How to Strengthen Nails: 8 Best Vitamins for Healthy Nails

The nails are composed of several layers of keratin , a protein produced by the body to protect the hair and nails, among others. When our body does not receive enough of the necessary nutrients (Vitamins for nails) to generate said keratin , it can lead to brittle and brittle nails.

Taking vitamin supplements can help strengthen your nails if they are weakened, as they provide your body with the nutrients it lacks to function properly.

If the body is deficient in vitamins, keratin will not be present enough in the body and the nails will become brittle and brittle.This is why it is important to consume the right vitamins to have beautiful nails .

8 Best vitamins for healthy nails

How to Strengthen Nails: 8 Best Vitamins for Healthy Nails

So what are the vitamins for nails that keep your nails healthy?

1. Biotin for nails

Biotin for nails: Although other vitamins and minerals are associated with the growth and good health of the nails, biotin , also known as vitamin H or vitamin B8, is the only vitamin whose effectiveness has been clinically proven: it thus contributes to 100% improvement and resistance of nails .

Biotin belongs to the vitamin B family, which is known to maintain healthy hair, skin, and nails. According to clinical results, a dose of at least 1000 micro-grams of biotin per day is effective in strengthening brittle nails.

2. Iron and vitamin C for nails

Iron and vitamin C for nails: The brittle nails can be a symptom of anemia, a patient who may be caused by iron deficiency or vitamin. Iron supplements help treat anemia thereby reducing the brittle nails that result from this condition.

It is recommended to combine them with vitamin C which promotes iron absorption.The vitamin C is mainly found in the acerola cherry, guava, blackcurrant, red pepper, kiwi, Brussels sprouts, strawberries, broccoli (cooked) and orange.

As for iron , you can find it in red meats and organ meats, shellfish, green vegetables, legumes, whole grain breads and cereals, and iron-fortified flours and cereals.

3. Vitamin A

Vitamin A: The vitamin A helps strengthen nails. It is particularly concentrated in certain foods of animal origin: fish, fish oils, organ meats, cheese, milk, butter (to be consumed in small quantities).

4. Vitamin C

Vitamin C: Iron deficiency anemia is one of the causes of brittle nails . To avoid it, take vitamin C, known to promote and increase the absorption of iron by the body.

In addition, it participates in the formation of red blood cells, which ensures a good general state of health. And as we have seen, if the body has everything it needs, the nails can only be stronger and more beautiful.

We find the vitamin C in peppers, broccoli, papaya, kiwi, orange or mango.

Every day, an adult should consume 110 mg of vitamin C. The recommended nutritional intakes of vitamin C are therefore quite substantial, which is why it is recommended to eat 5 servings of fruits and vegetables each day.

5. Vitamin E

Vitamin E: vitamin E is also very important for having beautiful nails . Since it has an antioxidant function, it limits the aging of the nails and hydrates them. However, nails nourished and protected from free radicals are healthy nails.

Unified and smoothed, ridged nails will only be a distant memory. To do this, we must focus on oils, which are rich in vitamin E : hazelnut oil , rapeseed, sunflower, olive … Fruits and vegetables such as prunes, dried apricots, kiwi, l avocado or broccoli (cooked) serve as a supplement.

6. Vitamin B5

Vitamin B5: Vitamin B5 improves hydration of the nail tablet. It is found in fruits, vegetables, meats, organ meats, egg yolks, mushrooms, whole grains, legumes.

7. Vitamin B8

Vitamin B8: Vitamin B8 , in combination with vitamin B5 , would increase the resistance of the nails. This vitamin is found in brewer’s yeast, cauliflower, mushrooms, legumes, eggs, carrots, tomatoes, spinach, oranges, apples, sea fish, white meats, milk cow, dairy products.

8. Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12: Lack of vitamin B12 can also be the cause of anemia. This vitamin is necessary for the body to allow it to produce red blood cells. Low levels of vitamins B12 then make our body weaker to perform its functions such as the production of keratin, essential for strong nails.

It is therefore important to consult your doctor if you think you are suffering from a lack of vitamin B12.Foods rich in vitamins B12 are meat as a whole, eggs and dairy products. Fish such as tuna, sardines and clams contain it. Being a vitamin naturally present in meat, vegetarians can suffer from vitamin B12 deficiency .

How to strengthen nails?

So, how to strengthen or get stronger nails? If your nails often break, it may be due to lack of nutrition. In order to strengthen your nails, you should take supplement protein, zinc, iron, vitamin C and other nutrients to help cell growth and strengthen nails.

In addition, reduce the use of nail polish to avoid chemical irritation and maintain health.The role of protein in the human body is to repair wear and tear. Nails contain a kind of keratin protein, which can strengthen nails and promote growth.

Therefore, it is important to add natural sources of protein to the diet. Meat, eggs, and beans are all good sources.

Note: These recommendations must be accompanied by the approval of your doctor who can prescribe the doses and amounts of vitamins if you need them. If the weakening of your nails continues over time and is not resolved despite the addition of these nutrients, it may be a sign of a more serious condition. Do not hesitate to consult a specialist.

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