How to Take Care Of a Tattoo? Tattoo Aftercare

It’s good to have a beautiful tattoo, but it’s good to know how to take care of a tattoo? You can also read our web story on tattoo care. This is especially important because when we get a tattoo we cause small wounds on the skin.

In fact, the needles soaked in ink penetrate our skin and cause wounds.

This step is necessary for the pigments to be well anchored in the skin, but it is associated with a healing phase.

On average, depending on the size of the tattoo, the duration varies from three weeks to three months if you get it right of course. After all, we all want our tattoo to stay intact for as long as possible .

How to take care of a tattoo?

There is no need to demonstrated tattoo trends anymore. In recent years, bodies have been liberated – ideas have also been adopted – and images on your skin for life have become commonplace.

Yes, but… From the smallest star to the biggest mermaid, How to take care of a tattoo?

That’s it, you’ve started! You’ve finally fallen for your first tattoo or you’re on your 15th, whatever, as long as you take care of it. Because yes, this lifelong decision requires attention.

After an action of this type, the skin is raw like a wound, it is therefore imperative to protect it from external bacteria and potential friction.

It also means no exposure to the sun, no swimming in the sea or a big jump in the pool! In reality, it is the early days of tattooing that are crucial.

Protect Tattoo from sun

“Beware, tattoos are not safe from sunlight or sunburn,” said a dermatologist. So we continue to defend ourselves when we reveal ourselves and the areas identified are a little higher.

A tattooed part of the body can very well be burnt by the rays of the sun and if it is with the health of our skin, the design will also be altered just as much. This is why it is not recommended to get a tattoo just before summer or a major exhibition.

Tattoo Aftercare

Tattoo aftercare instructions: In order for a scar tattoo to look good and not fade, you need to pay attention to the gestures and the products you are using, especially if it is already done.

Therefore, we always make sure to keep our hands clean when touching or cleaning it You should wash your tattoo with an neutral pH soap every day, so as not to soak it, especially rub it.

In addition, to avoid scars you should not scratch yourself, even when itchy. Once cleansed, comes the hydration stage: choose a healing cream or a special post-tattoo balm. and it is applied at least 3 times a day.

Of course you are careful not to expose your tattoo to the sun, as a precaution you do not go out without having put on high sun protection (SPF 50+ at least). Finally, we do not think about it enough but it is preferable not to wear clothes that are too tight , at the risk of causing friction and slowing the healing of the tattoo.

Tattoo Aftercare Questions & Answers

How to Take Care Of a Tattoo | Tattoo Aftercare

Why take care of your tattoo?

A tattoo is a tiny wound. Like any lesion that affects the dermis, it usually takes between 15 and 28 days for the skin to heal.

When we carry out a new tattoo, we insert ink into the skin, it is therefore very important to carry out the cleaning and the hydration to allow above all a good healing, pledge of a beautiful rendering in terms of colors. and shape on smooth, supple skin.

Tattoo professionals generally recommend cleaning a day and moisturizing twice a day for 1 week.

How to protect tattoo from sun?

A tattoo requires that we continue to take care of it for years that will follow. hydrated skin is usually preferred In addition, contact with the sun can have an irreversible effect on a tattoo.

If UV exposure to be avoided during healing, care should be taken to apply a dedicated sunscreen to a tattoo during the periods when we will be most exposed to UV.

By taking this precaution when facing the sun, we will prevents the lines from blurring, the colors becoming dull, and the blacks turning blue or green. protecting your tattoo from the sun by covering yourself up and using suitable protection will be the best way to limits the effects of UV rays.

How to care a new tattoo in slow cosmetic mode?

As a reminder, Slow Cosmetics is a different way of consuming beauty and well-being.
Slow Cosmetics invites us to use raw materials, natural materials, plant materials to do good for the skin.

For a new tattoo, here are some steps to follow:

The first week after the new tattoo: Tattoo aftercare products.

1) Cover the tattoo with a non-adhesive bandage or bandage for the first 24 hours.

2) After 24 hours, remove the dressing and clean with very mild cold soap, a surgras soap (based on olive, coconut or shea oil), without rubbing with a tissue, just by hand .
It is then dried by dabbing with a “towel” fabric which is non-fluffy.

3) The tattoo is moisturized with a good quantity of shea butter labeled organic and / or Slow Cosmetic, or an organic or Slow Cosmetic balm which contains at least 80% of shea butter (i.e. the first ingredient which appears on the list of ingredients on the packaging).

This shea hydration is to be carried out twice a day for a week.

Shea butter is a product rich in vegetable latex which “insulates” the skin from friction while letting it breathe, it also contains plant sterols which help healing and its slightly anti-inflammatory.The shea butter will thus keep the tattoo moist and prevent scabs from forming.

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