How to Wash a Weighted Blanket: Instructions & Guide

How to wash a weighted blanket?can you wash a weighted blanket? Lets know how to clean a weighted blanket ?

A heavy blanket (weighted blanket) is comfortable?

  • As it follows the body, it does not let the heat inside the futon escape
  • A sense of security that makes you feel like you are wrapped up
  • Can improve sleep quality

Heavy blanket” with the characteristic.

It was sold in Amazon, but it was very popular and was out of stock.

However, if you look it up, you can find a lot of it on the internet!

There are too many to get lost (sweat)

What’s the deal with weighted blankets?

how to wash a weighted blanket

Weighted blankets have something of a moment right now. So maybe you’ve given – or better yet, received – a gift this year. Either way, you might be wondering what this is about.

A weighted blanket is usually filled with polyethylene pellets or glass, steel or plastic beads and weighs between five and 30 pounds. (In general, weighted blankets should weigh no more than 10% of your body weight.)

It is designed to improve the quality of sleep and help fight anxiety and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ( ADHD).Here is the best weighted blankets for every type of sleeper.

Curious about the alleged health benefits and, for that matter, how to wash a weighted blanket? Read on to see what the experts have to say about this popular sleeping accessory.

The advantages of using a weighted blanket

how to wash a weighted blanket

The Weighted blankets are can be a great tool for the people struggling with anxiety, depression, insomnia and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), according to Haley Neidich, a clinical social worker and licensed psychotherapist in Tampa, in Florida.

People who suffer from these conditions often feel disconnected from their bodies and are emotionally insecure, and the blanket helps anchor their body, creating a sense of security and stability, ”she explains. “

Research has shown that the grounding effect of weighted blankets are helps decrease the stress hormone cortisol,which,when elevated,can contribute to the onset or worsening of these conditions.mental health problems.”

A weighted blanket can also be a useful tool during a panic attack or episode of dissociative trauma during the day, says Neidich. Wrapping up in the blanket can help calm your nervous system and create a sense of security that is not achieved with the same effect with a traditional blanket.

Weighted blankets can help children with ADHD by activating their sense of touch. This prevents them from being distracted by other things like sounds or movements.

Likewise, the pressure exerted by a weighted blanket can help people with autism concentrate and better eliminate noise and other stimuli.

How to wash a weighted blanket?

To keep all the properties of your weighted blanket as long as possible, it is recommended that you submit it to a regular washing cycle. Indeed, the maintenance of a heavy duvet assures you of its durability.

With the weight and the materials used, how can you avoid damaging it?

However, depending on the model you have , the maintenance may not necessarily be the same. For proper maintenance, you must absolutely follow the instructions given by the manufacturer.

Two types of maintenance are possible: machine wash and hand wash. In this article, we explain how to wash a weighted blanket ?

Washable weighted blanket: Preparation

Before cleaning your blanket, you should find out about the type of washing allowed by the manufacturer or brand.

To do this, consult the instructions provided on the labels generally located at the ends of the cover.

But, whatever the type of maintenance recommended by the manufacturer, a preliminary check is necessary. Indeed, depending on the condition of your quilt, a specific treatment may be necessary before washing, strictly speaking, in water or in the machine.

The presence of stains on the cover justifies such an approach.

To obtain good results, however, it will be necessary to use the appropriate treatment. Thus, depending on whether it is a stain of food, blood or a splash of liquid, solutions exist and their action is instantaneous.

The ideal would be to opt for detergents that do not contain any chemical agent such as chlorine so as not to risk damaging the fabric.

Weighted blanket machine or hand washable?

To wash a weighted blanket, you can either put it in a washing machine or clean it by hand. In both cases, you must take precautions not to damage its shape after a few operations.

Machine wash

how to wash a weighted blanket

Machine washing is most often recommended for a large number of sensory duvets. The WakeUp Serenity cover is no exception. For models with protective cover, the cover must be removed and washed separately.

To clean the blanket with your washing machine, you must necessarily take into account the specifics of your duvet in order to adjust the settings of your device.

Thus, depending on the material used (cotton or minky), the washing time will not be the same as well as the temperature and the washing mode.

Likewise, you must remember to check the maximum capacity that your machine supports. In case of unsuitability, you can always approach a laundry for professional cleaning.

For efficient washing of weighted blankets in 100% cotton OEKO TEX fabric like the WakeUp Serenity, choose a gentle wash cycle in cold water with a mild detergent.

The use of fabric softener is not necessary, as it could harden the fibers of the blanket.

Hand cleaning

Another technique is to clean your sensory comforter by hand . To do this, you must run water in a container at the right height and add detergent without chlorine.

Your blanket must fit fully into the container; which is not obvious given the structure of these heavy blankets.

So, in the absence of a container, use your bathtub or a large and deep sink. When dipping your quilt in soapy water, make sure it is completely submerged. Leave to soak for a few minutes then take it out.

You should now rinse with water as often as necessary to extract the soap properly. When the rinse water is clear, the fabric fibers and the upholstery are free of detergent. So you can stop.

Finally, wring out your blanket to remove excess water.

Drying the weighted blanket

To dry a sensory blanket, you have the choice between natural drying and tumble drying.

Before using a dryer, you must make sure that it is capable of receiving a wet blanket. Note that when wet, a duvet is even heavier. Adjust the temperature and you’re done.

For most models, a low temperature is sufficient.

However, most manufacturers recommend laying the blanket out in the open, in the sun to maintain color integrity.

But, this technique requires much more effort. Indeed, it will be necessary to make sure to shake the duvet every 30 minutes to ensure that the water does not stagnate in one place and that the weight is distributed evenly over all the areas.

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