afraid. ShareASale’s publisher success team supports affiliate marketing journeys, even for complete beginners.

How to Become an Affiliate Marketer with ShareA Sale

So you decided to become an affiliate marketer. You are in the right place. ShareA Sale is one of North America’s leading affiliate marketing networks, so we’re well-equipped to guide you in the right direction and show you how to get started affiliate marketing.(start affiliate marketing)

At ShareASale, affiliate marketers are called affiliates or publishers. As a ShareASale publisher, you have access to over 6,000 merchants looking for enthusiastic people to participate in affiliate marketing campaigns.

Available to so many merchants, it’s easy to get a little excited and start applying to the left, right and center. Wearing a lot of hats may seem like a great idea, but our advice is to find what you are good at and enjoy and do it well.

As you roll the ball, you have many opportunities to expand your network and build successful online businesses that are longevity for both yourself and your merchants.

Affiliate Niche Selection

Step 1 is to choose the right niche.

What is a niche?

This is an interest, category, or topic that appeals to a particular, and often smaller, section of the general public. As mentioned, expanding yourself into many different categories is thinning yourself. (start affiliate marketing)

A key factor in becoming an affiliate marketer is building trust with your audience.

Choosing a niche that you are knowledgeable or passionate about creates a genuine relationship with your audience and makes you more likely to buy them from you.

Brainstorm some ideas in this space to make sure your niche is specialized. For example, if you are concerned about sustainability, “sustainable products” are not really a niche.

The categories are so broad and so popular that the competition is very fierce and the chances of success are minimized.

The niche could be “Australian sustainable food“. This may sound strangely concrete, but in an overwhelming world, idiosyncrasies are essential. You can then use online tools to further investigate the potential markets available in your niche market.

Quora is the perfect website to delve into your research. This is a community-driven website where people ask questions on almost every topic.

Searching your niche in the community forums will help you understand what people are looking for on this topic.

Once you understand your audience’s problems, you can establish a way to solve them.

You can also use the Google Keyword Planner to investigate. This is an important tool for anyone in the field of SEO. Understanding which keywords are popular, the price you have to pay to click on them, and your competitors is to establish how beneficial your niche is for you and your merchants. Useful.

Sign up for affiliate networks as a publisher

How to Start Affiliate Marketing
How to Start Affiliate Marketing?

A simple and easy process to sign up for ShareA Sale as an affiliate using our online form. This form asks for user details, affiliate details, promotion details, and financial details. (start affiliate marketing)

When you submit the form, members of the ShareA Sale Publisher Success Team will review the program within two business days. Once approved, ShareASale will send you an email asking you to confirm and activate your account.

Complete Affiliate Profile

Upon approval to the network, you will be asked to complete your profile so that it will be visible to your merchants through recruitment tools and increase your chances of being approved by your merchant program

Merchants use recruitment tools to browse publishers on the network and open up communication tools for collaboration.

We encourage you to provide as much detail as possible and make sure your profile is 100% complete so that the seller can get a clear idea of ​​how to work with you. 

It should provide the merchant (or their account manager) with all the information they need to understand you, including your website and your concepts. 

In case a merchant wants to get in touch, we’ll include all the contact details and highlight the key promotional spaces so you can get a good idea of ​​how to support your brand. (start affiliate marketing)

Make sure you are ready to display your brand

As mentioned earlier, auto-approval is not always set for those who sign up for the program, so you need to appeal to your merchants. This is your chance to actually emphasize yourself, such as the websites, social media, and other platforms you plan to use for affiliate marketing.

Introduce your website

Your website should have a clear connection to your niche and the niche of the merchant you want to work with. If you’re promoting a brand that fits your brand image, your audience will be most sensitive because it speaks to your credibility. 

This allows you to stay interested and return to your site. Similarly, merchants show that if they can clearly see the relevance and synergies between affiliate sites and their products, they are most responsive and increase sales and commissions for both parties.

Promotional space opportunities need to be obvious, such as sale messages, coupon codes, banners, and images. Adding these tools to your website can encourage useful content, powerful action, and convince consumers to buy through your site. 

Take advantage of seasonal focus to leverage key customer behavior trends and maximize sales potential.

 What will happen next?

The first time you log in to the user interface (UI) as a new affiliate marketer, it can be a little overwhelming, but over time, it all makes perfect sense.

Take the time to sign up for the right affiliate program

After spending time working on the concepts for your website, the next step is to find a relevant retailer. Remember to stay true to your niche. 

Focusing on applying to the type of affiliate program that suits you will help maintain the quality and integrity of your website.

Add affiliate link

Add these links to your website once approved by the advertiser. ShareASale has several options for adding links to make the process for all affiliates as easy as possible.

  • Download Product Discovery Bookmarklet – This browser extension allows you to create affiliate links on the fly when you are looking for your favorite products online and want to create affiliate links without logging in to the UI.
  • Use a custom link generator – If you’re writing or featuring something specific, just copy the URL of the product page and paste it into the custom link generator in the ShareA Sale interface. After selecting the program you want to promote, this will automatically generate your own affiliate tracking link that you can add directly to your website.

ShareASale also offers a number of promotional tools that you can use to further promote your affiliate business. Learn more about these.

keep in touch

As a new affiliate, it takes time to build a group of merchants who want to work with you on a regular basis. It’s important that merchants and account managers get in touch and learn more about you. 

Introduce yourself or reintroduce and introduce what your website must offer – take advantage of the opportunity to shout about your USP. Always reply to emails and phone calls, even if you can’t attend. 

ShareASale will always be happy to host a friendly face, so please contact the publisher’s success team and greet the client’s success team. ..

Monitor performance

The ShareASale interface provides a comprehensive report that gives each affiliate a complete understanding of the sales and commissions they are making during a particular time period. 

Watch this regularly to better understand what your customers are buying through your website and which advertisers are driving the highest conversion rates. 

This allows you to adjust your future approach and actually optimize your affiliate marketing potential by focusing on the merchants and products that are most synergistic with your audience.

You can monitor different reports with an interface that helps you better understand your traffic. All reports are also fully customizable.

  • Activity Details – Take snapshots of all recent affiliate link activities such as clicks, sales, commissions and more.
  • Merchant Summary – This report reveals important information you need about your merchant partners.
  • Invalid links – Use this report to view broken links such as merchant ID, banner ID, why the link was invalid, referrer, and so on.

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