How to Take Care of a Dog? All you need to know

Hey i know you love dogs, that’s why you reach to this article. this article specially for pet lovers 🙂 . well lets talk about some important and basic knowledge about your dog and how you can take care?. if any one love dog and decide to adopt one, this article is specially for you.

However, having a dog is not like having a toy, you have to know how to take care of it and take care of it.

As we know, dogs are not necessarily cleanliness freaks, so it’s up to you to do everything to keep them clean and to treat them properly when they are sick, without forgetting to seek advice from a veterinarian.

How to take care of your dog?

For your dog remember that, your pet dog needs impeccable hygiene for his balance and his health condition. Bathing, brushing and cleaning of the eyes, ears, legs and anal glands, maintenance of teeth and nails, the care to be provided comes in different forms.

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How to give a dog a bath?

Generally, it is important to brush your dog once in every two weeks, while a bath every two months is sufficient, preferably after brushing. Otherwise, during the mounting period (spring and autumn), it is better to brush it several times a week.

The dog snorts on its own. Then, use a towel or a hair dryer, set to the lowest power & kept at a safe distance, drying should be immediate.

Finding good insurance for your dog

Why and how to insure your dog? In addition to taking care of him, it is also to avoid paying significant costs when you go to the vet. There are a few insurance companies for pets, like Assuro’poil.

Meet your physical and mental needs

Like any being, the dog must have a physical and mental balance and this one depends a lot on you. Each breed is different, so you have to take its age, character and health into consideration.

While an adult dog is more able to adapt to changes than a puppy, he is still vulnerable to stress. It is through your reassuring behavior that you can avoid this.

Demonstrate prevention

As with humans, the adage “prevention is better than cure” also applies to dogs. After going to the vet for advice, do not hesitate to provide yourself with dewormers, repellents against stinging insects, and to have him vaccinated.

It is also recommended to sterilize females if you do not plan to have puppies, it can avoid a risk of breast tumor.

Take care of him when he is sick

Canine diseases are very numerous and can cause pain in dogs. Notably, dogs can contract diabetes, just like humans. Above all, it is parasitic or bacteriological diseases which are very serious and even contagious, like rabies. Hence the importance of taking care of your dog upstream.

How to take care of elderly pets?

Taking care of an elderly dog ​​is like taking care of the elderly. Not only does it require regular vaccinations and health checks, but also several principles must be mastered:

Aspect of food

Elderly pets must abide by the guidelines of “low protein, low fat, and high fiber” in their diet, which is the way to longevity.

Clothing aspect

If old dogs and cats have hair loss problems due to endocrine diseases, you can add a piece of clothing to keep you warm in autumn and winter, but do not wear too tight to affect your movement, and you must take off your clothes after wearing for eight to ten hours to ventilate, and massage it to relax the muscles .

Regularly trimming the pet’s long hair, sole hair, anal edge hair and toenails, and cleaning up the dirt in the ears are also basic tasks that are required.

Living aspect

The net density of the bottom of the cage of old dogs and cats should be finer, and the cloth should be kept clean at all times to prevent dirt and allergies, and they should not be kept in the cage and lose their mobility.

In addition, the residence must also be ventilated, maintained at 24 to 28 degrees, not cold or hot, suitable, unless there are special circumstances to make adjustments.

Line aspect

If the owner takes an elderly pet out, he can use a special pet backpack or stroller so that he does not have to worry about his physical fitness when going out.

There are quite a lot of welfare for elderly dogs in foreign countries, such as special treadmills for elderly dogs, stairs for trucks, as well as hind-leg strollers designed to prevent them from walking, and even elderly animal swimming pools designed to reduce their physical stress. and many more.

How long does a dog stay in heat?

Do not neglect the dog’s overheating situation. When the weather is getting hotter and hotter, be sure to understand the influence of summer heat on Mao’s children. A dog’s heat exhaustion can cause severe or even fatal symptoms, such as heat stroke and cardiac arrest.

In order to ensure the safety and coolness of the dog in summer, please pay attention to the following symptoms of overheating and prevention methods: One of the tips, as long as a little water can keep your dog cool.

Once the dog’s body temperature is higher than normal, it may be heat exhausted. Generally speaking, as long as the body temperature is higher than 39.5 degrees Celsius (103 degrees Fahrenheit), it is higher than normal.

If the body temperature continues to rise above 41 degrees Celsius (106 degrees Fahrenheit), your dog is in the danger zone of heatstroke. At this time, the organs will stop functioning and the heart may stop beating.

Types of dog breeds

1The German Shepherd
2The Australian Shepherd or Aussie
3The Belgian Shepherd Malinois
4The Border Collie
5The Poodle
6The Collie
7The Butterfly Spaniel
8The Golden Retriever
10The Shetland

How many types of dog breeds are there?

There are almost “Three hundred thirty five” (335) dog breeds.

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