How To Wake Yourself Up: 10 Ways To Wake Yourself Up

The next day, there are days when I have to get up at this time. However, on such days, it is often the case that drowsiness does not go away. how to wake yourself up ?

You should definitely want to wake up, but your drowsiness doesn’t go away, and you may be late and cause trouble to your surroundings. 

What should I be aware of in order to wake up refreshed on the day I absolutely want to wake up?

Why can’t I get up in the morning?

Sometimes you can’t wake up only on days when you absolutely have to wake up. Why can’t I get up when I think I have to get up?

Why can’t I wake up cleanly and comfortably? how to wake yourself up?

Why can’t I wake up cleanly in the morning? First, let’s look at the factors.

Fatigue and stress make you awake

Being nervous and too tired can make you less awake.

For example, if you are busy and tired or stressed, it will be difficult for you to fall the beginning of stress,the person secretes hormone called “adrenaline(which raises the heart rate,opens the pupils,& raises blood sugar levels).

If you continue to be stressed for a long time, the secretion of adrenaline will subside, but then the secretion of a hormone called “cortisol” (gluconeogenesis in the liver, protein metabolism in the muscle, anti-inflammatory and immunosuppression, etc.

it will be performed & the steroid system(Also used as a medicine)occurs.

The Prolonged stress puts a strain on adrenal glands,the organs that secrete this cortisol.

In addition,when the stress builds up & cortisol increases,the secretion of the hormones “serotonin” and “melatonin“, which are important for sleep, decreases.

As you can see, being tense and tired can reduce sleep quality, making it difficult to wake up cleanly and comfortably.

Relationship stress

There are various types of stress that people receive.

I am constantly stressed psychologically, such as in relationships at work and at home, and my ability to regulate hormone balance and other factors declines.

There is a relationship between sleep and the stress of relationships, and it can be said that getting a good night’s sleep improves the state of mind and communication with people.

Anxiety due to busyness

If you have too much work to do, or if you are not tidy,you may feel anxious before going to bed & feel anxious,”Can you do it properly?“, & you or you may become depressed and unable to sleep.

Hans Selye from Canada,who is used the term stress,categorized them as a “adaptive syndromes” as reactions that occur as body adapts to tensions such as cold, heat, trauma, and emotional sway from the outside.

The reaction occurs as a defense reaction of the body, and if it cannot be adapted, various effects occur on the body.

How sleep works

morning wake up 2

Do you have a good night’s sleep when you wake up? The Sleep has the function of resting & recovering the tired body & brain.

Prolonged sleep deprivation can cause physical and psychological problems that cannot be remedied by sleeping overnight.This is what is called is “sleep debt,” which has become a hot topic these days.

There are two catagories or main types of sleep, “REM sleep” and “non-REM sleep“.
REM sleep is when you exercising your eyes while you are sleeping,& non-REM sleep is when you are not exercising your eyes.

REM sleep is called body sleep,& non-REM sleep is called brain sleep.our body is refreshed by alternating these two types of sleep.With this mechanism,we maintain healthy body in every day.

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It important that the “cerebrospinal fluid” works normally in order to wake up & refreshed in the morning. This is because “cerebrospinal fluid” has the property of working during deep sleep, that is, during non-REM sleep, and research results have shown that waste products are shed during non-REM sleep.

This cerebrospinal fluid is clear,colorless fluid that circulates in the spinal cord and brain & is responsible for nutrient distribution and waste removal.

When the sleep cycle is disrupted, the body and brain cannot recover, causing various disorders.If you have any kind of problems, it’s very important to review your sleep.

10 ways to wake up cleanly and comfortably in the morning

1.Get multiples of 1.5 hours of sleep

how to wake yourself up

Do you know the terms of non-REM sleep and REM sleep?

Simply put, non-REM sleep is the time when the brain sleeps deeply, and REM sleep is the time when the body sleeps deeply.

You can wake up refreshed when you wake up during REM sleep, when your body is asleep but your brain is awake.

Since the REM sleep cycle comes in every 1.5 hours,if you wake up in multiples of 1.5 hours,you can wake up effortlessly in the morning.

If you know the time to wake up in the morning, it is a good idea to calculate back from that time and decide the bedtime so that it is a multiple of 1.5 hours.

2.Sunlight wake-up method

how to wake yourself up

Everyone hopes that their home can be nourished by sunshine. Just like fish need the sea, birds need air, and our lives also need sunshine!

The sun waking method is to open the curtains before going to bed to let the morning sun shine through.

But unfortunately, this method is still more effective in summer, because the daylight is early in summer, but it is late in winter! When I see the sun, I am afraid that I will panic when I go to work.

So this method may not work well in winter. Of course, if you usually wake up at 10 o’clock in the morning, this method may be useful.

3.You can wake up with an alarm clock

how to wake yourself up

Humans can usually wake up with an alarm clock. You should be able to wake up by using the snooze function etc. and making a sound many times even if you can not wake up at once and turn it off. If you can’t wake up with snooze or any number of alarm clocks, you may not have enough sleep, or you may have sleep problems or related conditions.

Everyday things that can’t happen even with an alarm clock

how to wake yourself up

If you rarely get up even if you ring the alarm clock, don’t worry. Depending on your physical condition and the time you slept the day before, such a thing is quite possible. However, if you continue to be unable to wake up with an alarm clock on a daily basis, there may be some cause.

Orthostatic dysregulation

Orthostatic dysregulation often occurs in adolescents. Disruption of the autonomic nerves during puberty causes lightheadedness, malaise, and headaches. This is not a problem with sleep itself. 

However, sometimes it is difficult to get up in the morning, and there are situations where you have to get up but cannot get up. It occurs relatively often in girls for boys and girls. In addition to autonomic nervous system disturbances, stress at school and at home can also be the cause.

After the morning, the difficulty of getting up, lightheadedness, and fatigue will subside. However, the rhythm of life may be gradually disturbed, and sleep disorders such as circadian rhythm sleep disorders may occur. If it is mild, it will be alleviated in 2-3 months, so if you see this condition, talk to your doctor.

Delayed sleep phase syndrome

Delayed sleep phase syndrome is a sleep problem in which difficulty falling asleep and difficulty waking up persists. 

It is one of the circadian rhythm sleep disorders, and it is around dawn that you cannot sleep at night and become drowsy, and you cannot get up at the socially desirable time. It’s an extreme night-time sleep problem that you can’t cure on your own.

After all, it is difficult to improve by yourself, so you need to receive medical treatment at a medical institution. 

Treatment that regulates the rhythm of the body clock is performed by exposing it to strong light in the morning and administering melatonin, which is involved in sleep, at night.

Other related conditions with sleep problems

There are other related conditions that have sleep-related problems, such as restless legs syndrome and sleep apnea syndrome . Restless legs syndrome causes discomfort like insects crawling on the legs from evening to night. 

Sleep apnea syndrome is the apnea that occurs during sleep, which awakens the mind and body and reduces the quality of sleep. 

Both can make it difficult to wake up in the morning due to lack of sleep or poor sleep quality. These problems are difficult to improve on your own. 

Therefore, get medical treatment at a medical institution.

4.PC / smartphone up to 1 hour before going to bed

how to wake yourself up

If you are looking at the LCD screen of your computer/pc or smartphone until just before you go to bed then the brightness of the screen light will awaken your brain & you will not be able to get a good night’s sleep.

Use your computer/pc or smartphone at least one hour before going to the bed to help you fall asleep smoothly.

5.Do not take a nap

If you take a nap, your body clock will be disturbed. After eating lunch, it’s okay if you’re sleepy and take a nap for about 10-20 minutes, but if you sleep for several hours after the afternoon, it’s hard to fall asleep. 

In addition, the stress of “I can’t sleep even though I absolutely have to wake up the next day” can make it even harder to fall asleep. If you absolutely have to wake up the next day, don’t take a nap.

6.Take a nap lightly when you are sleepy

how to wake yourself up

Do you sleep alot on your days off? On holidays, some people may enjoy a good night’s sleep without using an alarm clock.

However,when the time you wake up in morning changes,your sleep rhythm breaks down and your body clock goes wrong.

This will reduce the quality of your sleep at the night and you will not be able to wake up comfortably.

I want to sleep more than usual and get rid of my usual fatigue! For those who say, we recommend a light nap.

Taking a nap for about 20 minutes will relieve your brain fatigue and relieve your body fatigue.

Best is Take a nap between 12:00 and 15:00, about 15 to 20 minutes.Please note: if you take a nap for too long, your body will get tired.

7.Incorporate deep breathing habits

Breathing slowly, deeply will help your body to sleep comfortably and well There are many ways to breathe, but first, take a deep and deep breath without worrying about the number of seconds.

Try to do this with a picture of relaxation, especially when breathing.

8. Don’t eat too much before going to bed


Do you ever end up eating lot of supper?

If you eat too much at the night,especially just before going to the bed,your body temperature will rise and you will not be able to fall asleep easily.

As much as possible, finish your meal two hours before going to bed.

If you are late to return & are about go to bed for dinner,then try to eat something that is easy to digest.

eat 2

If you eat something just before going to bed, it will be difficult to fall asleep because it will be digested and absorbed. Avoid eating just before going to bed, as it can lead to stomach upset the next day. 

If you’re hungry and can’t sleep, eat lightly digestible foods such as yogurt and jelly.

9.Do not take caffeine

Caffeine has the function of awakening the brain when ingested. Avoid drinking coffee or green tea the next day when you absolutely have to wake up, as it can interfere with your sleep and reduce your sleep quality. 

Especially if you take it after 15:00, the effect of caffeine will remain until the time when you feel drowsy. If you really want to drink it, let’s do it by the morning.

10.Organize what to do the next day

how to wake yourself up

Many of you may have had the experience of not being able to sleep because you thought, I have to do it tomorrow! After trying to sleep.

Before going to bed, it’s okay to itemize what to do the next day, so let’s write it down. It will clarify what you need to do, give you a sense of security that you will not forget it, and lead to a good sleep onset.

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